Torrenting Statistics

20 Torrenting Statistics & Usage Trends in 2024

20 Torrenting Statistics & Usage Trends in 2024

Torrenting is a peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing technology that allows users to transfer large files over the internet.

BitTorrent was the first of its kind, which you will learn from reading these torrenting statistics for 2024 that we have gathered for you.

The most popular types of files shared via torrents are movies, TV shows, music, and software.

Torrenting can be a risky activity, as it can lead to copyright infringement, malware infections, and even legal action.

However, despite the risks, torrenting remains a trendy way to download files.

This article will explore some of the most interesting torrent statistics and the future of torrenting.

We will look at the number of people who use torrents, the types of files that are shared via torrents, and the risks associated with torrenting.

Today, torrenting is still a trendy way to download files, and it is likely to remain so for the near future.

Let’s look at the statistics and see what we can learn.

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Key Statistics

  • BitTorrent was the first peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing client. 
  • Torrenting itself is legal worldwide.
  • On average about 28 million users partake in P2P torrenting each day.
  • The P2P file sharing market is set to grow at 8.24% year over year from 2023 to 2030. 
  • In the United States, 17.38 billion visits to piracy sites online are visited.
  • 59% of people who use torrenting programs know that streaming or downloading pirated content is illegal.
  • Globally, 52.3% of torrent users say they prefer to stream pirated videos.
  • BitTorrent Inc. has its headquarters in San Francisco Bay in California, USA. 
  • BitTorrent’s user base is mostly made up of males at 74.68%.
  • 32.82% of those between 25 and 34 visit BitTorrent the most.

Detailed Torrenting Statistics in 2024


1. BitTorrent Was the First Peer-To-Peer (P2P) File Sharing Client. 

On the BitTorrent website, it calls itself “the original torrenting app”, which is true.

Since then, many other similar programs have appeared.

BitTorrent was born in July 2001. It was authored by Bram Cohen who published it on that date.

(BitTorrent, Wikipedia)

2. Torrenting Itself Is Legal Worldwide.

According to our research, there are no laws or regulations that say torrenting is illegal in 2023.

However, the sharing of content that is protected by copyright is illegal across most of the globe.

Therefore, the idea of torrenting is not illegal, but some of the shared content may be, so you have to be careful. 

(Top 10 VPN)

3. On Average About 28 Million Users Partake in P2P Torrenting Each Day.

Data from 2022 shows that there are around 28 million users that engage with torrents every day.

P2P file sharing is still one of the most popular ways used for file sharing between users. 

(Tecxipio, VPN Crew)

4. The P2P File Sharing Market Is Set to Grow at 8.24% Year Over Year from 2023 to 2030.

Recent data suggests that the market size of the file sharing (P2P) software sector is a multibillion-dollar industry that is expected to see more growth.

In fact, the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is expected to be 8.24% between 2023 and 2023 which would account for $4.12 billion (USD).

(Global Newswire, MarketWatch)

5. In The United States, 17.38 Billion Visits to Piracy Sites Online Are Visited.

According to DataProt, due to Americans visiting piracy sites at 17.380 billion in 2018 alone, the country’s economy loses between over $29 billion to over $70 billion every year.

In fact, 126.7 billion views go to pirated television episodes each year in the United States.


6. 59% of People Who Use Torrenting Programs Know that Streaming or Downloading Pirated Content Is Illegal.

It’s commonly known in America that downloading or streaming pirated content is illegal.

However, according to our sources, 39% don’t care about studios who lose billions in revenue due to piracy (songs or videos).

A whopping 59% of people who use p2p file sharing programs know that downloading or streaming pirated content is illegal. 


7. Globally, 52.3% of Torrent Users Say They Prefer to Steam Pirated Videos.

In 2021, a survey found that 52.3% of those using torrent sites or apps preferred to stream content that is pirated.

In terms of music, stream-ripping is the latest thing for pirated music files.

These platforms allow you to convert a YouTube or other video from a streaming platform into a file that can be shared illegally.

These converted videos are not only put on torrent sites, but also on film streaming sites where there are pirated movies and television shows ready to be viewed. 

(Digital Music News, VPN Alert)

8. BitTorrent Inc. Has Its Headquarters in San Francisco Bay in California, USA. 

BitTorrent’s headquarters are in San Francisco, California in the United States.

The company employs between 50 and 200 people according to recent data.

BitTorrent and uTorrent are both assets of BitTorrent Inc. Combined, both torrents have more than 150 million users.


9. BitTorrent’s User Base Is Mostly Made up Of Males at 74.68%.

BitTorrent gender use is not equal. It’s mostly used by males, which make up for 74.68% of its audience.

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However, 25.32% of females are using BitTorrent, according to the most recent data.

It’s not unusual for this kind of system to have a significant gender gap.


10. February 2023 Shows the Highest Traffic and Engagement on Bit Torrent.

So far in 2023, February has had the highest amount of traffic on BitTorrent.

In fact, the site had 6.8 million visits compared to 3.7 million in March and 3.9 million in April 2023.

Visitors view two pages per visit on average and stay on the site for an average of just over one minute.


11. 32.82% of Those Between 25 and 34 Visit BitTorrent the Most.

The biggest BitTorrent users according to age include people from 25 to 34 years old.

The second age group that uses BitTorrent the most falls between 18 and 24 years old.

As you might expect, the 65+ age group only uses Bittorrent at 3.85%. 


12. BitTorrent, Inc. Shows a Revenue of Between $15 and $25 Million in 2023.

BitTorrent Inc, makes its revenue through advertising that is generated by the website.

That advertising is what keeps it free to those who want to use it to download and stream movies, television, music, etc.

Therefore, this kind of yearly revenue is nothing to ignore. 

(Investopedia, Similarweb)

13. BitTorrent Inc.’s Company uTorrent Earns an Average Revenue of Between $10 and $15 Million Each Year. 

Part of BitTorrent Inc.’s revenues come from advertising on the uTorrent platform, which is one of BitTorrent Inc.’s assets.

This BitTorrent asset is even more popular than its original site, BitTorrent.

It’s more popular due to its versatility while BitTorrent is overall more secure and reliable.

(Similarweb 2)

14. Vuze Is Another Torrent Site with Its Headquarters in California, USA.

Vuze was launched in 2003, so it’s 20 years old this year. Headquartered in Redwood, California, Vuze employs between 11 and 50 people.

It gets over 306,000 visits per month with its peak in 2023 at 332,900 visits. 

(Similarweb 3)

15. Vuze Also Has Mostly Male Visitors Between 25 and 34 Years Old. 

Just like BitTorrent and uTorrent, Vuze has a larger male (70.77%) audience base than a female (29.23%) base.

Plus, the 25- to 34-year-old age group uses the site the most.

So, overall, we can surmise that this is the general audience of torrents.

(Similarweb 3)

16. Another BitTorrent Inc. Asset, qBitTorrent is Most Popular in The United States with 13.67% of The Visitor Share.


BitTorrent’s qBitTorrent is also based in San Francisco, California and was established in 2004.

The country with the largest visitor traffic is the United States with a 13.37% share.

China is second with an 8.68% share, and Russia has a 7.23% share of visits to qBitTorrent.

(Similarweb 4)

17. Most of qBitTorrent’s Web Traffic Comes From Reddit.

Reddit is the main traffic driver for qBitTorrent in the social media realm. In fact, Reddit accounts for 63.72% of all social media traffic that goes to qBitTorrent.

YouTube is second at 27.93% and Twitter has 4.95%. Facebook is low at 0.90%.

(Similarweb 4)

18. Deluge Is Headquartered in The UK and Receives Over 250,000 Visits per Month.

According to Similarweb, Deluge (UK-based torrent company) has consistently received between 255,500 and 264,800 visits per day in 2023.

The highest traffic in 2023 so far was in April. The average duration of these visits is 2 minutes and 20 seconds.

(Similarweb 5)

19. The United States Uses Deluge the Most with A Visitor’s Share of 18.37%.

Second to the United States is France with 10.69% of the visitor’s share. Brazil Deluge visitors account for 6.09% and Canada 4.63%.

As you might suspect, it’s mostly a male (74.49%) audience compared to 25.51% of females. 

(Similarweb 5)

20. Deluge’s Largest Age Demographic Is Among the 25- to 34-Year-Old Crowd. 

As with other torrent sites, the age group that most uses this kind of program or app falls between 25 and 34 years old at a share of 32.74%.

The top traffic source that directs visitors is from the desktop at 57.10% of the traffic. Also, its social media traffic mostly comes from Reddit, which is standard for most torrents.

(Similarweb 5)


What Is Torrenting?

Torrenting is a peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing technology that allows users to transfer large files over the internet.

Torrents work by breaking down files into small pieces, called “chunks,” and then distributing those chunks to other users who are also downloading the same file.

This allows for faster download speeds, as users can download chunks from multiple sources at the same time.

How Popular Is Torrenting?

Torrenting is a very popular file sharing technology.

In 2022, there were an estimated 28 million people who used torrents every day.

This number has been steadily increasing in recent years, as more people have access to high-speed internet connections.

What Are the Most Popular Torrents?

The most popular torrents are typically movies, TV shows, music, and software.

In 2022, the most popular torrent was the movie “The Batman.”

Other popular torrents included the TV show “The Mandalorian,” the album “Renaissance” by Beyoncé, and the software program Adobe Photoshop.

What Are the Risks of Torrenting?

There are a few risks associated with torrenting.

One risk is that the copyright holder of the file could decide to sue for using or sharing the file you’re downloading.

Another risk is that you could download malware or viruses.

To reduce these risks, it is important to use a reputable torrent client and to always download torrents from trusted sources.

How Can I Protect Myself from The Risks of Torrenting?

There are a few things you can do to protect yourself from the risks of torrenting:

• Use a reputable torrent client. There are many different torrent clients available, but not all of them are created equal.

Some torrent clients are more likely to contain malware or viruses than others. Some good torrent clients include qBittorrent, Deluge, and Transmission.

• Download torrents from trusted sources. When you are looking for a torrent to download, make sure to do your research.

Look for torrents that have been uploaded by reputable users and that have a suitable number of seeds.

• Use a VPN. A VPN (virtual private network) encrypts your traffic and routes it through a server in another location.

This can help to protect your privacy and security when you are torrenting. (Consali)

What Is the Future of Torrenting?

The future of torrenting is uncertain.

In recent years, there has been a growing trend towards streaming services, such as Netflix and Hulu.

These services offer a convenient and legal way to watch movies and TV shows, which could lead to a decline in torrenting.

However, torrenting is still a fashionable way to download files, and it is likely to remain so for the near future


Torrenting is a popular file sharing technology that has both risks and benefits.

It is important to be aware of the risks before using torrents, and to take steps to protect yourself.

We hope these Torrenting statistics in 2024 have opened your eyes to the pros and cons of using this shared technology.


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