Best YouTube Automation Tools

12 Best YouTube Automation Tools for Your Channel in 2024

12 Best YouTube Automation Tools for Your Channel in 2024

For your videos to rank high on YouTube, you have to put in a lot of work. There has to be a lot of interaction with your videos. YouTube automation can help you achieve this quickly.

If you own a YouTube channel and are looking to get more traffic and generate better revenue, you can try using a YouTube automation tool.

These automation tools offer an array of benefits to users. You must choose the best YouTube automation tool when settling for one of these services.

If you are skeptical about using automation tools, there are other ways to grow your online presence.

You can employ someone to manually help you create traffic on your YouTube Channel or by buying views and subscribers.

This is time-consuming and will cost you a lot of money. YouTube automation tools, on the other hand, are more economical and would save you a lot of stress and time.

What is YouTube Automation?

YouTube Automation is a process that makes use of YouTube software to automate actions on YouTube.

This helps YouTubers ensure that their YouTube Channel gets the needed engagement for internet traffic when put on autopilot. YouTube automation is beneficial, as it helps people grow their businesses.

What YouTube automation does is that it increases the traffic on your YouTube channel and increases engagement on the channel.

This, in turn, translates to the revenue paid to you by YouTube for the level of engagement your channel showcases.

It is entirely legal, as it uses techniques that do not bridge YouTube’s policy when generating traffic.

Some of these methods include automating the schedule of your video uploads, auto likes, auto commenting, and many more.

YouTube Automation has assisted a lot of YouTubers to grow their channels, get a massive audience, and make their content popular. 

Best YouTube Automation Tools in 2024

1. Media Mister

Media Mister - YouTube automation

Media Mister is an efficient and classic YouTube automation tool. It is traditional in so many ways, as it is ranked amongst the pioneers of YouTube automation tools that are still available and relevant.

With Media Mister, you can enjoy classic YouTube views.

Media Mister has an excellent reputation amongst its peers as it is sometimes referred to as a magical automation tool that helps improve social presence at a fantastic rate.

With this, Media Mister has thousands of subscribers who have hired their services for YouTube automation.

👉 Get YouTube Views

👉 Get YouTube Subscribers

👉 Get YouTube Likes

👉 Get YouTube Watch Hours

A significant percentage of the users using Media Mister are satisfied with their services, with over 50,000 reviews of satisfied customers available on their homepage.

They are so confident of their services and the quality they provide that they offer users a 30-day refund period.

This is the highest any social automation tool provider can boast of. This is a significant selling point that has impressed many YouTube content creators, that even the most suspicious ones opt for their services.

Their services are also classic, as they operate a pay-as-you-go strategy. When you pay for YouTube likes, all you get is YouTube likes and nothing short of that.

2. GetAFollower

GetAFollower Buy YouTube Views

When people think of YouTube automation tools, this first fear is all about safety.

This has seen many YouTubers avoid the use of such software to boost the growth of their accounts. GetAFollower is a YouTube automation tool that is designed to eliminate such fears.

👉 Get YouTube Views

👉 Get YouTube Likes

👉 Get YouTube Watch Hours

They recognize these fears and ensure they put them at their forefront. Their service, therefore, guarantees its users’ safety, as they are  100% genuine.

GetAFollower views, likes, comments, and subscribers that you pay for are entirely genuine, as they come from real people and not bots. They are known for their simple premise.

GetAFollower offers three types of packages which are the like packages, views packages, and subscribers packages.

To get 1000 genuine views that are unique, you pay a sum of $5.99. Their likes package of 1000 genuine and unique likes is at $49.99, while 1000 genuine and unique subscribers are for $119.99.

GetAFollower users can also combine these packages for maximum user experience.

Once you make a single payment for their services, the transaction is completed within 1-2 days. What they offer is simple, clean, and effective.

3. UseViral

UseViral - best youtube automation tool

UseViral is an awesome YouTube automation tool and will rank as one of the best in every list like this.

It is one of the safest, fastest, and most accessible Youtube automation tools in the market.

👉 Buy YouTube Views

👉 Buy YouTube Subscribers

👉 Buy YouTube Likes

If you are new to the world of Youtube automation, UseViral could be the right tool to start from.

It has the assistance needed to kick start as a new automation user. It is user-friendly and has an excellent reputation that guarantees its efficiency.

The unique quality of UseViral is that it strictly complies with all rules and terms of agreement for using YouTube automation on YouTube.

The results you get using UseViral are outrageous, as they make use of a branched-out network of popular boosters and influencers that has a long reach. This also ensures long-lasting results.

4. SidesMedia

SidesMedia Grow Your YouTube Now

SidesMedia is a reliable YouTube automation tool that guarantees you a great result within a short period.

Something about SidesMedia is that they have garnered an excellent reputation and have lasted the test of time.

They also strictly comply with YouTube’s terms and conditions for automation tool usage.

They provide safe and genuine service and have gradually become one of the most trusted automation tools in the world.

SidesMedia offers excellent and high-quality service delivered within a fantastic turnaround time.

They ensure that your likes, comments, shares, and views are multiplied at a fast pace, ensuring you hit whatever target you must have set in no time.

5. TubeAssistPro


TubeAssistPro is a unique YouTube automation tool that is the first of its kind. It is designed to focus mainly on natural growth when helping your accounts gain likes and subscriptions.

This is achieved by smart targeting of users who already exist and are potential followers. They strictly comply with YouTube’s rules and agreements for the usage of automation tools.

TubeAssistPro crew are highly customer-centric, as they ensure their users are satisfied with their services by regularly upgrading their services to meet users’ demands.

They offer three different packages to users to help them cut costs.

The first package allows the use of one account only at a lower price. The second package grants access to 5 separate accounts.

This is useful for small businesses. The third package provides unlimited access at a more expensive cost.

TubeAssistPro is designed explicitly for YouTube Automation and may not support most social media.

It can be used for several things, which include dropping comments, liking videos, replying to comments, sending private messages, searching for videos, getting a channel subscription, and also clicking ads.

6. Tube Buddy

Tube Buddy

Tube Buddy is a reliable YouTube automation software and the first on this list in the form of a browser extension.

This makes it look ineffective; however, don’t be fooled; Tube Buddy is not as easy as it seems.

It is a complex automation software used to pump the number of YouTube activities on your page, generate traffic, and shoot your career as a YouTuber into fame.

It also remains functional even when your account is big and famous.

This fantastic YouTube automation uses many forms to showcase its performance-boosting.

Tube Buddy’s core is SEO optimized, and it extends its SEO optimization to all your content through the intelligent content suggestions protocol that is based on keywords affiliated with your content.

When you use Tube Buddy, it first figures out your content’s keywords. Once the keywords have been figured out, it takes a step further to optimize your videos by suggesting headlines, tags, topics, and captions.

This ensures it maximizes your reach output.

Tube Buddy also offers additional productivity boosts. This comes in the form of card templates, various filters, advanced embedding codes for playlists, emoji packages, and advanced coding options.

It is an excellent option for automating frivolous tasks because it ensures you complete these tasks on a massive scale.

Once Tube Buddy has been instructed on the task to carry out and how to go about it, this software proceeds to work and will never need any form of assistance. This takes away the stress of manual labor and creates enough free time for you.

7. Followersup

Followersup YouTube Likes

Followersup is a highly rated mass-social media conglomerate software known for its great YouTube automation tool.

The unique thing about Followersup is that it supports vast automation support to several social media platforms. This is its main selling point and a distinguishing feature from its competition.

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They are tested and trusted, with hundreds of thousands of automation users making them their preferred choice.

They help gain fast social media growth with a strong sense of reliability. Users can request up to 10,000 subscribers at a go and have it provided with a permanent warranty.

Followersup has a user-friendly interface that is highly customizable.

It offers users likes, comments, views, and subscriptions in large quantities ranging from 10 to 1,000,000. No matter what you want, Followersup will help you achieve it.

There is a guarantee on every one of their orders, a time limit, and a scaling price. This allows users to customize every aspect of their order essentially. Followersup is safe, fast, of good quality, and offers a money-back guarantee.

8. Socinator


Socinator is a YouTube automation tool that believes they are more than just a YouTube automation tool.

They firmly believe that they have a host of features that make them the social dominator automation tool.

A unique feature for Socinator is that on their website, there is lots of helpful information about the benefits of using YouTube automation for growth.

Socinator boasts of the advanced publishing section which allows them to help you schedule video content for any set date effectively.

Socinator can help users manage their Facebook, Instagram, and other social media accounts all at once. 

Their FAQ section is beneficial and enables you to get to know them and their services in-depth before deciding to register and stay committed to anything.

Although Socinator has impressive features already, they keep working on their features to ensure users get the best experience as they use the tool.

You can use Socinator to automate Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, Twitter, Quora, and Tumblr from YouTube.

It comes with an autopilot feature that lets users schedule their YouTube accounts, which in turn helps it grow.

Users of Socinator can auto-follow, auto-comment, auto-like, auto-subscribe, and lots more using the tool.

9. Auto Social YouTube (ASB)

Auto Social YouTube

Auto Social YouTube (ASB) is a helpful YouTube automation tool designed to help achieve an outstanding online presence.

This YouTube automation tool is an instrumental software that helps build your YouTube channel by simulating human activity.

It is designed to perform exactly like a human will, to the point where it can’t be distinguishable from a human being.

It offers lots of unique features and performs lots of tasks for YouTube users on their channel. 

ASB YouTube is a YouTube automation tool that is programmed to handle multiple accounts effortlessly.

It ensures it actively engages in activities that enhance your account’s activity. This will only amount to an increase in likes, comments, shares, and subscriptions.

This places you in favor of the YouTube algorithm as a proactive user with proactive audiences and puts you ahead of your competition.

ASB YouTube comes with all prominent basic YouTube automation functionalities.

It can be used for Multi-Thread HTTP requests, making it an excellent and unique YouTube automation tool. Users also have the chance to try out their services for free.

You also enjoy a 7-day refund policy if you are disappointed with their services. Some of the features ASB offers are video scraper, account checker, bulk download, and upload.

10. VidIQ


VidIQ is regarded as a unique YouTube automation tool. It is not your standard YouTube automation tool but more of a YouTube marketer software.

It acts as a group of tools used for video promotion which helps increase the popularity of their audience and also improve the presence and search engine ranking of your content. 

VidIQ can serve as a content creator, which would help you increase engagement and your online presence.

The team behind this fantastic innovation is YouTube-certified, and they have ensured that VidIQ is equipped with the right tools for individual video creators, agencies, and any brand.

Their most notable tool and unique feature are the VidIQ Vision Browser Extension. This provides users with performance analytical data of their content on YouTube.

They offer their basic plan free, and it is capable of rendering the majority of their services.

It serves as their free trial, as it can be used to try out the features and functions of VidIQ before opting for the higher plans like the Pro, Boost, and the Boost plus.

These higher plans are paid for and offer better functionality.

11. Jarvee


This is an old-timer YouTube automation tool that has been around for a long time. Jarvee is mostly credited as the pioneer of the YouTube automation software business.

Jarvee has managed to remain relevant and stay special since it was created because of its unique features and its well-earned reputation.

Jarvee is a company that is dedicated to providing only quality service. 

It offers a high level of automation for YouTube users. It grants users access to additional views and subscriptions and enables them to enjoy auto-commenting and auto-liking.

This YouTube automation tool’s auto-pilot protocol scans for followers, then likes and reciprocates other followers’ actions.

This implies that Jarvee’s YouTube automation tool reacts based on the level of activity recorded on your profile.

It will unfollow inactive Youtube profiles and cancel the one-hit support from accounts that are deemed to be fake.

The Jarvee YouTube automation tool can also unfollow all those you follow but don’t follow you back.

Therefore, Jarvee is a YouTube automation tool that authentically simulates the activities of an active user, regardless of the circumstances.

It’s easy to spot an automated text because they follow a rigid pattern.

For this reason, the contents and style of the message sent by Jarvee when auto-commenting from your profile are designed to mimic how a human would typically write.

It also keeps evolving as the conversation goes on to avoid the rigidity of an automated text.

Jarvee is a fully integrated social media support that provides advanced automation services to all social media platforms.

It can Auto-watch, auto comment, auto like, and many more at an incredible speed and precision.

It operates on Windows versions from Windows 7 upward. Users of Jarvee can enjoy a 5-day free trial which is enough to explore its features and get a grip on how to use it.

This all-in-one social media automation tool, provides support for both proxy and spin Syntax.

12. YTMonster


YTMonster, which stands for YouTube Monster, is a service platform that gives a different twist to YouTube growth.

YTMonster guarantees users natural growth with real views, subscriptions, likes, and comments.

The good thing about YTMonster is that it’s completely free, although it also has paid versions.

To get the expected growth of organic subscribers, shares, likes, and comments, YTMonster requires you to do the same for other YTMonster users.

This earns you credits, which you can use to initiate campaigns. Campaigns are orders that you initiate to earn credits.

YTMonster simply functions in a like-for-like, comment-for-comment, subscribe-for-subscribe service for free users.

It also offers the paid version, which lets you subscribe to a plan and save time. With the paid version, you don’t have to spend time earning credits to carry out campaigns. 


What Does YouTube Automation Software Do?

YouTube Automation
YouTube automation software is sometimes referred to as a YouTube bot. This software can accomplish a significant number of tasks on YouTube.

This software can watch the videos on your channel, make comments, reply to the comments, subscribe to YouTube channels, send private messages, download videos, upload videos, and even scrape comments.

Do YouTube Automation Tools Really Work?

The answer to this is a big yes. YouTube automation tools work effectively and are highly reliable.

As long as you know how to take advantage of its benefits, you will get a high Return on your Investment.

With YouTube automation tools, your content view counts are inflated and help you get the numbers you want on YouTube.

However, it is essential to know that if you don’t know how to use YouTube automation tools, you could lose your account for misusing it.

Another important thing to avoid is engaging in video content that may have fraudulent ads. To avoid any form of complication, it’s best to avoid using videos with ads completely.

Does YouTube Support YouTube Automation Tools?

YouTube supports automation tools completely, but there are laid down rules to use one, as well as lots of restrictions.

Due to these policies and restrictions, some YouTube automation companies like TubeAssist have shut down.

The current automation tools in the market use black hat methods to carry out their functions, making it difficult to say if YouTube supports them.

YouTubers who are caught using these kinds of automation tools will be heavily penalized.

Do YouTube Automation Tools Require Proxies?

YouTube automation tools don’t require proxies. Users can freely use them effectively and efficiently without proxies.

However, if you intend to automate many accounts with the same automation tool, you should use YouTube proxies to implement this and avoid leaving footprints effectively.


In this age where social media dominance and digital presence count, the number of followers and subscribers you have gives your business an edge for success.

The more subscribers you have, the more online presence you gain, ensuring your company has a better chance of success.

This list of YouTube automation tools can help you and your business become famous. These tools provide a significant social media boost to help you get the recognition you deserve.

Written by Colin Tan
Colin Tan is a tech entrepreneur and business leader with extensive experience in the technology industry. He is the Co-Founder of several successful tech startups that provide innovative solutions to businesses. Colin has a passion for creating disruptive technologies that can transform industries and drive growth.