13 Best LinkedIn Automation Tools & Bots (2020)

15+ Best LinkedIn Bots & Automation Tools to Check Out in 2024

15+ Best LinkedIn Bots & Automation Tools to Check Out in 2024

Are there bots on LinkedIn?

Yes. They are used prolifically.

And that’s because, when it comes to getting yourself and your brand out there on LinkedIn, it’s pretty important to have someone you can trust on your side to help you.

It’s not realistic to think you can do it all yourself, which is why there are now hundreds of third-party LinkedIn bot and automation options to help with your marketing and outreach needs on the professional social network.

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First Look

Let’s take a look at some user reviews of the best LinkedIn bots in 2024 to help you with leads and engagement.

1. Best of the Best: Meet Alfred

Meet Alfred can help me with all of my basic automation needs – while sticking to my budget. I haven’t come across a LinkedIn automation bot that’s as affordable as these guys.”

2. Second Best: Dux Soup

“Not only has Dux Soup sped up the success of my LinkedIn profile immensely since I started with it, but it has also made sure that my profile is safer than it’s ever been. Safety is a top priority for me, so I respect this company for valuing this.”

3. Third Best: Zopto

Zopto comes with complete automation for my LinkedIn profile, which is exactly what I need to move forward with things. This has allowed me to sit back and focus on other aspects of my business, freeing up my time.”

4. Fourth Best: Crowdfire App

“I think the thing that I like the most about Crowdfire App is that they can help me with multiple social media platforms at once. This means that I don’t need to pay five different brands to help me – I get everything I need with these guys.”

5. Best Advanced: Octopus CRM

“I was hoping to find something for LinkedIn that meant I could cover everything and not worry about it at all. I was struggling to find anything that even came close to this until I found Octopus CRM. Highly recommend.”

6. Best for Numbers: Phantombuster

Phantombuster has helped me immensely with my LinkedIn profile, and has helped me make connections that I would never have been able to make by myself.”

7. Best Reputation: LeadFuze

“Ever since I found LeadFuze, I have felt confident that I can outdo my rivals on LinkedIn, and make more of the connections that matter to my business. I know with this marketing agency that I can find the best leads and exceed this year’s expectations.”

Best LinkedIn Bots & Automation Tools in 2024

1. Best of the Best: Meet Alfred

Meet Alfred

Meet Alfred is not only the best LinkedIn automation bot out there, but it’s also going to be gentle on your wallet as well so you don’t have to worry about shelling out too much for your LinkedIn marketing and engagement.

Meet Alfred is a LinkedIn bot that can also help you find the kind of profiles that you’re looking for, and they scale this so that you can spend more time focusing on other aspects of your business.

👉 Try Meet Alfred FREE

You provide Alfred with the right keywords to use, and they will find the profiles of people who could be interested in connecting with you.

It’s all about connecting with the right people at the right time, and Alfred has the ability to help you with this, all within their affordable price points.

2. Second Best: Dux-Soup


Not only is Dux-Soup one of the best LinkedIn bots, but it’s also a safe one that prioritizes the security of your account.

It has a particular feature that people are loving, and this is the ability to generate new leads for your brand and profile. lol

This is not only one of the most critical parts of being on LinkedIn, but it’s also one of the most challenging aspects to it as well – especially with all the competition that’s out there.

👉 Try Dux-Soup FREE

Dux Soup has already amassed quite a following, and they can even help you with things like prospect management, which is where you organize the profiles that you’ve viewed into ones that you would like to engage with again and ones that you can forget about.

Being this organized is vital if you’re reaching out to multiple accounts at once – otherwise, you can end up connecting with the same people over and over.

3. Third Best: Zopto


Zopto has an upstanding reputation that makes it a popular choice among LinkedIn users.

This cloud-based LinkedIn bot can help you grow your LinkedIn at full speed without having to pay too much for it, which is what we’re all looking for at the end of the day.

When you’ve activated your account with Zopto, you can easily tell them all about your target audience and the type of customers you want to check out your product or service.

From here, they can help you find real leads that are ultimately going to turn into paying customers, increasing your revenue and reputation online.

If you are serious about your LinkedIn and want to connect with a company that feels the same way, try Zopto.

4. Fourth Best: Crowdfire App


When it comes to finding a good automated LinkedIn tool that you can rely on for everything you need, we encourage you to check out the Crowdfire App.

If there’s one thing that stands out to us about these guys, it’s that they can help you with all different types of growth features, as well as multiple social media accounts.

This means that you’re not just limited to LinkedIn to expand your reach – you can get help with as many channels as you need.

5. Best Advanced: Octopus CRM

Octopus CRM

Sometimes, it’s nice to find a company that can cover everything that you need all at once so that you can sit back, relax, and not worry about having to find someone else who can do the rest.

It’s time consuming finding the best tools out there, so we suggest sticking to just one that is an expert.

We think that Octopus CRM falls into this category.

They say that they have been able to help thousands of LinkedIn users already make their connection goals, and they say that their advanced marketing automation can streamline the process.

They offer a free trial, and they have quite a few positive reviews not only on their website, but on other websites out there too like Trustpilot.

This is a high quality, solid LinkedIn automation tool that can make a real difference to your networking.

6. Best for Numbers: Phantombuster


The thing about Phantombuster is that it’s great for automation because it has a number of solutions for you to work with.

These solutions are called Phantoms, or automations, and they are available in more than 20 different categories on their website, so you know that they have put some serious effort into their features.

We love that they can help you with lead generation, and we love that they have worked with a multitude of people that include agencies, sales teams, and marketers, meaning that no matter what umbrella you fall under, they can make your life on LinkedIn that much easier.

You can also go to the Phantom Store and make the most of more than 100 Phantom options so that you can create dynamic outreach campaigns and enrich those existing lead lists.

For just $30 a month, we think you’ve got a sweet deal.

7. Best Reputation: LeadFuze


LeadFuze has filled an important gap in the market by offering its clients real lead generation features and marketing campaigns without the use of automation or bots.

This is incredibly important, as LinkedIn I known for shutting down automation software quickly.

With LeadFuze , you don’t risk your reputation, which means that you can safely grow your lead list with a team of professionals who have been at it for a while now.

They can also help you come up with the right campaigns for your leads, so that you can find your ideal audience and your local target market.

If you are someone who is hoping to drive and optimize more real connections on LinkedIn, then we highly suggest checking out this company.

8. Best for Leads: UseViral

UseViral LinkedIn Promotion Service

Want something that’s going to be super simple to use?

Then you need to try UseViral.

It’s a LinkedIn connection bot service.

UseViral has a lot to say about being able to grow their clients’ various social media platforms, and one of the most recent ones that they have taken on has been LinkedIn automation.

They are able to help you purchase more LinkedIn followers and connections, and again while this is a new feature of theirs, we don’t think that they have skimped on the quality of it at all.

We also love that UseViral is completely safe to use, has great pricing, has a great variety of different ways for you to pay, and has good reviews both on their website and elsewhere online.

What more could you want in a company for your LinkedIn connections?

9. Safest: SidesMedia

SidesMedia Linkedin Connections

Every now and then, it’s nice to go for what you know, so that you can feel confident that you’re going to do really well on LinkedIn, and not miss out on those opportunities to connect and create new leads.

One of the best ways to do this is to use SidesMedia.

SidesMedia is a company that has been around for a long time now, and they have recently started helping people get more LinkedIn likes too.

We appreciate that they have different categories for all of their features, so that you can choose whether you get help with just LinkedIn, or the rest of your socials as well.

We also like that they have great customer support, and really good pricing, so that you don’t have to break the bank to use them.

10. Task Ant

If you didn’t know how important hashtags are for your LinkedIn profile, then we think it’s about time that you start paying attention to them.

Task Ant claims to be the world’s best hashtag generator, and to be honest we don’t think they are far off this accolade.

Not only can they help you search for relevant hashtags related to your niche and industry for LinkedIn, but they can also help you organize your hashtags into sets.

This means that you can save groups of hashtags for later when you plan on uploading your content to your LinkedIn profile.

This is a down-to-earth, personable company that knows how important hashtags are for every aspect of social media marketing, including of course LinkedIn.

Check them out if you want to leverage your LinkedIn growth and take out the competition.

11. Lead Connect

It’s not easy to make a name for yourself in this industry, especially if you’re new on the scene and haven’t been given a chance.

Lead Connect, however, has wasted no time in making sure that they’re considered one of the best newcomers, and if you take a look at their reviews and features, you’ll see why.

Lead Connect can help bring clients to your account, which of course is going to increase the chance of them purchasing your product or service, an essential part of being a business online.

They even have a follow-up feature, which we thin is arguably one of the most important tools to have. This is going to increase your chance of turning visitors into customers tenfold.

12. Somiibo

Somiibo has a few basic features that make them look like just another LinkedIn bot – but they’re anything but.

In fact, they are one of the best basic LinkedIn automation tools out there, which means that less is more rings true in this case.

Sometimes, all you need is a few automated features that are high on quality. While other companies offer vast quantities of tools, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the quality is so good.

Somiibo can help you find those potential connections on LinkedIn when you provide them with the right keywords.

While we think that they are a little on the expensive side, we still think that they’re a great option to try out.

13. SocialPilot

Ever wanted to really stand out on LinkedIn, but never knew how?

Well, now you can, thanks to SocialPilot.

This tool can make all the difference to your account, and can even help you schedule posts ahead of time so that you can keep your finger on the pulse of when your audience is online, and upload accordingly.

SocialPilot wants to help its clients’ schedule and craft engaging updates for their audience, and ultimately make more of an impact with their posts in general.

14. LinkedProspect

Are you someone who is hoping to find new connections on LinkedIn through your automation bot, and needs help from a proven system that can help you find the right targeted leads for your profession?

Then you need to check out LinkedProspect.

This company says that they can help you identify your target audience so that none of your networking is random.

They also say that they can help you write targeted messages, in a way that’s going to get people’s attention so that you can generate better leads for your brand.

They can also help you optimize your profile, as well as start an outreach plan so that you can get from step one to the last step in almost no time at all.

For a LinkedIn automation tool, they’re pretty switched on, which is what we like to see.

15. We-Connect

When it comes to the best LinkedIn bot and automation tool, it’s going to be hard to beat a company like We-Connect.

They know that one of your main goals with LinkedIn is to make sure that you can get more leads, so that you can turn your business or profession into something that’s really successful.

With We-Connect, they can help you with some of the most affordable, advanced and of course safe options for your connections and leads.

They offer a free trial for two weeks, which is really generous, and they also offer new leads in your inbox every day.

They want to help you monetize your existing connections as well. What more could you want in a LinkedIn automation tool?

16. Expandi

If you’re looking for one of the safest tools on the market, then you might want to check out Expandi.

This company runs 24/7 on your desktop, and it’s super easy to set up. They say that you can use Webhooks to link Expandi to the rest of your marketing tools.

They also offer their clients a smart inbox, so that you can boost customer engagement, and make sure that you never miss the opportunity to chat with a potential client ever again.

They also personalize the messages that you send out to prospective clients, and they say that they take the safety of your LinkedIn account really seriously.

They offer additional features, that you can get with their premium packages. We think that they are good enough to check out today.

17. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator offers its clients advanced leading companies search, so that you can find the right people for your LinkedIn, as well as companies with an advanced search feature that delivers more relevant prospects.

They also recommend certain leads to you so that you can discover the best people for your industry.

This LinkedIn automation tool also says that they come with advanced filtering, and the ability to automatically save accounts and leads that you are trying to reach out to.

This is the type of tool for people who are already actively using their LinkedIn and want exclusive access to advanced features that will put them ahead of the competition.

18. Jarvee

If you’re looking for a way to successfully grow not just your LinkedIn, but other social media profiles, you need to check out Jarvee.

You may have already heard of them because they’ve been around for a while – in fact, they were one of the first bot services to appear in this industry.

While you need Windows to use Jarvee’s LinkedIn bot, their sophisticated dashboard comes with all the essential features for building and implementing the ultimate LinkedIn engagement strategy.

They’ve even put time into making sure that you know your way around their dashboard by creating video tutorials on their website which you can reference if things get a bit much.

This is a top LinkedIn bot that has everything you need.

19. TexAu

TexAu is a company that has been pretty clever with their brand name.

It is actually a combination of the word’s ‘automation’ and ‘text’, and they are a smart automation tool that can help you with your online engagement.

Their growth automation platform can help you scale your business quicker and extract all the data that you need from LinkedIn, as well as automate specific tasks.

This means that you can extract saved leads lists from sales navigator, and find emails using a LinkedIn profile.

You can also find LinkedIn members for groups, and message, comment, like, and automatically endorse other people online.

You can either use this LinkedIn automation tool on its own, or you can simply scrape data with it, and find another automation tool for engagement.

20. Linked Helper

Linked Helper Is here to help you with your LinkedIn social selling and marketing.

This is a Chrome-based tool, and it can help you find valuable leads out there without having to spend too much time and money.

Once you have chosen an outreach campaign with them, they can set up your auto responder, so that you can reach out to second- and third-degree connections without it being a time waster.

If you are a member of a LinkedIn group, you can collect other people’s information, and start messaging them even if they are only second- or third-degree connections.

You can even export your search results, for even more specific targeting.

21. Growth Lead

The next tool on our list is Growth Lead, and it is a B2B social selling tool that can help you scale your outreach and grow your profile.

They actually have a really simple four-step process for social automation, which includes identifying and finding new prospects.

This first step uses advanced filters to find your target audience.

Next, they automate your outreach, and they can help you create multiple outreach campaigns for different industries.

This means that you can also manage more than one LinkedIn account at the same time.

Lastly, they can help you schedule messaging sequences as well as get insights for your profile. This means that you can nurture those leads, and turn them into paying clients.

22. LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms is allegedly one of the top automation bots.

They use pre-filled forms to find top quality leads for your LinkedIn ad campaigns.

This is a feature of LinkedIn itself, and it was launched in 2017 as a way to help its users generate more leads for their industries.

With this kind of tool, you can collect lead information including job position, email, name, qualifications, experience, and working company.

It also comes with a tracking feature that means that you can measure cost per lead, as well as the number of leads you are gathering from it.

23. Aeroleads

The next tool on our list helps you build a real-time email list for sales purposes and marketing.

Their software comes with a free trial version, as well as 10 credits that you can use to search for potential prospects.

Aeroleads say that with their features you can find business emails and contacts on LinkedIn, and get 15 data points, which includes information like working company details, location, job title, and business contact numbers. lol

Once you have collected all of this information, they can help you export it, and the best part is that you can use unlimited free accounts.

However, there are some limitations around this. Nevertheless, you can start using them for free.

24. Salesloop

Salesloop Is a relatively new LinkedIn automation service that appears to be one of the most advanced LinkedIn tools out there.

The developers behind their features have looked at existing tools on the market and found solutions around some of their problems.

As a result, they come with a modern web app, that is one of the safest on the market, and it is cloud-based, so that you don’t have to download it to your desktop.

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You can even come up with the right sales campaigns for your LinkedIn, and set them to do the job for you, while you create more LinkedIn content.

This is one of those tools that truly cares about the customer.

25. Get Prospect

Get Prospect obviously wants to help you find more leads for your industry.

They can provide you with a list of high-quality leads within your niche, and include details like profession, name, LinkedIn URL, and email.

One of the best things about this LinkedIn automation tool is that they can help you group leads, and sort them out based on criteria.

You can integrate your lead lists was Gmail and Salesforce, and you can also export the files.

26. Crystal

Crystal helps you access profiles of popular LinkedIn professionals, and gives you advice In regards to how they think you should be communicating with them.

They can also help you review a person’s LinkedIn profile, and gives you feedback along with details on their personality.

This means that you can approach that person in a personalized manner, which is going to increase your chances of making a longstanding connection.

These types of tools are important, because they help you foster long-lasting relationships on LinkedIn, and don’t portray you as someone who is just out for their own.

27. Attach

One thing to note about the next botting tool on our list is that it is simple.

We love all of the other tools on this list, but not all of them are simple, so if you are relatively new to the world of LinkedIn automation, you might want to start with Attach.

While it might be simple, this doesn’t mean that it’s not powerful, and it can help you not only reach out to connections but document your messages, and track engagement levels with those interactions.

This means that it offers its clients insights that they might not be able to get elsewhere, which definitely gives it an advantage over the rest.

This is another tool that knows its clients want to be around for a long time, and therefore works on fostering longstanding relationships.


IFTTT is a pretty advanced automation tool that is helping to connect more people on LinkedIn.

It comes with a number of preset automations that includes sending out an Email newsletter or unfollowing someone on LinkedIn.

I can automatically help you post images on LinkedIn that you have uploaded to other social media networks like Instagram, and it can automatically help you share Facebook page photos to your LinkedIn network as well.

It doesn’t forget about the hashtags and includes those as well.

If you are putting as much effort into your website as well, it can share your blog posts both on to your LinkedIn profile and on specific LinkedIn groups.

This is a great way to consolidate all of your online activity, so that you can focus on the content side of things.

29. LinkedIn Network Booster

The goal of LinkedIn Network Booster is to automatically send connection requests to a list of LinkedIn users.

Automatically connecting with LinkedIn users is still one of the most popular automations on the professional platform, which means that getting connected allows you to have access to directly message a person and create a long-standing relationship.

It also means that you will get access to their email address, and you will be able to quickly create a contact list of potential leads.

This LinkedIn automation tool can help you automatically connect to about 80 people a day, and the best part is that these people will be targeted and qualified potential customers, and not just random people.

30. LinkedIn Profile Scraper

As you might have been able to guess by the name, LinkedIn Profile Scraper can help its clients extract all the data available on a LinkedIn profile.

Remember, when it comes to marketing on LinkedIn, the number one rule is to know your audience.

So, what better way to do this than to figure out where they work, and where they are from?

However, if you don’t want to spend all day gathering this kind of information, then you need to make the most of a tool like this.

LinkedIn Profile Scraper can help you scrape data from up to 80 profiles a day, and if you have a sales navigator account it can help you with 150.

It will visit the LinkedIn profile on your behalf, so that you can focus on your content.

31. LinkedIn Search Export

LinkedIn Search Export can help you download every result from a LinkedIn search to a spreadsheet.

This kind of tool is ideal for lead building and generation, and the way that it gathers data means that you can save hours every day.

It will help you save a lot of time searching for the right people, and it can also scrape and search content.

This means that if you’re looking for ideas for your content marketing strategy and blog, it can help you gather some of the best articles out there.

This tool can help you keep an eye on new jobs as well for recruitment and sales, by monitoring recruitment activity of companies on your list.

32. LinkedIn Companies Info

LinkedIn Companies Info exists to help you download data displayed by a company on its LinkedIn page or spreadsheet.

Having a lot of contacts in your CRM is pointless if you don’t have the ability to segment them.

An automation tool like this can help you enrich your CRM with data keys.

Detailed data about a prospect and the company makes for better, more personalized messages.

33. LinkedIn Message Sender

LinkedIn Message Sender, as you might have already been able to guess, can automatically help you send messages to other LinkedIn users.

You can automatically send personalized messages on LinkedIn, and you can choose when to do it, so that you can do it either after they have checked out your profile, or after you have connected with them.

This LinkedIn automation tool can help you get your message copy right as well, and customize each one, so that the people that you are messaging feel valued.

LinkedIn Message Sender know that the goal here is to get the conversation started, and not carry it completely yourself.  

34. LinkedIn Profile URL Finder

LinkedIn Profile URL Finder will turn a name into its LinkedIn profile URL.

How many times have you come back from a marketing campaign event that only came up with data that was all over the place?

If this sounds like a regular occurrence for you, then tools like this can help you turn that data into actionable, valuable leads.

If you spend most of your time running a business, then you won’t have too much time to spare getting organized like this. This is where tools like this come in handy.

35. LinkedIn Auto Liker

LinkedIn Auto Liker can help you automatically like a LinkedIn article or post.

This is one of the best ways to get noticed by the author, so that you can create a valuable connection with them.

It will help them remember your name, and even check your profile out themselves.

It is also going to notify the LinkedIn algorithm that you think that content is valuable, so that you will be shown more of it.

36. LinkedIn Inbox Scraper

LinkedIn Inbox Scraper can help you extract discussions in your LinkedIn inbox, which means that you can trigger workflows right after you have received a new message.

You can also send a follow up message automatically to those who have accepted your invitation, and you can automatically add CRM users who have answered your messages elsewhere as well.

37. LinkedIn Activities Extractor

This next tool on our list can help you check out the latest posts from a list of LinkedIn profiles.

They can help you notice content that has been uploaded by people valuable to you, and a lot of people use this alongside LinkedIn’s automatic liker tool.

This way, you never have to worry about missing out on seeing that content ever again.

38. LinkedIn Group Members

As you might have been able to guess already, LinkedIn Group Members can help you extract every member of a specific LinkedIn group to a spreadsheet.

This is great for prospection and finding the best people for your target audience.

It means that you can gather people who have similar interests, and you can directly get in touch with them after the fact.

The only limit with this is that you’ll have access to 2500 members, which is not a lot but enough to get started.

What Is LinkedIn Automation?

LinkedIn automation comprises using software that automates actions on the LinkedIn platform that you would normally do manually.

This could be sending connection requests, sending messages, posting, etc.

Automation on LinkedIn saves you time and is often more effective than doing it manually.

Using LinkedIn Automation Safely

The good news is that there are safe ways to use LinkedIn automation tools to your advantage.

We love that there are companies like the ones on our list above that make sure not to go beyond LinkedIn’s third party limits, as well as the terms and conditions that they have around your daily activity.

All social media platforms have them, including Facebook and Instagram so the best way to avoid any risk to your account is to make sure that you’re with a company that cares about this.

Companies that have a good reputation around their LinkedIn automation will always make sure that they go for quality over quantity, and find connections that are going to turn int real leads, and not just make your connection count look good.

Limit Your Growth in Accordance With How Many Connections You Already Have

One great way to use automation to your advantage is to adopt the strategy compound connection growth.

This is when you choose a company, and then choose how many connections you continue to make with them over time based on how many connections you already have.

If you’ve already got quite a few, then it won’t look out of place to your community if you continue to get quite a number of connections linking up to you.

However, if you have a small community to be with and all of a sudden lots of people begin to follow you, this is going to look strange and suspicious.

Limit your connection growth through automation by adopting CCG, and you’ll be absolutely fine.

Watch Out for Permanent Account Restrictions

Permanent Account Restrictions

One of the biggest reasons why you need to make sure that the LinkedIn bot or automation service you’re signed up with is safe to use is because you want to avoid a permanent account restriction.

Since LinkedIn started to amp up their permanent account restrictions a while back, people have started to scale back their daily activities.

This means that you constantly have to check the LinkedIn algorithm to make sure that your activity is falling within their terms and conditions.

Remember, when you’re trying to create new leads and make solid connections on LinkedIn, it’s more about quality than quantity.

It’s tempting to want to grow it quickly at the beginning, but slow and steady wins the race – and helps you avoid getting in trouble with LinkedIn.

Make Sure They Mimic Human Behaviour

The best LinkedIn bots out there will mimic human behavior.

Of course, there are a lot of companies out there that don’t do this, and instead, boost the gas to make sure that their clients are growing quickly.

However, if you want to appear natural and find the best connections for your profile, then you need to make sure that the automation tool you’re using is mimicking human behavior.

For example, if your tool starts to grow your account at two in the morning when you’re presumably asleep, this is going to look a little sketchy.

Knowing What’s Cheap and What’s Affordable

One of the biggest ways to tell if a company is legit or not when it comes to the right kind of LinkedIn automation is its pricing.

We’ve talked about how they should be able to mimic human behaviour, and if they’re putting this type of effort in, they’re going to be charging a bit for their features.

While you might not have a huge budget right now, it’s still important to spend a little bit, so that the payoff is big.

If you settle for a company that’s selling their features for really cheap, then this is most likely because they are low quality, and don’t take security measures into account.

In an industry like this, you’ve got to pay a bit more to make sure that your account isn’t at risk of being permanently restricted by LinkedIn.

What are LinkedIn Bots and Automation Tools?

LinkedIn Automation

LinkedIn bots are software that are primarily designed to emulate human behavior, so that they can carry out mundane tasks for you on LinkedIn.

As well as being able to help you save time, they have the benefit of helping you run campaigns that are personalized, collecting data to help you get better success out of your campaigns and integrating with other marketing tools, so that you can create effective and efficient campaigns across the board.

They make it easier for you to achieve your professional and business goals on LinkedIn.

Can You Send Messages That are Automated on LinkedIn?

You can send messages that are automated through LinkedIn.

However, you’ve got to do it right.

Remember, your goal is to generate leads and have valuable conversations with those connections.

This means that you need to send an outreach message that is personalized and is individualized to each connection.

However, if you do this manually, it could end up taking years. This is why we recommend making the most automation.

If you do it right, and you use the right LinkedIn automation tool, you can send personalized, professional messages on LinkedIn, and it can all be on autopilot.

However, you need to send automated messages at intervals, because if you send them all at once, it is going to be really obvious that you are using a third-party tool, and you could end up getting your account suspended.

Is LinkedIn Automation Illegal?

Naturally, LinkedIn is a professional platform, and it consists of many different professionals in a variety of different industries, which is why they want to maintain this standard.

One way that they try to maintain this is to block spammers.

They don’t allow the use of third-party programs, so you might be wondering at this point, is LinkedIn automation illegal?

The answer is a bit of a grey area.

It depends on what you are using automation tools for. If you’re using them to spam your contacts, or to scrape data, then yes, it’s illegal.

The key to using an automation tool successfully and safely on LinkedIn is to be smart about it.

What to Think About When Considering a LinkedIn Bot or Automation Tool

LinkedIn Automation

As we just mentioned, LinkedIn doesn’t like it when you automate your activity on its platform.

This means that if you do it wrong, you could get kicked out of the club.

This is why it is very important to be careful when you are looking into using a tool to help you automate your LinkedIn activity.

You want to make sure that the tool is safe to use with LinkedIn, and there are two different types for you to choose from.

LinkedIn Bots and Automation Tools that are Browser Based

For this kind of automation, you will need to open your favorite browser and use it in the form of an extension.

This means that you can’t run the tool around the clock, and it also relies on browser caching, which makes it a lot easier to detect.

It will also use a different IP address every time you log in, which is going to raise red flags.

This type of LinkedIn automation software is also lacking when it comes to advanced, complex features.

LinkedIn Automation Tool that is Cloud Based

Automation tools that are cloud based are a lot safer to use because they integrate with your LinkedIn profile.

You can log into your LinkedIn profile from the automation tool, and you can set parameters and filters for the activities that you want to put on autopilot.

Some huge advantages to using a cloud-based LinkedIn automation tool include an IP address that is dedicated, and the fact that it is more difficult to detect because it doesn’t work on the front end like a browser-based tool would.

You also have access to advanced features.

With enhanced safety and the advantage of convenience, third-party automation tools that are cloud based definitely have the upper hand, but the downside is that they tend to be a lot more expensive.

This is why you need to do research and look around to see what suits your needs the best.

How to Personalize Your LinkedIn Outreach

If you want to be effective with your outreach messages on LinkedIn, you need to be strategic.

A strategy that is successful and works is going to make sure that you have a high conversion rate as well as a high response rate, and while this might seem like a daunting task, the more you do it, the better you will get at it.

So, how do you personalize your LinkedIn outreach?

You capitalize on advanced dynamic personalization.

This means that you look at what everyone else is doing, and you do the opposite. If everyone else is sending out things like name, company name, and title, you’ve got to be different.

One way that we suggested being different is to use personalized images in your outreach messages.


What is LinkedIn Message Automation?

LinkedIn Automation

LinkedIn message automation is the practice of being able to automate your messages that you send out to your connections.

This includes anything from prospecting messages to connection request messages, and any other kind of message that you might want to send through your LinkedIn profile.

However, you need to make sure that you are conducting LinkedIn messages and sending them out automatically in a manner that is safe.

We don’t suggest that you send out hundreds of messages to your connections at the same time.

This is seen as spamming, and you will get kicked off LinkedIn altogether.

How Many LinkedIn Connections Are You Able to Send in a Day?

The number of connection requests on LinkedIn that you can send in one day is dependent on the kind of profile that you have.

If you are using a LinkedIn free account, then you won’t be able to send out more than 50 connections a day.

If you on a LinkedIn premium account, then you will be able to send out between 100 and 125.

If you are using LinkedIn sales navigator, then you will be able to send out between 200 and 225.

Again, you won’t want to be sending out all of your connection requests at the same time. Instead, we suggest that you spread them out throughout the day.

What is a LinkedIn Chrome Extension?

LinkedIn Chrome Extension

When trying to find a good LinkedIn bot, you will come across some that say they are a Chrome extension.

This is a browser-based tool that functions within Chrome.

If you want to use the LinkedIn Chrome extension, you will need to log into your LinkedIn profile from your browser.

How Many LinkedIn Connections are Ideal?

One common question when it comes to LinkedIn is how many connections are just right to be successful and achieve your business goals.

However, the answer is pretty complex.

This is because success on LinkedIn is not just about how many connections you have; it is about the quality of those connections.

You could have up to 30,000 connections, but these numbers don’t mean anything if the majority of them don’t actually add any value to your network.

This being said though, the bigger your network, the more visible you are going to be on LinkedIn.

How Do I Send a Mass Message on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn Mail

Sending bulk messages on LinkedIn is super simple.

You can even do it without using a third-party tool.

From your LinkedIn profile, you can visit your inbox, and select the ‘compose message’ button.

From here, you can add up to 50 connections in the recipient’s field.

Of course, this method is limiting, because you might want to send more than 50 messages.

This is where LinkedIn automation software can come in.

The best tools out there are going to make it easy for you to send bulk messages, but they will do it in a way that is very human like, so that it doesn’t violates LinkedIn’s terms and conditions.

You can also include a variety of different filters, so that you can choose which connections to include in your current campaign.

How Do I Get 500 Connections Quickly?

We think that one of the best ways to generate leads on LinkedIn is to expand your network, and to do so quickly.

However, as we mentioned, it isn’t just about the number of connections.

You need to be able to strike a balance between quality and quantity.

So, how do you get 500 high-quality connections quickly?

By using a LinkedIn bot that is efficient.

With this in mind, we suggest that you use a tool that has excellent filtering capabilities so that you can improve the quality of your leads.

You also need to find a botting tool that can randomly send connection requests at intervals, that emulates human interaction.

What Should I Say When I Connect with Someone on LinkedIn?

In the majority of cases, the people that you connect with on LinkedIn are going to be complete strangers.

This is why your message to them, particularly your first one, is really important. It is meant to engage them, and hopefully win over their trust.

To do this, you need to personalize your message.

So, what do you say when you try to connect with someone on LinkedIn?

Well, we think that one of the first things to do is highlight something that you have in common.

From here, you can introduce yourself, and let them know how they will benefit from being your connection.

Our Review Process

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As a result, we feel pretty confident in our reviews on this list and hope that you will too.

Try any of the LinkedIn bots and tools above if you want to automate LinkedIn profiles.

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