Best Static Residential Proxy

5 Best Static Residential Proxies That Money Can Buy in 2024

5 Best Static Residential Proxies That Money Can Buy in 2024

Answer: We tested dozens of services, and we found the best static residential proxies: Oxylabs!

In today’s digitally driven world, people and businesses actively seek innovative methods to enhance their online experiences.

A notable solution gaining momentum is static residential proxies. 

These proxies are proving valuable due to their capacity to bolster privacy, security, and the ability to access geo-restricted content. 

This article will explore the best static residential proxies, outlining their key features, benefits, and drawbacks.

Best Static Residential Proxies in 2024

1. Oxylabs


Oxylabs stands at the forefront of the static residential proxy landscape, owing to its remarkable speed capabilities and an extensive IP pool that caters exceptionally well to the needs of large-scale data extraction endeavors. 

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What sets Oxylabs apart is its proficiency in curating a diverse and substantial range of IP addresses from various global locations. 

This ensures that users have various IP choices to rotate through during their online activities dynamically. 

Oxylabs’ strength extends beyond quantity, as its high-speed proxies enable seamless and rapid data retrieval, empowering businesses to efficiently gather the required information, especially for time-sensitive projects or dealing with substantial data volumes.


  • High-speed proxies for smooth browsing and data scraping.
  • Vast IP pool spanning over 100 countries.
  • Advanced geotargeting and session control features.


  • Relatively higher pricing plans.

2. Bright Data

Bright Data

Formerly known as Luminati Networks, Bright Data has solidified its reputation as a premier provider of static residential proxies, fueled by its impressive attributes of an expansive IP pool and advanced geo-targeting capabilities. 

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The cornerstone of BrightData’s excellence lies in its massive IP pool, boasting an astounding count of over 72 million residential IPs. 

This diverse reservoir encompasses global locations, allowing users to switch between IPs originating from different regions seamlessly. 

This diversity of IPs is a strategic advantage for businesses and individuals aiming to mimic real user behavior from specific geographic areas, a critical aspect in scenarios where precise data localization is essential.


  • Vast IP pool with over 72 million residential IPs.
  • Geo-targeting capabilities for precise data localization.
  • User-friendly dashboard with advanced control.


  • Plans might be expensive for smaller-scale users.

3. ProxyEmpire


ProxyEmpire has positioned itself as an appealing solution within the static residential proxy realm by ingeniously harmonizing budget-conscious plans with a commitment to proxy excellence. 

This unique proposition caters to cost-conscious users and ensures that the proxies’ quality remains uncompromised. 

A standout feature of ProxyEmpire is its thoughtfully curated IP pool, representing diversity across multiple countries and regions. 

This variety of residential addresses mirrors real-world internet usage patterns, enabling users to seamlessly switch between IPs seamlessly, thereby reducing detection risk while handling tasks involving numerous online interactions.


  • Diverse IP pool with global coverage.
  • Budget-friendly plans for various user levels.
  • High success rates for data extraction.


  • Customer support response time could be improved.

4. IPRoyal


IPRoyal distinguishes itself by emphasizing the superiority of proxy quality, setting itself apart from the competition by prioritizing excellence over sheer quantity. 

This philosophy is reflected in its provision of high-speed and meticulously secure proxies, a combination that empowers users with an unmatched online experience. 

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Central to IPRoyal’s offering is the exceptional speed of its proxies. IPRoyal ensures users benefit from seamless and swift data transfer through a sophisticated network infrastructure. 

This agility is essential for handling data-intensive operations like web scraping, data mining, and real-time analytics, especially for time-sensitive projects.


  • Premium residential proxies with minimal failure rates.
  • High-speed connections for efficient browsing.
  • Strong focus on security and user privacy.


  • Limited country coverage compared to specific competitors.

5. PrivateProxy


PrivateProxy sets itself apart by offering a delicate interplay of features, providing users unparalleled control and customization over their proxy usage. 

This unique characteristic is emphasized through various flexible plans and additional proxy options, allowing users to tailor their proxy needs precisely. 

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The hallmark of lies in its ability to cater to diverse user requirements. The array of plans, fine-tuned to align with varying usage levels, ensures that each user’s needs are well accommodated. 

This adaptability is vital in an environment where online activities differ significantly in scale and nature.

Advantages of Static Residential Proxies 

Static residential proxies offer a multifaceted array of benefits, each contributing to an elevated online experience that seamlessly integrates privacy, data acquisition, and accessibility. 

These benefits encompass enhanced anonymity, efficient data scraping, and unfettered access to content, collectively reshaping the landscape of online interactions and empowering users with unprecedented capabilities.

Enhanced Anonymity and Privacy 

The pivotal advantage of static residential proxies lies in their inherent ability to fortify user anonymity by orchestrating the constant rotation of IP addresses. 

This dynamic cycling through a diverse pool of IP addresses erects an impregnable veil of anonymity, rendering tracking user activities a herculean challenge for prying eyes. 

This level of enhanced privacy becomes especially crucial in scenarios where sensitive information exchange and confidential transactions occur, safeguarding both personal identities and business operations from potential threats.

Efficient Data Scraping and Extraction 

For enterprises that thrive on harnessing the power of data, static residential proxies emerge as invaluable tools. 

These proxies circumvent one of the most pervasive challenges in data acquisition: IP bans due to excessive requests from a single IP address. 

Static residential proxies enable uninterrupted and efficient data scraping by periodically shifting to different IP addresses. 

Businesses can, therefore, mine and collect accurate, up-to-date data from websites without triggering alarms that often lead to access denial. 

This capacity is paramount in market research, competitor analysis, and tracking dynamic market trends.

Unrestricted Access to Geo-Restricted Content 

The dynamic versatility of static residential proxies effectively dismantles geographical barriers that once confined users to specific content. 

Users can elegantly circumvent geo-restrictions by connecting through various IP addresses in multiple regions. 

Users can access content, websites, and geographically confined or inaccessible services. 

This becomes especially pertinent for global businesses seeking to comprehend regional customer preferences or individuals desiring unrestricted access to online resources irrespective of their physical location.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Static Residential Proxies, and Why Are They Gaining Popularity in The Digital World?

Static residential proxies are IP addresses provided by real residential Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to users, allowing them to browse the Internet with increased privacy, security, and access to geo-restricted content. 

They are gaining popularity because they offer a solution to enhance online experiences for individuals and businesses. 

These proxies enable users to maintain anonymity, efficiently extract data from websites, access geo-restricted content, and overcome censorship, ultimately reshaping how users interact online.

Static residential proxies provide real IP addresses that enhance privacy, data extraction, content accessibility, and censorship circumvention in the online environment.

How Do Static Residential Proxies Ensure Enhanced Anonymity and Privacy?

Static residential proxies enhance anonymity and privacy by regularly rotating through a diverse pool of IP addresses. 

This constant cycling makes it highly challenging for third parties to track user activities, ensuring high privacy. 

This feature is crucial for sensitive information exchange, confidential transactions, and safeguarding personal identities and business operations from potential threats.

Static residential proxies maintain enhanced anonymity by frequently changing IP addresses, thwarting tracking attempts, and protecting user privacy in various online activities.

What Role Do Static Residential Proxies Play in Efficient Data Scraping and Extraction for Businesses?

Static residential proxies are invaluable tools for businesses engaged in data acquisition.

They overcome the challenge of IP bans due to excessive requests from a single IP address by periodically shifting to different IP addresses. 

This enables uninterrupted and efficient data scraping, allowing businesses to gather accurate and up-to-date information from websites. 

These proxies are crucial for market research, competitor analysis, and tracking dynamic market trends.

Static residential proxies empower businesses with uninterrupted data scraping capabilities, enabling efficient collection of accurate information from websites without triggering access denial.

How Do Static Residential Proxies Enable Unrestricted Access to Geo-Restricted Content?

Static residential proxies enable users to bypass geographical restrictions by connecting through various IP addresses in multiple regions. 

This flexibility allows users to access content, websites, and services that might be confined to specific regions. 

This is particularly important for global businesses aiming to understand regional customer preferences and individuals seeking access to online resources regardless of physical location.

Static residential proxies break down geographical barriers by allowing users to access geo-restricted content through various IP addresses in different regions.

In What Way Can Static Residential Proxies Help Users Overcome Censorship and Surveillance?

Static residential proxies play a vital role in bypassing digital barriers in regions where online censorship and surveillance are prevalent. 

By constantly rotating IP addresses, users can communicate, access information, and engage in online activities without fear of censorship or unwanted surveillance. 

This empowers users to freely express themselves and share knowledge in environments where information flow is otherwise constrained.

Static residential proxies empower users to bypass censorship and surveillance by rotating IP addresses, allowing them to communicate and access information without fear of online restrictions.


In today’s digitally driven world, static residential proxies are emerging as essential tools for enhancing online experiences. 

These best static residential proxies offer many benefits, including enhanced privacy, efficient data scraping, access to geo-restricted content, and overcoming censorship. 

Providers like Oxylabs, Bright Data, ProxyEmpire, IPRoyal, and PrivateProxy offer unique features and strengths that cater to different user needs. 

Whether it’s for businesses seeking data insights or individuals aiming to access restricted content, static residential proxies are reshaping the landscape of online interactions, providing users with unprecedented capabilities in a dynamic and evolving digital environment.

Written by Colin Tan
Colin Tan is a tech entrepreneur and business leader with extensive experience in the technology industry. He is the Co-Founder of several successful tech startups that provide innovative solutions to businesses. Colin has a passion for creating disruptive technologies that can transform industries and drive growth.