Best TikTok Hacking Apps

3 Best TikTok Hacking Apps in 2024

3 Best TikTok Hacking Apps in 2024

TikTok actually started life as ByteDance in China in late 2016. By 2017 it was released in a variety of other countries under the TikTok name. 

However, the Android and iOS versions of the app weren’t available in 2018.

That’s when it really started to make waves and has quickly become one of the largest social media sites in the world. 

There are currently over 1 billion active TikTok users with the average user spending at least 50 minutes a day on the app.

It’s estimated 34% of users post every day.

But, more concerning for parents is that 60% of TikTok users are aged between 16-24. 

It’s also worth noting that TikTok is banned in a variety of countries, including India.

This tells you that the content isn’t always appropriate and that should be concerning to all parents. 

Of course, your child, or even your partner, is unlikely to tell you what they are looking at.

To keep them safe and give you peace of mind, you’ll need the best TikTok hacking apps.

Fortunately, we’re here to help with that.  

Best TikTok Hacking Apps 2024

There are many different TikTok hacking apps on the market but they don’t all offer the same service. 

In general, free apps are more interested in collecting your data and will; provide basic access to TikTok.

By contrast, a good paid hacking app will allow you to see everything on the target phone, helping you to keep them safe. 

In short, it’s worth investing in a  paid hacking app, specifically one of the following.

1. uMobix

uMobix TikTok Hacking Apps TikTok viewer

uMobix is arguably the best TikTok hacking app currently available. 

Before you even look at a TikTok feed you’ll appreciate the location tracker.

uMobix uses the GPS data in the phone to tell you exactly where it is and where it has been.

Knowing where your child or loved one is when they are in danger is a huge benefit. 

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Once you’ve added the app to the designated phone you can access the phone from your own device.

A simple and easy-to-use dashboard allows you to click on social media and then select TikTok.

You’ll be able to see everything they have posted, commented on, and what comments have been made on their feeds. 

This works with a wide variety of social media apps. 

Alongside this you’ll be able to see what phone calls they have made and received, including when they were done and how long they lasted. 

The tracking also extends to text messages, ensuring you know everything they are doing. 

In addition, you’ll be able to look at all the images and videos saved on their phone and even check what they have been looking at online. 

uMobix also allows you to set alerts. You’ll be uninformed whenever keywords and phrases are used.

It’s very accurate as it uses a keystroke logger to record everything that is typed. You will know what they are doing on TikTok.

2. eyeZy


eyeZy can be used on virtually any device, whether Android or iOS, you don’t even need to jailbreak the target device. 

Impressively, once you’ve installed eyeZy you’ll be able to access all the files on the device.

That means any photos that have been taken or downloaded, videos, and other media content. 

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This will help you to verify that the content they are looking at is age-appropriate.

You can even download the files to your own device but eyeZy can’t access any files that have been deleted.

eyeZy also monitors all incoming and outgoing calls and messages.

You’ll be able to see who they rang or who rang them, when it was, and how long the call lasted. The app can’t record calls, you can only listen or read messages.

It also uses the GPS in the phone to track the target’s location and where they have been.

You can even access their calendar and see if their location corresponds to the activity they should be doing. 

A particularly useful function is the ability to take recordings of the screen. This will help you to see an entire conversation and verify that it’s safe.

Of course, eyeZy allows you to see all messages posted on TikTok and other social sites. This gives you access to Snapchat’s messages even though they quickly delete.

It can also access Facebook Messenger’s secret conversations

If you have concerns regarding the sites they are visiting or the calls they are receiving, you can block their access to specific sites.

It’s easy to do but time-consuming as you have to add every blocked site one at a time.  

Best of all, if you have any queries you can contact the customer support team at any time. Voa live chat is the best option. 

3. mSpy


mSpy is an excellent tool for hacking TikTok, although it is primarily designed as a spy app.

It’s perfect for monitoring children or partners to ensure they are behaving as expected. 

mSpy has a very easy to use platform. Once you’re logged in you’ll instinctively know where to go to check specific facts.

👉 Get mSpy FREE

This includes looking at all messages sent and received, the time, duration and contact name of phone calls, and even where the target is currently located.

The app uses the GPS tracker in the phone or the wi-fi network to locate your address and can alert you if the person is somewhere they shouldn’t be.

Of course, it will also allow you to see all the social media messages and comments on the most popular social media sites, including TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat and WhatsApp.

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 mSpy uses a keystroke logger to ensure it misses nothing. It can also record activity by taking screenshots of the target phone.

This allows you to see and save any evidence you need. 

The app also allows you to control some of the settings on the phone, including limiting access to certain sites.

That’s much better than watching over their shoulder whenever they are using their phone. 

Choosing The Right Hacking App


If you’re looking for a TikTok hacking app then there are several things worth considering:


The most obvious concern is the cost. The monthly subscription for any of these apps goes down the longer the period you subscribe for. 

However, some apps allow you to use them on several devices at the same time, while others don’t.

You should consider how many phones you may need to monitor before deciding which app is best for you. 


The above three TikTok hacking apps offer roughly the same features. But, this isn’t the case for all hacking apps. 

Make sure you check what the app allows you to do before you choose. You’ll be surprised how often you appreciate all the features listed above. 


If you’re installing a hacking app then you’ll want it to be invisible.

The best apps lodge in the operating system and adopt a suitably named program, making them almost impossible to trace.  

Make sure this is the case for any app you choose.

After all, if your child or partner realizes that you’re tracking them you could damage the relationship forever. 

How To Install A TikTok Hacking App

If you intend to hack an Android device you’ll need physical access to the phone.

That means finding 5-10 minutes when the phone owner won’t know you’re using their phone. You may also need to know how to unlock it. 

In contrast, hacking an iOS device can often be done via the cloud.

But, to access the iCloud you will need the username and password. In some cases, a code is also sent to the device. 

It’s safest to assume you need physical access to the target phone.

Create Your Account

Having chosen one of the best TikTok hacking apps available you’ll want to create an account on their website. 

All you have to do is select create an account and follow the instructions.

You’ll need to provide a few simple details and payment details. 

Once you’ve done that you can choose your subscription level. Remember, it gets cheaper the longer you subscribe for. 

As soon as the subscription is finished you’ll be sent a link. This needs to be installed on the target phone. 

Install It

If the target is an Android then, once you have the phone, open a browser, paste the link in, and wait for it to download.

It’s a good idea to delete your internet history on the phone.

Should you be installing on an Apple device then head to the iCloud. Use the username and password to get in and then install the app. 

Access The App

With the app installed on the target phone you can go back to the app website on your own device.

Log in and you’ll see the device as an option.

Select it and you’ll be at the dashboard. From here you can see everything they are doing on their phone. 

You can open and close the app whenever you want.

But, just in case anyone looks at your phone, it is best to keep it closed when you’re not viewing it.

Legal Concerns Re Hacking TikTok

You may be concerned regarding the legality of hacking a TikTok account. After all, there are plenty of privacy laws in place. 

In most places it is illegal to hack someone’s TikTok account or anything else on their phone.

However, this law is rarely, if ever, enforced when it’s a parent hacking a child’s account.

That’s providing the child is yours, under 18, and lives with you.

In these cases you are simply trying to protect your child while giving them the space to grow as a person. 

Other cases can be argued as necessary, you’ll have to decide if hacking the desired TikTok account is worth the risk.

Other Options To Monitor TikTok Use

How To Hack TikTok Accounts

The simplest and most effective way to monitor your child’s use of TikTok is by installing a hacking app.

But, if this isn’t an option for you then you can try the following:

Check Their Phone

If you can physically access their phone without them knowing then you can take a look when they are not around. 

This will allow you to see all the images on their phone and their calls and social media feeds. 

However, while you should see everything on TikTok, deleted messages won’t be visible and you won’t see the conversations on Snapchat as they automatically delete after a few seconds. 

A good hacking app can allow you to see all the deleted items as well.  

Try A Password Hacker

You’ll find password hackers available online. The idea is you input the username and they will work out the password. 

This will allow you to log into their TikTok account from your own computer without them knowing. Of course, there will be a record of the logging-in.

In reality password hackers only generally work when the password is weak or obvious.  

Friend Them

If you want a simpler way to see what they are doing on TikTok then create your own account and send them a friend request.

You can do this as yourself but the best approach is to use a fake identity and have interests that reflect theirs.

You’ll then be able to see everything they post on TikTok.

The Bottom Line

The real reason one of the best TikTok hacking apps is the most useful approach is that it allows you to take action. 

Monitoring their account in any other way means you’ll have to let them know you’re spying on them to help protect them. 

But, the spying apps allow you to change settings on their phones without them knowing, effectively protecting them secretly. 

That keeps them safe and your relationship on good terms, simply by downloading one of the hacking apps

Written by Colin Tan
Colin Tan is a tech entrepreneur and business leader with extensive experience in the technology industry. He is the Co-Founder of several successful tech startups that provide innovative solutions to businesses. Colin has a passion for creating disruptive technologies that can transform industries and drive growth.