Best iPhone Hacking Apps

10 Best iPhone Hacking Apps & Tools in 2023

10 Best iPhone Hacking Apps & Tools in 2023

Answer: We tested dozens of apps, and we found the best iPhone hacking app: xMobi!

While often associated with negative connotations, iPhone hacking apps can serve as powerful tools for safeguarding our loved ones and protecting our devices. 

This comprehensive article delves into the details of the 10 best iPhone hacking apps available, shedding light on their functionalities, strengths, and potential drawbacks. 

Whether you’re a vigilant parent or an individual seeking to enhance your digital security, this guide will empower you to make informed decisions.

10 Best iPhone Hacking Apps in 2023

1. xMobi

xMobi CellPhone Hacking

xMobi distinguishes itself as an iPhone hacking app that seamlessly combines versatility and dynamism to offer users a deep and comprehensive understanding of all activities on the target device.

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xMobi introduces a sophisticated real-time GPS tracking feature that ensures the accurate monitoring and recording of the device’s precise locations. 

This feature is handy for concerned parents or guardians who want to monitor their loved ones’ whereabouts.


  • Geofencing Capabilities: This app takes monitoring to the next level with its geofencing capabilities. Users can establish virtual boundaries on the map, and instant alerts are sent to the user whenever the target device enters or exits these predefined areas. This feature is invaluable for ensuring that loved ones stay within safe zones.
  • Comprehensive Social Media Monitoring: With the rise of social media, understanding online interactions has become crucial. xMobi addresses this need with its extensive social media monitoring capabilities. It allows users to track activities on various social platforms, enabling them to detect potential risks and keep a tab on conversations.
  • Call and Text Message Monitoring: xMobi offers an encompassing solution by allowing users to monitor incoming and outgoing calls and text messages on the target device. This feature is particularly beneficial for parents who want to ensure their children communicate safely.


  • Limited iOS Compatibility: While xMobi excels on iPhone devices, its functionality on iOS devices may be more limited due to differences in operating systems.
  • Initial Physical Access Required: During the installation process, xMobi mandates initial physical access to the target iPhone device. This requirement might pose challenges in situations where such access is not feasible.

2. Phonsee

Phonsee Home

Phonsee takes the spotlight as a versatile and comprehensive iPhone hacking app designed to cater to a wide range of monitoring needs, making it an ideal choice for parents, guardians, and individuals looking to enhance their digital security.

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Phonsee introduces a remote access feature that allows users to access photos, videos, and files stored on the target device.

This capability provides insights into the multimedia content present on the device.


  • In-depth Application Usage Tracking: With Phonsee, users gain valuable insights into how applications are used on the target device. This functionality is essential for understanding device usage patterns and identifying potentially harmful apps.
  • Keylogger Functionality: Phonsee incorporates a powerful keylogger feature that captures keystrokes on the target device. This aspect aids in uncovering passwords, messages, and other text inputs, offering a comprehensive view of the device’s activities.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Phonsee places a premium on user experience by offering an intuitive and user-friendly interface. This design choice ensures that users of all technical backgrounds can easily navigate the app.


  • Limited Advanced Features: While Phonsee covers a wide range of monitoring needs, some advanced features, such as geofencing, might be absent from its feature set.
  • Compatibility Concerns: Phonsee’s compatibility might be limited to specific iPhone versions, potentially excluding users with older or less common devices.

3. uMobix

uMobix Home

uMobix emerges as a robust and feature-rich iPhone hacking app, offering users a comprehensive suite of tools to monitor various activities occurring on the target device.

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uMobix elevates monitoring capabilities by introducing call recording and ambient recording features. 

This advanced functionality empowers users to listen to conversations and ambient sounds, providing deeper insights into interactions and surroundings.


  • Wi-Fi Network Tracking: The app extends monitoring to Wi-Fi networks. By tracking the Wi-Fi networks the target device connects to, uMobix offers additional insight into the device’s digital interactions.
  • Browser History Monitoring: uMobix emphasizes understanding online activities by offering comprehensive browser history monitoring. This feature enables users to gain insights into the websites visited and online content consumed on the target device.
  • Discreet Hidden Mode: uMobix understands the importance of unobtrusive monitoring. The app comes equipped with a hidden mode, allowing users to monitor activities without the target device’s user being aware.


  • Rooting Requirement: In some cases, uMobix may require users to root the target iPhone device to unlock its full features. This rooting process might be considered a drawback for users who are hesitant or unfamiliar with device rooting.

4. EyeZy

EyeZy Home

EyeZy is a comprehensive monitoring solution suitable for personal and professional contexts, offering a robust range of features to monitor various activities on iPhone devices.

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EyeZy takes a step forward in location monitoring with its precise and real-time GPS tracking feature. 

This capability provides accurate positioning data, making it ideal for tracking loved ones or employees.


  • Screen Capture Functionality: The app goes beyond standard monitoring by offering screen capture functionality. This allows users to capture visual records of device interactions, offering a comprehensive view of how the device is being used.
  • SIM Card Change Alerts: EyeZy enhances security with its SIM card change alert feature. Users receive instant notifications when a SIM card change occurs, which can be critical in preventing unauthorized device usage.
  • Remote Data Wiping: To counter potential device loss or theft, EyeZy provides remote data wiping capabilities. This feature allows users to remotely wipe sensitive data from the device to prevent unauthorized access.


  • Compatibility with Older iPhone Versions: EyeZy’s compatibility with older iPhone versions might be limited. Users with devices running older operating systems may encounter compatibility challenges.
  • Premium-Only Advanced Features: Certain advanced features within EyeZy’s feature set might be accessible only through premium plans, potentially limiting access for users on basic plans.
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5. Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch Home

Hoverwatch is a user-centric iPhone hacking app offering essential monitoring features to facilitate comprehensive oversight of target iPhone devices.

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The app introduces a unique feature that captures photos using the device’s front camera whenever an incorrect unlock attempt is made.

This feature aids in identifying potential unauthorized users.


  • Comprehensive SMS and Call Tracking: Hoverwatch excels in monitoring SMS and calls, providing users with detailed insights into communication pattern.
  • Detailed Website History Monitoring: Hoverwatch enables users to track the websites visited on the target device, offering an understanding of online activities and interests.
  • Immediate SIM Card Replacement Alerts: The app offers instant alerts when a SIM card replacement occurs, providing timely notifications in case of unauthorized SIM card changes.


  • Lack of Call Recording: Unlike some other apps, Hoverwatch does not feature call recording functionality. This absence might be a drawback for users seeking to monitor voice conversations.
  • Mandatory Rooting for Select Features: While Hoverwatch covers a range of features, some advanced functionalities might require users to root the target device, potentially complicating the installation process.

6. Cocospy

Cocospy Home

Cocospy has established itself as a reliable and versatile iPhone hacking app, renowned for its extensive feature set and user-friendly design.

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The app empowers users with historical location tracking and geofencing capabilities, ensuring accurate monitoring of physical movements and boundaries.


  • Thorough Social Media Tracking: Cocospy excels in social media monitoring, offering comprehensive tracking of interactions across various platforms.
  • Discreet Stealth Mode: Cocospy caters to users seeking discreet monitoring by offering a stealth mode that operates quietly in the background.
  • Non-Rooting Requirement: Cocospy streamlines the installation process by not requiring users to root the target device, enhancing user convenience.


  • Select Advanced Features on Rooted Devices: While Cocospy covers a wide range of features, certain advanced functionalities might be available exclusively on rooted devices.
  • Feature Disparity between iPhone and iOS Versions: Some features available on the iOS version of Cocospy might not be present in the iPhone version.

7. mSpy

mSpy Home

mSpy stands as a reliable and comprehensive monitoring solution, offering an impressive array of features tailored to iPhone devices.

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mSpy goes beyond basic monitoring by introducing keylogging and app usage tracking features, providing comprehensive insights into device activities.


  • Geo-fencing and Precise Location Tracking: The app ensures accurate positioning data with geo-fencing and precise location tracking, suitable for monitoring physical movements.
  • In-depth Social Media Monitoring: mSpy excels in social media monitoring, spanning various platforms and providing visibility into interactions.
  • Remote Control Features: The app empowers users with remote control capabilities, allowing them to take actions such as locking the device or wiping data remotely.


  • Rooting Requirement for Advanced Features: Some advanced features within mSpy might require users to root the target device, which can be a barrier for those uncomfortable with rooting.
  • Premium Subscription Costs: While mSpy offers extensive features, the cost of premium subscriptions might be considered high for certain users.



XNSPY emerges as a versatile iPhone hacking app catering to personal and professional monitoring needs, offering a comprehensive suite of tools.

XNSPY takes monitoring to the next level with ambient recording and call interception features, enabling users to listen to conversations and ambient sounds.


  • GPS Tracking and Geofencing: The app provides precise location tracking with GPS and geofencing capabilities, ensuring accurate and timely location data.
  • Remote Control Features: XNSPY empowers users with remote control functionalities, enabling actions such as device locking and data wiping.
  • Wi-Fi Network Monitoring: The app includes Wi-Fi network monitoring, enhancing security by tracking device connections.


  • Rooting Requirement for Certain Features: Some advanced features within XNSPY might necessitate rooting the target device, potentially complicating the installation process.
  • Subscription-Based Model Only: XNSPY does not offer a one-time purchase option, focusing solely on subscription-based models.

9. SpyBubble

SpyBubble Home

SpyBubble positions itself as a fundamental monitoring app catering to essential iPhone device monitoring needs.

SpyBubble excels in call and SMS monitoring, offering in-depth insights into communication patterns.


  • Location Tracking and Geofencing: The app ensures accurate location tracking and geofencing capabilities, suitable for monitoring physical movements and establishing virtual boundaries.
  • Browser History Tracking: SpyBubble empowers users with browser history tracking, providing insights into web interactions and online activity.
  • Detailed Contact List Monitoring: The app offers comprehensive monitoring of the device’s contact list, aiding in understanding communication circles.


  • Limited Advanced Features: While SpyBubble covers essential monitoring needs, it might lack some advanced features available in other apps.
  • No Compatibility with iOS Devices: SpyBubble focuses solely on iPhone devices, excluding compatibility with iOS.

10. iRet


iRet positions itself as a comprehensive iPhone hacking app designed to provide insights into various device activities.

iRet excels in call and SMS tracking, ensuring comprehensive oversight of communication activities.


  • Multimedia Access: The app offers access to multimedia content, including photos and videos, enhancing the overall monitoring experience.
  • Real-time GPS Tracking: iRet ensures real-time GPS tracking, providing accurate positioning data for location monitoring.
  • Browser History Monitoring: The app empowers users with browser history monitoring, offering visibility into online interactions.


  • Compatibility Concerns: iRet’s compatibility might be limited to specific iPhone devices, potentially excluding users with certain device models.
  • Lack of Advanced Features: While iRet covers fundamental monitoring needs, advanced features like keylogging might be absent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can These Apps Monitor Social Media Activities?

Most of these iPhone hacking apps have social media monitoring capabilities. 

These features allow users to monitor interactions and content on various social media platforms, providing valuable insights into online behavior.

Is Customer Support Available for These Apps?

Yes, most iPhone hacking apps offer customer support to assist users with issues or questions. 

Support channels often include email, live chat, and support tickets, ensuring users receive help when needed.

Can I Use These Apps to Monitor iOS Devices as Well?

While some iPhone hacking apps may offer limited compatibility with iOS devices, this article primarily focuses on monitoring solutions tailored for iPhone devices. 

If you are interested in monitoring iOS devices, exploring apps specifically designed for the iOS platform is recommended.


These 10 best iPhone hacking apps provide diverse monitoring features to cater to various needs. 

Considering which app suits your requirements, consider the features, compatibility, and legal considerations. 

Always use these apps responsibly and in compliance with local laws and regulations to ensure ethical usage.

Written by Colin Tan
Colin Tan is a tech entrepreneur and business leader with extensive experience in the technology industry. He is the Co-Founder of several successful tech startups that provide innovative solutions to businesses. Colin has a passion for creating disruptive technologies that can transform industries and drive growth.