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20 Best Hashtags Apps for Better Engagement (2024)

20 Best Hashtags Apps for Better Engagement (2024)

If you are determined to do really well with Instagram and the rest of your social profiles this year, then you’ve got to take care of your hashtags.

You’ve got to take care of every other aspect of your engagement as well, but if you don’t have your hashtag strategy up to scratch, then you are quickly going to fall behind.

The thing about hashtags is that they are always changing, so what might have worked for you a few weeks ago, probably isn’t going to work anymore. This is mainly because hashtags tend to get overused.

You might have found some examples that are relevant to your niche and industry and start to use them on all of your posts.

If this is the case, then you certainly wouldn’t be the first to do so, and you won’t be the last.

When hashtags get used too often, they become useless, because it is impossible for people to search those hashtags and find specific accounts to follow without having to go through a long list of options.

Needless to say, your hashtag strategy is pretty much one of the most important aspects of your Instagram growth.

If you haven’t got the time to come up with the ultimate hashtag strategy yourself, then you need to outsource it to a hashtags app.

Let’s do a deep dive into what we think are the best hashtags apps out there, so that you can align yourself with some of the best social media growth strategies out there.

First Look

1. Best in the Industry: MetaHashtags

MetaHashtags makes the entire process of finding the best hashtags for my Instagram profile easy and effortless. This way, I can focus instead on creating more of the content that my audience loves, and I can avoid hashtags that aren’t going to help with my reputation.”

2. Second Best in the Industry: is a hashtags app that can make a world of difference if you know how to use it. They are personable, professional, and have shown me that it doesn’t take technical features to get the help that I really need on my Instagram profile.”

3. Third Place: Ingramer

“Using a hashtags app is going to make all the difference if you’re like me and will stop at nothing to ensure that my Instagram growth is headed in the right direction. I also appreciate that they can help me with other aspects of my growth as well.”

4. Fourth Place: Kicksta

Kicksta makes the process of finding the right hashtags for your Instagram content enjoyable, and easy. They know that their clients don’t have a lot of time to spare, which is why they make their searches comprehensive and in-depth.”

5. Best for Reliability: Autohash

“I love that Autohash is a hashtags app that can help me not only with my Instagram profile, but with my Twitter and TikTok as well. This is exactly what I need, as I have my brand on most social networks out there.”

6. Best for Reputation: Top Tags

“Top Tags is a hashtags app that has made it really easy for me to not only find hashtags that I can use with my Instagram content, but hashtags that are hyper-relevant. I only want these kinds of suggestions, and I haven’t been able to find this anywhere else.”

7. Best for Experience: Lee Tags

“Lee Tags has a huge database of existing hashtags, making it super easy for me to find the best ones for my niche and industry. They do all of the work on their end, so that all I have to do is enter a hashtag, and they will give me everything I need to do well with it.”

8. Best for Variety: HashMe

“HashMe is a hashtags app that has combined their features that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. I really appreciate that they are comprehensive with their feature list, so that I can grow every aspect of my content strategy at the same time.”

9. Best for Unique Hashtags: Hashtag Inspector

“Hashtag Inspector is not just going to help me find relevant hashtags to my niche and industry. They are going to dig deep and uncover the examples out there that will make a real difference to my content.”

10. Best for Personability: Hashtagify

“Hashtagify is the kind of hashtags app that is always working on their features, so that you are getting the best of the best all the time. This means that what you might have been using in the beginning is going to look vastly different, but it’s all in the name of progress.”

Best Hashtag Apps

1. Best in the Industry: MetaHashtags


If you haven’t heard of MetaHashtags before, then we highly recommend that you take the time to get to know them.

This hashtags app is comprehensive, in-depth, and has a penchant for helping their clients with every aspect of their Instagram growth.

They say that they can help you find the greatest hashtags for your Instagram content, which is going to grow your audience, expand your business, and ultimately help you get more followers.

They offer their clients 24/7 support, and they promise that the setup process is really easy, so that you are not going to be spending too much time agonizing over it.

Naturally, they can help you find some of the best hashtags for your niche, and they will even analyze them to make sure that they fit into your content strategy.

If you are looking for a comprehensive hashtags app that is going to give you enough results, you can find it here, because you can get 100 suggestions for every search.

If you like the suggestions that you’ve been given from your search, then you can easily save them into sets, and use them on future posts, while keeping your content looking fresh and unique.

They also make it really easy for you to copy and paste all of their hashtag examples onto your Instagram feed, so that you don’t have to use your notes app ever again.

2. Second Best in the Industry: is a hashtags app that might not have as many suggestions on their searches as some of the other apps on this list, but they have proven themselves in other ways to their clients.

They say that they can help you find, manage, and analyze those Instagram hashtags, so that you can ultimately grow your business, become an aspiring influencer, and reach your ideal audience with your content.

If you are anything like us, you will like the idea being able to try a company out before you commit to anything, which is why we love that these guys have a free trial for seven days.

Beyond this, their setup process is super simple, and the best part is that you can cancel their subscription at any point.

This hashtags app says they offer their clients an all-in-one tool for hashtag research, so that you can easily find the right hashtags within just a matter of minutes.

You can also organize, manage, and copy your hashtags easily, so that you can create a specified location of your favorited hashtags, and access them from any tablet, computer, or phone.

They even have a mobile app that is dedicated for collections, and you can experiment and build with different lists. You can also switch them out depending on what’s working for your content, and what’s not.

With an app like this, you ultimately get to discover the hashtags that are performing the best, so that you can optimize your content strategy on Instagram.

3. Third Place: Ingramer

Ingramer Review & 5 Better Alternatives

Ingramer is a hashtags app that considers itself a toolkit for marketing on Instagram. They want to help their clients adapt their Instagram accounts for personal use or business use, and they have the ‘smart tools’ to do this.

This way, you can engage with clients, plan upcoming content, and generally just build your target audience. One of the first things that you do with this hashtags app is you decide what you need help with the most right now.

This means that they can help you with hashtags for content, your audience, or clients; it’s completely up to you.

They promise that they will only provide you with hashtags that are centered around your target audience, and they have additional features to make it that much more likely that you will achieve success on Instagram.

They say that their trusted tools pay off, and they have a blog section where you can learn more about how to grow your Instagram in general, as well as frequently asked questions to help you feel confident about what they’re offering their clients.

Check out their Trustpilot reviews further down their home page, and feel confident that this is a hashtags app that can make all the difference to your Instagram profile.

4. Fourth Place: Kicksta


Kicksta is a hashtags app that can not only help you find relevant hashtags for your niche but can help you get real Instagram followers using their powerful growth tool.

Just like a lot of the other hashtags apps on this list, they promise that they don’t mess around with fake engagement, spam that is going to hurt your Instagram’s reputation, or bots.

They only want to provide their clients with real growth. They say that they can help you find profiles similar to yours by asking you to list your competitors.

Once you have done this, they can start to automatically engage with the competition out there, and ultimately encourage people to follow you back.

It really doesn’t get much simpler than this, and if you look through their entire website, you will see that they have proven time and again that they are the kind of hashtag app that can make all the difference to your Instagram growth in general.

5. Best for Reliability: Autohash


Autohash, in our opinion, is one of the most underrated Android and iOS hashtag apps that lets you figure out a list of TikTok and Twitter hashtags based on your Instagram content.

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This means that you get to use different hashtags every time you upload a new piece of content, which of course is great for mixing things up.

This hashtags app can also help you analyze your images and come up with the best hashtags based on what kind of content you are producing. They will even include a couple of hashtags based on your location, which is always nice.

6. Best for Reputation: Top Tags

Top Tags

Top Tags is a hashtags app that goes beyond just sending you hashtags that are relevant to your content.

In fact, if you are only going to do this, then it is going to become really obvious that you are just trying to grow your Instagram profile and nothing else, and you will come across as sad and desperate.

This hashtags app for iPhone and iOS can go a step further than just finding relevant hashtags and actually thinks about what they are sending your way.

They will consistently measure the performance of your hashtags and switch them up if they need to. We believe that this is key to being successful on Instagram.

7. Best for Experience: Lee Tags

Lee Tags

Lee Tags is a hashtags app for Android that can help you not only with Instagram, but with TikTok and Twitter as well.

They say that they can help you find hashtags within their existing database when you enter a keyword, which means that you can search your favorite keyword, and find the right hashtags based on this.

They will also help you figure out how popular the hashtag that you’ve looked up is, so that you can determine whether it is the right one to be using on your content or not.

The best part is that this hashtags app is really simple to use and easy, which is great if you have no prior technical experience.

8. Best for Variety: HashMe


HashMe is a sophisticated hashtag app for Twitter and TikTok that you can use on both Android and iPhone, and we see it as a combination of some of the other hashtag apps on our list.

This means that you can either search for the right hashtags for Instagram yourself, or you can upload an image, and use this to find the best tags.

Once they have looked at the image for you, they will make recommendations on which hashtags they think should go with it.

Naturally, they’re going to get this wrong from time-to-time, but generally speaking we think that this is a great way for you to grow your Instagram profile.

There aren’t too many apps out there that are doing things this way, which we think is super convenient.

9. Best for Unique Hashtags: Hashtag Inspector

Hashtag Inspector

Hashtag Inspector can help you on Android, iOS, and works well with TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter as well.

They can help you find unique hashtags for your growth, and one thing that we appreciate a lot about this hashtags app is that it can help you find hashtags for other channels as well, like YouTube.

This way, you have a good chance of finding hashtags that are relevant to your content and have a high level of influence.

You will also get to do a deep dive into each hashtag’s metrics, which is going to go a long way in helping you figure out which ones are right for your content.

10. Best for Personability: Hashtagify


Hashtagify is a hashtags app that you can use for TikTok and Instagram, and they make sure that you have an extensive selection of hashtags that you can choose from, for every new piece of content that you put up.

Another thing that we really like about this hashtags app is that they are always updating and improving on their features, so that you can feel confident that you’re always going to have an edge over your rivals.

11. Instatag

Instatag is a hashtag app for both TikTok and Instagram, and available on iOS and Android. They understand exactly how important using popular hashtags on Instagram is, and they’re here to help you figure out the perfect list to help you do really well with your profile.

In fact, we think that they have a seemingly endless list of features and tools that you can use to find the best hashtags for your niche. They will divide popular hashtags into various categories, which makes it really easy for you to find them.

12. Rite Forge

Rite Forge is a hashtags app for both TikTok and Instagram, and it is going to make it a lot easier for you to find 30 of the best hashtags for your profile.

If you have tried to go it alone so far with your hashtags, then you will know how difficult it is to find 30 that are going to make a difference for your content.

What’s worse than this is when you realize you have to find so many more than 30, because you need to switch your hashtags out for every post.

With hashtags apps like this, it’s going to take you almost no time to find 30 of the best tags for your account, so that you can focus on making more of that content your audience likes and worrying less about what your hashtag game looks like.

13. Hashtags for Promotion

Hashtags for Promotion is a hashtags app that can help you on TikTok and Instagram, and they feel your determination to find the very best hashtags for your content.

They know that this is one of the most important aspects of growing your social media profiles in general, and they are prepared to put the work in, just like you are.

You can use them on iOS and iPhone, and you can use the tags that you find with their search engine to help you get more likes and comments on your content.

They understand how connected hashtags are to the rest of your content strategy, which is why they want to help you find the best ones.

14. Tagomatic

Tagomatic is a hashtags app that you can use either with Android or iPhone, and you can use on Snapchat or TikTok. You can even use it on an iPad as well.

All you need to do is enter the right keyword for your content, and you will get a number of different results for hashtags. Once you found the right ones, simply copy and paste them into your caption section, and that’s it.

This is definitely one of the easiest hashtags apps that we’ve come across, and one of our favorite features of theirs is their ability to update the search results constantly, so you’re not getting the same answers all the time.

15. Tags Dock

Tags Dock definitely knows a thing or two about being a hashtags app and being there to help its clients find the best hashtags for their niche.

You can use this app on iPhone or iOS, and it can help you tag your images effectively and quickly, while finding the best hashtags for your industry.

We love that they make it super easy for you to copy all of the hashtags that you find with them into your captions, so that you can spend as little time as possible on your hashtag strategy.

They even divide their hashtags into different categories, so that you can make sure that you are finding the right tags based on what your target audience looks like.

16. All Hashtag

One thing we really like about the next hashtag app on our list for iOS is that they can help you with everything, which includes being able to help you with Pinterest, TikTok, Facebook, and Snapchat.

Naturally, they have a hashtag generator you can make the most of, but they also have an analytics tracker, and a hashtag creator as well.

This means that if you’re still trying to figure out what your hashtag game looks like, these guys can make the process really easy.

You can search for your favorite hashtags through their search engine and find the ones that are going to be best suited for your content.

17. Seek Metrics

Seek Metrics is a simple, yet effective hashtags app for TikTok that can help you with everything in terms of your hashtags, especially if you’ve got a bit of time to put into it in the beginning.

When you look for a particular keyword, they’re going to come up with everything that is relevant to that keyword.

Of course, this means that some other hashtags aren’t really going to have anything to do with your content, so you’ve just got to pick and choose, and use discretion to work out what’s going to work for your growth and what’s not.

18. Display Purposes

Display Purposes is a hashtags app that offers its clients a number of different options when it comes to using their features for iPhone. The first option is being able to block out any banned, generic, or spammy hashtags, which are any hashtags that have nothing to do with your content’s niche.

This is going to save you a ton of time, so that you don’t have to go through hashtags that are useless. they also make it really easy to put their hashtags into your captions; all you’ve got to do is copy and paste.

19. Keyhole

Keyhole is a hashtags app that is on the more expensive side of things, so if you are someone who has a bit of cash in the budget to spare, and you don’t mind going over it a little bit, then they are ideal.

They mostly consist of being a hashtag tracker tool that you can use for the most popular hashtags within your niche.

They can also measure how successful those hashtags have been in the past with other profiles, or not successful, so that you can learn from other’s mistakes. This is going to help you work out whether you want to use a particular hashtag or not.

20. Flume

Flume is an iPhone service that you can use for Facebook and Instagram that’s going to make it easier if you define the right hashtags for your profile.

You can use them on your Mac, which means that they are specified for a particular program. This is a great way to see how your content is going to look with your hashtags before you upload them to your feed.

Our Review Process

When we review companies like the ones above, we make sure to do our homework. We achieve this by looking at 151 hashtags apps and reading through at least 1814 customer testimonials.

These customer testimonials detail both great things and not so great things about the companies, so that we’ve got a lot to go on when it comes to recommending you the best options.

Good luck with your hashtag strategy when it comes to your social media platforms, and don’t forget to take a look at any free trials that are on offer!

Written by Colin Tan
Colin Tan is a tech entrepreneur and business leader with extensive experience in the technology industry. He is the Co-Founder of several successful tech startups that provide innovative solutions to businesses. Colin has a passion for creating disruptive technologies that can transform industries and drive growth.