This guide will address what an Instagram bot is, how to use it safely, and also the top Instagram bots on the market.

How much time have you spent in the world of Instagram since you’ve been on it? If it’s been a while, then you might be feeling a little bit fed up.


Because it’s pretty hard to go everything on your own.

While it would be nice to think that you can, the reality is that there are a lot of people on Insta trying to do the same thing as you. What does this mean? It means that it’s more difficult than ever to get noticed by your target audience so that you can build a solid community around your content.

Don’t worry – you don’t have to do everything by yourself. However, we don’t suggest that you just dive into the industry with next to no experience.

If you do, you might end up falling prey to a scam that’s going to take advantage of the fact that you have no idea what you’re doing. Don’t worry – it’s pretty easy to do this because Instagram bots have a way of disguising themselves.

So, how do you know which ones are the best? You read guides like this one. Let’s check out what we think are the best Instagram bots for your growth so that you can reach new heights.

First Look at the Best Instagram Bots

1. Best Overall: Growthoid

Growthoid has impressed me so far because they work hard to achieve your Instagram marketing goals while keeping well within your budget. What you see is what you get with these guys, and I couldn’t be happier.”

2. Best Budget: Stellation Media

“Stellation Media is my go-to social media marketing agency for all things to do with my Instagram growth. I haven’t come across an Instagram bot that can cover all bases like these guys can.”

3. Best Newcomer: Nitreo

“I like Nitreo because, while they don’t have a free trial, they still make it easy for their clients to opt-out if they don’t want to continue. This means that I can try them for two weeks and get my money back – not that I would want to.”

4. Safest: Follow Adder

“If you’re looking for a reliable, trustworthy Instagram bot that’s been around the block once or twice and knows what it’s doing, I recommend Follow Adder. If you’re a control freak like me and like to know what’s going on, these guys will keep you in the loop.”

5. Best Reputation: Jarvee

“I’m not someone who loves change, which is why I love Jarvee. They have been around since the beginning and know everything there is to know about Instagram engagement and marketing.”

6. Best Newcomer: Trusy

“If you’re someone like me who’s always looking for the next best thing, try Trusy. They may be new, but their experience and expertise make it feel like they’ve been around for ages.”

7. Best Basic: Combin

“Less is more a lot of the time with Instagram automated services, and if you just want to get the job done and have it done right, Combin is the service to check out.”

8. Most Reliable: Upleap

“Fads come and go, and so do Instagram marketing companies. I’ve had a few disappointments when my favorite brands just disappeared. Upleap won’t do this to you. They’ve been my first port of call for a long time now.”

9. Best with Security:

“Security was the biggest thing that I needed to tick off my list, so you could imagine my elation when I came across With proxies and encryption, this company is by far the best Instagram bot for my growth, that keeps me protected all the way through.”

10. Best with Lots of Features: Stormlikes

“It’s taken me a long time to find genuine engagement that is real, as well as a company that’s personable enough to care about my online reputation. I can safely say at this point that Stormlikes is one of the best Instagram bots that I’ve found.”

11. Best with Being Personable: Kicksta

“When I found Kicksta, I breathed a sigh of relief. I had been with other Instagram bots before, but never one that took care of my Instagram growth as these guys do. They also promise not to use spam to grow my account, either, which of course, is really important.”

The Best Instagram Bots (Our Reviews)

1. Best Overall: Growthoid

Not only is Growthoid one of the safest and most organic ways to build your Instagram growth up, but they’re also one of the most affordable as well.

It’s unrealistic to expect anyone to have more than the minimum when it comes to marketing their brand online because everyone knows that when you’re trying to build a brand, money is tight.

From just $49 a month, you can get safe, organic engagement through Growthoid for your Instagram. Their basic package includes specific targeting as well as a customized organic growth strategy so that you can get marketing your brand to the most relevant target audience.

Growthoid is serious about your Instagram growth, and they want to make sure that it’s affordable as well. There’s no need to go off and pay through the roof for your Instagram marketing when you have a company like Growthoid that’s prepared to keep their prices low.

2. Best Budget: Stellation Media

If you’re looking for one of the best Instagram bots in the business, you need to check out Stellation Media. There are hundreds of Instagram marketing companies out there that claim to be able to take your engagement to the next level – but these guys actually can.

What’s so great about Stellation Media is that they can also help you with other parts of your brand, not just your Instagram engagement. This means that they can do anything from social media management and advertising to website building and even brand promotion.

They’re so much more than just another Instagram automation bot – they’re an entire agency that’s dedicated to making a name for your brand online, and they’re not going to stop until they’ve done this. They want your brand to be memorable, and they want you to be wildly successful as a result of using their services.

3. Best Newcomer: Nitreo

If you want an Instagram bot that cares about your safety and makes it easy to set things up, then you should consider taking a look at Nitreo. Nitreo is one of those bots that are so much more than they appear.

While they don’t have a free trial like our reviewer said, they are able to give new clients the chance to get their money back after two weeks, in case something has happened, or they don’t like the features. They promise that their growth is organic, and they promise that their growth will get you more followers faster.

4. Safest: Follow Adder

While affordability is important, safety is also up there as well. In fact, you could consider safety to be the most important feature to consider when looking for the right Instagram bot for your profile.

Follow Adder is one of the safest Instagram bots out there, not only because they hold this aspect of doing business in high regard, but because they have been around since the beginning.

Follow Adder has a longstanding reputation as an Instagram bot that knows what it’s doing. While other companies have fallen short of the mark and been shut down by Instagram, Follow Adder has gone from strength to strength and is seemingly unfazed by what it’s up against in this industry.

Having an Instagram bot like Follow Adder in the ring with you is going to keep you safe against Instagram’s all-seeing eye – and you’ll grow your account successfully at the same time. It’s a win-win.

5. Best Reputation: Jarvee

Jarvee is similar to Follow Adder because it’s been around since the beginning as well, which makes it a great contender for ‘best reputation.’

Just like Follow Adder, Jarvee has been through all the ups and downs that the Instagram marketing industry has seen, and has come out the other side every time.

This makes it an excellent choice if you’re looking for a bot that has a longstanding reputation as one of the best Instagram bot services out there. If you’re someone who likes to be thorough with their research before they sign up for a bot so you can guarantee that you’re getting the best, Jarvee is one of your best bets.

It’s not going to take you long to go online and see just how many positive reviews these guys have, and it’s a reputation like this that has allowed them to continue running at the standard they do. If reputation is important to you, we recommend Jarvee.

6. Best Newcomer: Trusy

Reputation is important to some, and not so important to others. There are many out there who are also prepared to give the newcomer a shot because they know that if they were the newcomer, they would like to be trusted before they’ve been able to build up a good reputation.

Enter Trusy – a sophisticated, advanced Instagram botting service that may not have experience on its side, but it does have the expertise to build up the experience.

Trusy claims to have finally ‘cracked the code’ when it comes to your Instagram marketing needs, which is enough for us to believe in them as an excellent addition to the Instagram marketing industry. We always need new companies like these guys who are dedicated to providing excellent service and want to be in it for the long run.

Too many bots these days are just here for a quick profit before disappearing again. Trusy is here to stay, and while they may be new, they know exactly how to turn your Instagram profile into a popular page.

7. Best Basic: Combin

Some of the time, especially if you don’t have a lot of wiggle room with the budget, less is more. While there are low-quality Instagram marketing companies out there, there are also high-quality ones as well that have kept their features deliberately simple.

This is because they don’t want to overwhelm their customers with high tech, innovative services. They know what the customer wants, and they’re sticking to it.

Combin comes with all the features that you can expect to receive with an Instagram marketing service, from audience management to advanced Instagram searches and even user search analysis.

They also provide you updates on activity statistics so that you can adjust your engagement strategy accordingly. While Combin may not wow you with their website layout, you’ll quickly find that they’re reserved their energy for your Instagram growth – and you’re not going to be disappointed.

8. Most Reliable: Upleap

Finding an Instagram bot that’s reliable in this type of industry isn’t the easiest thing to do. Unfortunately, there are a lot of bots out there that, as we mentioned before, are just here for a quick fix.

Many people have been caught out by this and have wasted time and money as a result. The last Instagram bot on our list is one that we consider to be the most reliable, so if you’re sick of being screwed over by low-quality Instagram bots, you’ll want to check Upleap out.

They even provide a dedicated account manager who’s going to help you grow your Instagram account and be there for you every step of the way. If that’s not reliability, we don’t know what its – plus, they also offer a free three-day trial which doesn’t require your credit card details.

They want to not only be one of the most reliable Instagram bots out there, but they want to make things simple and easy for you, too. They’ll do the hard bits, so you can sit back, relax, and channel your creativity into making amazing content.

9. Best with Security:

Looking for the number one Instagram bot on the market right now? Well, we believe that it’s cares so much about its clients and their safety when using software like this, only that it has multiple layers of protection.

It promises that its software is completely undetectable, and it also says that it uses proxies so that you can stay completely anonymous while working with them online. Additionally, they have advanced features, like username and hashtag targeting, which is going to take your account to the next level. Honestly, what’s not to love about

10. Best with Lots of Features: Stormlikes

Have you been someone who likes the idea of a brand that can help you with advanced features, which in turn is going to make your Instagram strategy a whole lot better? Then you need to consider taking a look at Stormlikes.

Stormlikes is an Instagram bot that can specify their growth features by gender and country, getting nice and specific for its clients. It can also help out with a high level of customer service and offer video views on top of typical Instagram growth features. They can even delay their likes and views, which will help you stay out of trouble.

Best with Being Personable: Kicksta

Kicksta says that they are the most powerful Instagram tool in the industry, and they promise that they don’t work with spam or fake followers – just real, active engagement that’s going to make a real difference to your account.

They say that they can interact with the right people for your niche in the hopes of getting followed in return and that so far, they have been able to help over 10,000 people using Instagram to get ahead. They offer customer service, which is really helpful, and they guarantee that you’ll save hours of time every day when you use their services.

What Is An Instagram Bot?

So, now that we’ve talked about the companies that we like the most out there in the Instagram bot industry, let’s go into what a bot actually is so that you can figure out what you’re getting yourself into. An Instagram bot is a third party software that can help you to manage your account.

They can also help you carry out mundane tasks that are taking too long for you otherwise. They can do this for you without a human being present, making them pretty efficient.

So, there are basically two different types of Instagram bots. The first is a service that can ‘take control’ of those frontline interactions, including comments and likes.

Then the other is a tool that can automate Instagram behind the scenes so that you can take care of things like reporting, analytics, and publishing without it taking up too much of your schedule.

There’s a good chance that you’ve already seen an Instagram bot in action out there before. If you’ve ever dealt with someone who you think is being a bit spammy on your account, then they’re probably using a low-quality bot that could get you banned.

High-quality bots won’t put your account at risk, so you’ve got to know how to find them.

How To Know If an Instagram Bot is Legit

So, how do you know if an Instagram bot is above board or not? Let’s take a look at what we think you should be looking for in your preferred Instagram bot service.

Free Trial

When you’re looking for a company to use for your Instagram growth, you need to be able to find one that lets you try their features before you buy.

This is the best way to figure out if they’re a good fit for you or not. If they don’t have a free trial, then it’s going to be pretty difficult to figure out whether they work well with your profile or not.

When you do come across a free trial, just make sure that it doesn’t require your credit card information – they could charge you after the fact.

Secure Https Site

This is perhaps one of the most understated features that a reputable Instagram bot needs to have. In fact, if they don’t have this, then we don’t suggest you spend any time on their website at all.

Why? Because an unsecured website means that you can get your information stolen, should you choose to share it. You’ll see right next to the URL on the left-hand side the phrase ‘HTTPS’. If it doesn’t have this, then don’t even bother visiting it.

Customer Support

Customer support is another one of those features that’s hard to come by because it’s expensive for the company to maintain. However, expensive or not, it’s essential that the Instagram bot can offer this to its clients because it’s running an ongoing piece of software.

This means that there are inevitably going to be days when things don’t go as planned, and you need to be able to get in touch with them. If you can’t, there’s a problem.

Good Reviews

Good reviews are the best way for you as the potential customer to figure out if an Instagram bot is worth your time or not. If they don’t have good reviews on their website or elsewhere online, then this is a big red flag.

You also have to look out for fake reviews as well – plenty of companies make up positive reviews about their features, or pay people to write them.

FAQ and Help Page

Another feature that a reputable Instagram bot will include on its website is a section where it answers common FAQs. This is their way of helping you learn more about their features, and helping you figure out how much they charge, why they charge that and what their delivery looks like.

If they don’t have this, then you’re going to be signing up for them blind, which isn’t something that we really recommend.

Team Info

The last thing that you have to make sure of when looking at an Instagram bot for your growth is whether they have any information about their team on their website. While you might not think that this is an important aspect, it means that they are willing to be upfront and honest with their clients, from the beginning.

It also means that you can relate to them a bit better so that you feel confident about what they’re offering. If they can’t tell you about their team, then you won’t know whether you can trust them or not.

Our Review Process

We made sure to do our research before writing this article so that we were only reviewing the very best in the business. We considered over 165 of the best Instagram bots on the market & read over 3400 user reviews (both positive and negative).

With our list of the best Instagram bots, you’ll find that they’re all great for different reasons, so you’re bound to find the bot that’s going to complement your Instagram account and niche perfectly.

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