SoundCampaign Review

SoundCampaign Review 2024: Does it Work for Spotify?

SoundCampaign Review 2024: Does it Work for Spotify?

Increasing awareness of you and your talents can be difficult. No matter how good you are there are others trying to get noticed.

In many cases, they don’t have to be as good as you, they just need the right marketing campaign.  

This is true for all modern industries. Digital media has made some things, like getting your music heard, more accessible.

However, it has also increased the level of competition.

The extreme level of competition and the algorithms used by social media and streaming companies means that many talented musicians struggle to get seen or heard. 

SoundCampaign Review 2024

That’s where SoundCampaign steps in and why we’re doing a SoundCampaign review.

SoundCampaign says it was created to support musicians and allow them to gain exposure for their music. 

Let’s take a look at how true that is.  

Who Is SoundCampaign?


SoundCampaign is a group of 30 people from 8 different countries, all focused on one thing.

That is to help musicians get their music heard, and for it to be heard by the right people. 

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They are essentially a mid-point, allowing any musician to self-promote their material and perhaps even be noticed by someone in the music industry. 

The team at SoundCampaign is committed to providing everything a musician needs to launch a Spotify promotion campaign instantly. 

Services Offered

There are two sides to SoundCampaign:

1. Artists

SoundCampaign For Artists

Artists create the music and SoundCampaign offers them a chance for the music to be heard. 

Using the app you can create a promotional campaign. Each one lasts for 14 days.

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During the promotional period SoundCampaign offers the music to curators they feel may appreciate it. These curators are independent. 

Each curator will provide honest feedback, allowing you to assess how good your music is and whether to pursue this specific style or another. 

Curators may add the music to their own playlists. This will increase your exposure and potentially your followers. 

However, there is no guarantee that this will be the case.

At the end of each promotional campaign you’ll get a complete breakdown of how many times your music has been listened to and whether it has been included in any playlists. 

It’s possible to do another promotional campaign for the same song.

To create a campaign you’ll need to go to the SoundCampaign website and create an account.

You’ll be prompted for all the necessary details and the campaign then needs to be approved by the SoundCampaign team. 

Once this is done you select the start date for your campaign and pay for it. That’s it, you just have to wait to see how it goes.

Costs vary depending on the genres you’re targeting and which playlists are currently available. It can cost between $130 and $300. 

2. Curators

SoundCampaign For Curators

Curators are those that listen to the music and choose whether to add it to their playlist.

If they add anything to a playlist it will; be heard by a lot more people. 

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Curators earn money when they listen to new music. They can earn up to $14 for every song listened to. 

To be a curator you need a Spotify account and must sign up with it. This ensures the playlists are yours.

Advantages Of Sound Campaign

SoundCampaign offers a genuine service and is worth considering by any artist. Here are the advantages of using this site:

Potential Audience


SoundCampaign works with curators who play their music on Spotify.

In other words, if your music is selected then it could reach hundreds of thousands of people.

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That may be all you need for your big break. 

It’s an excellent way to increase your exposure and potentially get your music known. 

Good Targeting

The system works by classifying your music into a genre.

You can then create a promotional campaign that targets people who like this genre of music. 

Targeting the right people increases the likelihood that your music will be well-received and appreciated.

It should result in better engagement levels.


At the end of each campaign you get a complete report on the success of your music.

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Soiundcampaign doesn’t end there. They will provide feedback regarding what could help for future promotions. 

The team has a lot of experience, it’s worth listening to them.

Alongside this, the team can be contacted at virtually any time to answer questions and help you get the most from their site. 

Reasonable Cost

SoundCampaign Pricing

It’s unfortunate that an artist has to pay to launch a promotional campaign.

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However, the cost is more affordable than other similar services. 

That makes SoundCampaign an attractive option. 

Disadvantages Of Sound Campaign

Using Soundcampaig is generally a positive experience. However, there is always something you need to be careful of:

Genre Selection

SoundCampaign Genres

Each curator decides on a genre and then looks and listens to any music within that genre. Unfortunately, this means personal opinion can be a strong influencer. 

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In short, an artist may find their music in a different genre than the one they envisioned.

Alternatively, it may simply not be heard as it’s in the wrong genre. 

Most other apps use AI to help define the genre. 

Lack of Trial

There is a cost for each SoundCampaign promotion. Unfortunately, they don’t offer any trial options.

You simply have to hope they are as good as they say they are and invest your money.

For a struggling artist this can be quite an investment. 

Is SoundCampaign Legal & Safe?

It’s a valid question, there are plenty of online sites and apps that take your money and give you nothing back. 

SoundCampaign isn’t one of them.

It’s properly registered and does exactly what it says it does, helps you reach a bigger audience. 

The entire process is transparent, giving you confidence in what they are doing.

It also works in conjunction with Spotify, ensuring you comply with Spotify terms at all times. 

All payments are made on SoundCampaign not Spotify.

After all, it’s against Spotify rules to pay for a song to be played

Review Verdict

This SoundCampaign review illustrates that this is a respectable business, operating legally within the industry.

It makes no guarantees but it is one of the best ways to get your music onto Spotify and heard by the wider community.

The service is easy to use and fairly priced.

The support is good but you may have concerns over how the genre is selected and the subsequent reduction in control over your own music. 

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However, it can be deemed a valuable asset for artists trying to gain publicity.

It’s also beneficial for curators looking to generate a little extra income and help newcomers to the industry. 

In short, if you’re an artist and you’re trying to get your music heard, it’s worth trying SoundCampaign.

Review Summary

SoundCampaign Review
SoundCampaign 240

In this review, we'll take a closer look at SoundCampaign to help you decide whether it's the right choice for your music promotional campaign!

Price: $130

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: All

Application Category: Multimedia, Music

Editor's Rating:


  • Enables artists to get more reach for their music
  • Targeting system that allows artists to choose specific genres
  • Helpful A&R team
  • Cost effective


  • Limited control
  • No free trial
Written by Colin Tan
Colin Tan is a tech entrepreneur and business leader with extensive experience in the technology industry. He is the Co-Founder of several successful tech startups that provide innovative solutions to businesses. Colin has a passion for creating disruptive technologies that can transform industries and drive growth.