Best Snapchat Hacking Apps

5 Best Snapchat Hacking Apps in 2024

5 Best Snapchat Hacking Apps in 2024

Everything posted on Snapchat is only visible for a few seconds unless you extend this time. The receiver to save the snap.

Of course, the information remains on the Snapchat servers for thirty days and logs of activity can be kept for longer. 

Disappearing media means your social media history, (and mistakes), can’t come back to haunt you.

That suggests it’s not worth hacking into Snapchat to check on what loved ones are doing online.

However, if you use one of the best Snapchat hacking apps available you’ll still be able to view everything that is being sent and received. 

Why Being Able To Hack Snapchat Is Important

Snapchat suffered a huge hack in 2013 and 4.6 million users had their personal details stolen.

That’s not the type of hack you want to perform!

It’s also very hard to do this now as Snapchat has drastically improved its security.

The best Snapchat hacking apps are designed to let you see what children and loved ones are putting on Snapchat.

It’s impossible to simply look at their phones and see the chats as they disappear so quickly. 

But, if you’re worried about what your children are looking at or who they are talking to, then you need one of the following hacking apps. 

Equally, these Snapchat hacking apps can help you verify whether a partner is cheating on you or not.

Being able to see Snapchat messages can even help you rebuild trust in a damaged relationship.

The Best Snapchat Hacking Apps

If you need to monitor your loved one’s Snapchat conversations then the best option is one of the following hacking apps. 

There is a small charge associated with the app but the results are worth it.

1. xMobi

xMobi Snapchat Hacking

This is one of the best Snapchat hacking apps because it won’t just show you everything that is being sent and received on Snapchat, it will also let you see all media stored on the device. 

This app needs to be installed onto the target phone. You can then log into your xMobi account from your own device. 

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From the dashboard you can choose to look at Snapchat media or all the videos and photos on the phone.

It works with all social media sites and even gives you a browser history.

It’s also possible to see all phone calls made and received, including when they were done and how long they lasted.

xMobi allows you to check SMS messages and it will even give you a physical location for the phone, telling you where it is and where it has been.

But, what makes this app so good is the ability to set controls, specifically over phone calls. The target won’t even know you’re doing it.   

If you need convincing, xMobi offers a live demo and a free trial.

2. Spynger

Spynger Snapchat Hacking

Spynger is an effective tool for monitoring Snapchat although it was originally designed to help people access Facebook logs. 

This app gives you full access to Snapchat, including being able to read all the messages on social media and via SMS.

👉 Get Spynger FREE

You can check their internet history and even see where they are currently located. 

Spynger includes a keystroke logger. That means you can see everything that is written on the phone, even if a message is deleted before it is sent. 

This app allows you to take a screenshot of what they are doing on the phone without them knowing about it. You can even record calls and text messages

Should you have any questions you’ll find their 24/7 customer support very helpful. 

3. eyeZy

eyeZy Snapchat Hacking

eyeZy is an effective app for monitoring Snapchat although it really excels at GPS tracking. 

This combination means you can easily monitor Snapchat and verify if your child is being targeted by cyberbullies or other dangerous people online.

The tracking side ensures you can find your child if they have got themselves in trouble. 

It can literally be a lifesaver. 

👉 Get eyeZy FREE

This app allows you to see all Snapchat images, videos, and conversations in real-time.

Of course, it also gives you the same information for other social media sites. 

You’ll also appreciate the ability to check phone logs and view their browsing history. 

eyeZy offers excellent customer support, available all the time via email and live chat. There is a live demo available and a 14-day money-back-guarantee. 

However, you should note this is comparatively expensive, especially if you wish to monitor more than one device. 

4. uMobix

uMobix Snapchat Hacking

uMobix is an excellent choice if you want to see all the conversations taking place in Snapchat.

However, where this app really excels is in giving you access to all the media on the device. 

A simple click from the uMobix dashboard gives you all the pictures and videos saved on the device.

This is one of the most effective ways to see what they are really doing on their phone. 

👉 Get uMobix FREE

After all, any downloaded image is saved, and therefore, accessible to you. 

Naturally, uMobix also allows you to check their phone logs and verify their current GPS location, along with where they have been.

This can be useful to make sure they aren’t going places they shouldn’t be.

Alongside the ability to see Snapchat messages, you’ll be able to access all other social media on the phone and even check their internet browsing history.

This includes erased Snapchat threads.

uMobix also gives you parental control over the target phone. This allows you to restrict inappropriate content and set your own filters.

You can try uMobix via the live demo and, once you’ve subscribed, there’s a 14-day money-back-guarantee.  

5. mSpy

mSpy Snapchat Hacking

mSpy is often seen as one of the best overall Snapchat hacking apps. In short, it’s perfect if you want an overview of what your target is up to. 

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Once installed you can remotely access all Snapchat conversations, even after they have disappeared. 

You’ll also be able to set keywords.

When these are used on social media or internet searches by your target you will receive an alert on your phone.

It helps you react quickly when needed to. 

👉 Get mSpy FREE

mSpy has a wide array of features which are designed to help you see everything on Snapchat and other social media apps. 

You’ll also be able to check phone logs and their location with this app.

However, its main flaw is that you can’t record any of the calls or remotely activate the camera to check on what your target is doing. 

mSpy works with most social media sites, you can check out the features in the live demo.

There is no free trial option but they have competitive prices and a 14-day money-back-guarantee.

You’ll also appreciate the high-quality customer support: just in case you have an issue. 

How To Install Your Chosen Hacking App

hack phone

Choosing the right Snapchat hacking app can be difficult.

But, all the above apps are good options. They are tried, tested, and safe to install. 

The good news is that installation is surprisingly easy, although you may need access to the target phone.

Choose The App

This part is straightforward. Simply take a look at the options above and choose the one that suits your needs.

This should be based on price and the features the app has.

Create An Account

Once you’ve chosen which app to use, head to their website. You’ll find an option to create an account. Choose this and follow the simple instructions.

The apps want very little personal information but they will need payment details to subscribe to the app.


With your account created you’ll need to choose your desired subscription level. In general, the app will be cheaper per month the longer you sign up for. 

That means a year’s subscription is substantially cheaper per month than a month’s subscription. 

Download The App

Once you’ve subscribed you’ll be given a link. This allows you to install the app on the target phone.

It’s important to note that the app will disappear into the operating system, making it virtually impossible for the target to realize they are being hacked.

How to download the app changes depending on the target device:

Android Phones

If the target device uses an Android operating system then you’ll need to gain physical access to the phone. It only needs to be for a few minutes.

Once you have the phone you’ll need to open a browser window and paste, or type, the download link into it. Hit enter and the app will install.

All you have to do then is delete the internet history for the page you accessed and close the browser.


iPhones use a different operating system, making it possible to download the link into the cloud.

You will need the target’s username and password for the iCloud.

If you have this then you can enter their cloud, paste the link, and download the app. 

In some cases, a code may be sent to the phone to verify the download. If this happens you’ll need access to the phone.

It will allow you to read the code and delete the message. 

Remotely Access The Device

Once you’ve managed to install the app you can go to your own phone or computer and go to the app home page. 

Log into your newly created account and you’ll see the device.

Click on it and the dashboard will appear. All you have to do is select which part of the phone you want to view first.

Is Hacking Snapchat Legal?

Hacking is generally considered illegal. After all, you’re trying to see private information that you technically have no right to see. 

It’s a good idea to check the laws in your state to see what guidelines they have to offer and what the punishment is if you’re caught hacking.

However, when you are using the best Snapchat hacking apps to monitor a child online this is usually considered acceptable. 

It’s virtually impossible to keep up with everything your child posts online and they are unlikely to share their posts.

A hacking app allows you to give them freedom and still protect them.

The law recognizes this and won’t prosecute, providing the child is under 18 and lives with you. 

Why Free Hacking Apps Are A Bad Idea

Snapchat Hack

The above-listed apps may cost but they work.

This is because they have recorders that take screenshots every time a message is written in Snapchat, ensuring you can see all correspondence.

If the app doesn’t do this then you won’t get a complete picture of what is happening in Snapchat.

Many of the free apps don’t offer the same level of content. Their service is considerably more basic. 

Worse, most free apps will collect your data and the data of your target.

You may be using the app to help protect your child from cybercriminals and inadvertently exposing their details.

Free apps frequently collect your personal information and, once they have created a portfolio of your likes and interests, they will sell the portfolio. 

Avoiding this is a good idea if you want to keep your personal information private. 

Summing Up

If you need the best Snapchat hacking apps then take one of the ones off this list.

You’ll be able to see everything you need to and then take the appropriate action. 

Of course, your child won’t know they are being spied on.

If you’re not happy with how they are behaving online or the messages they are receiving, take a moment to consider the best course of action. 

 Telling them you can see what they are doing may help prove your point but it will almost certainly damage the trust in your relationship.

A good hacking app helps you keep your child safe from a distance. 

Choose one of the best Snapchat hacking apps today and keep discretely protecting your child or restore the trust in your relationship with your partner. 

Written by Colin Tan
Colin Tan is a tech entrepreneur and business leader with extensive experience in the technology industry. He is the Co-Founder of several successful tech startups that provide innovative solutions to businesses. Colin has a passion for creating disruptive technologies that can transform industries and drive growth.