Best Sites to Buy Spotify Plays and Streams
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As more and more activities get shifted online, and people turn to the Internet to get help with various projects and promoting their brand, sites like Spotify become more valuable. Back in the day, you might have used iTunes to listen to all your favorite music, but these days it is all about those music streaming giants out there that have millions of people in their databases.

As a result, music platforms like Spotify are a great way not only to listen to your favorite beats, but to get your own music out there and in front of the right crowd.

However, this doesn’t mean that it’s easy, and for some people, they will struggle to get anywhere on a platform like Spotify. This is because music streaming sites like this are extremely competitive, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, or you don’t get the timing right, you could end up back in obscurity where your music stays stagnant.

With this in mind, let’s review what we believe are the greatest sites to purchase Spotify streams and plays so that you can get your brand out there, and do really well this year.

First Look

Best of the Best: UseViral

UseViral makes it really easy for me to promote my music on Spotify. They are personable, friendly, and they get the job done without a fuss. This is the kind of company that I need to take me seriously, but to make the entire process a breeze.”

Second Best: SidesMedia

“I love SidesMedia for my Spotify promotion because they have a good level of taking their client’s needs seriously. They actually have been named the most trusted brand, and if you look at success cases like mine, you can see why.”

Third Best: SocialViral

“I went for a tried and true method to help me with my Spotify growth, and I can confidently say that it paid off. SocialViral has been around for ages, and it took me ages to take the plunge. The only thing I regret is that I didn’t do it sooner.”

Fourth Best: Media Mister

“Another company that means a lot to me is Media Mister – and trust me when I say that the list of companies I trust for my Spotify isn’t long. These guys have changed the game, and been in it for long enough to be trusted implicitly.”

Best for Simplicity: Followersup

“I like being able to grow not only my Spotify profile with companies like this, but the rest of my socials as well. It means that I can have a level playing field for each and every one, and nobody misses out.”

Best for Being Established: Viralyft

“The word that comes to mind when thinking about Viralyft is dedication. They have a huge level of dedication for their clients, which means that they are by far the most loyal and committed company in the game.”

Best for Reputation: Social Packages

“Social Packages has been right there for me from the start, and they are showing no signs of slowing down or doing me wrong at any stage. I love that they are consistent and reliable, which is what we all need for our Spotify promotion.”

Best for Budget: Views Expert

“I love the time and effort that Views Expert puts into my Spotify growth – yet they make it look like it is random and spontaneous. Companies like this prove to their clients time and again that they are worth the investment.”

Best for Customer Reviews: Get Viral

“Get Viral has helped me with my Spotify streams and plays for a while now, and there has been nothing along the way that has made me doubt them as a company. In fact, I think that they get better over time, as they continue to develop and improve their features.”

Best for Ease of Use: Famups

“When I grow my Spotify platform, I want it to be easy and straightforward, and I want to be with a company that knows what it’s doing. Famups is exactly this, and so much more, which is why I trust them with it all.”

Best for Performance: StreamDigic

“It took me a long time to discover a business that was not only going to be able to help me get more streams and plays for my Spotify, but put my music in front of the right people to get it promoted and even signed. StreamDigic is the one.”

Best for Promotion: PlaysWiz

“PlaysWiz has been the best company to help me not only with my streams and plays, but the general promotion of my Spotify. They know exactly what it needs, and they are prepared to go the extra mile for me.”

Our Reviews

Best of the Best: UseViral

UseViral Spotify

UseViral is one of the companies you should be looking at if you are serious about getting more streams and plays for your Spotify profile. This is because they can grow your social media in general, which means that you don’t have to leave any of your platforms out there behind. They have excellent features for YouTube, Twitch, LinkedIn, and of course Spotify.

They say that they use their exclusive connections in the social media marketing industry to promote your account to the right people for it, so that you can get real people and real profiles listening to music and sharing it. They’ve got more than 5000 web partners that they can use to promote their client’s content, so we think that if you are planning on taking your Spotify to the next level right now, you should definitely check out a company like this.

They even add at the end that compared to their rivals, their service guarantees satisfaction and results. This means that you will get what you pay for.

Second Best: SidesMedia

SidesMedia Spotify

SidesMedia has experienced an almost meteoric rise since they first started selling their social media engagement a couple of years ago. Of course, this company can help you with your Spotify streams and plays, but again like other companies on this list they can help you with the rest of your social media growth as well. They say that they are passionate about helping their clients gain more exposure for their brand online, so that you can increase your rate as well as your audience.

They also promise that their engagement is high-quality, and you will receive it within 72 hours, which compared with other companies is a good turnaround time for the industry. They have excellent reviews on their website, and a lot of ways for you to get in touch with them should you need to.

Third Best: SocialViral

SocialViral - Spotify

SocialViral is another one of those companies where you can purchase streams and place for Spotify profile from, that have been around for long enough to know what they’re doing. Again, like other companies on this list, they can help you not only with Spotify, but with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

They promise that their streams for your Spotify profile are real and exclusive, and they also promise their clients immediate results, which is a great advantage if you don’t have a lot of time to sit around and wait for it. Another thing that they say about their features is that they are cheap, so you don’t have to shell out too much for them.

Lastly, their website has a tiered pricing system, which means that you get to choose how much you pay for the engagement based on how much you have in the budget.

Fourth Best: Media Mister

Media Mister - Spotify

If you haven’t heard of Media Mister by now, we would be surprised. This is because this company has been around for a long time and as a result has managed to establish itself a really good reputation in the industry. One of the things that we love the most about this company where you can get your Spotify streams and plays from is that they can help you with all other social media channels out there, and they go by the business mandate ‘every network, every business’.

They say that their features provide full service social media enhancement, and they also guarantee quality and value for money when it comes to each and every one of their features. They have a lot of customer reviews on their website where you can learn about how others have experienced their features, and they even have a message box which you can use to get in touch with them directly.

Best for Simplicity: Followersup

Followersup Spotify

If you liked the sound of Media Mister, then you’re going to like the sound of Followersup as well. This company can also help you with your Spotify streams and plays, and just like Media Mister they can offer you features for the rest of your social platforms as well. They also have a tiered pricing system, so that you get to pick how much you are going to spend on their Spotify features and not the other way around.

This means that if you only have a little bit in the budget right now for your social media marketing, you can start out small and build up from there. The first thing they get you to do is to choose a service that you need help with, and they will take it from there.

Best for Being Established: Viralyft

Viralyft can help you get results fast when it comes to your Spotify streams and plays, which is always a good thing if you are a busy brand promoter or musician that hasn’t got a lot of time to spend promoting your Spotify. You’ve got a lot of music to make, and a brand to push, and you don’t have time to sit around and wait for your engagement to come your way.

As well as offering fast results, they also offer the best prices, rock solid results, and a secure checkout system, so that you never have to worry about your personal information being compromised. If you need to get in touch with them, their 24/7 customer support is always there to help you.

Best for Reputation: Social Packages

Social Packages is an OG of the social media marketing industry, which means that they are confident they have what you need to help with your Spotify promotion. Of course, they can help you with your Spotify streams and plays, but they can also help you with everything else as well.

They promise that their services are high-quality, they come with fast delivery, and their customer support is always there if you need it. The first thing that you have to do with Social Packages is choose the right plan for your needs, and then fill out your profile. All you need to do is provide them with your profile username, or Spotify page link.

Then, you can pay securely for their services through their SSL secure gateway and enjoy watching your Spotify increase in popularity.

Best for Budget: Views Expert

Views Expert is, as you might have been able to guess already, an expert when it comes to social media marketing. Of course, they can help with those streams and plays for Spotify, but they can also help you over on YouTube, SoundCloud, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

They say that the first thing you need to do is select the social media platform you need help with from their navigation bar, and then choose what kind of engagement you need. Of course, in your case, it is going to be streams and plays. Once you have done this, you can pay through PayPal, which is the safest way to pay online, and then you will receive your engagement within a matter of days.

They have an email address that you can use to get in touch with them directly should you need to, and they’ve even got some helpful blog posts that you can refer to if you need a bit more help navigating the social media marketing industry.

Best for Customer Reviews: Get Viral

Get Viral has what they claim are some of the best Spotify streams and plays for your profile, so that you can promote it to the right people, and get ahead no matter what. For example, 1000 Spotify plays is going to cost you just $6, which of course is a totally reasonable rate. They say that with this engagement comes quick delivery, no requirement for your password, and a refill guarantee.

This means that if any of the engagement falls off again, they will refill it free of charge. If you want to purchase 3000 Spotify players, this is going to be just $11, and comes with all the same features as the other option. You can pay securely through there encrypted gateway, and all you have to do to get your engagement is enter your Spotify URL.

We think this is a pretty easy, straightforward way to get good quality Spotify streams and plays for your profile. Their largest package is 100,000 Spotify plays for $530.

Best for Ease of Use: Famups

Famups is very well known in the social media marketing industry, and needless to say they can help you with your streams and plays for Spotify with ease. They say that it is only going to take a few minutes to establish a reputation in the market with them, and they also say that they provide their clients with on-time delivery, safety and privacy, a reliable service, and guaranteed satisfaction of their results.

One thing that we really like about this Spotify streaming service is that they can help you around the clock with their consistent, reliable support, and they can help you with other social media platforms out there as well. This means that you can get help with your Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and SoundCloud as well.

Best for Performance: StreamDigic

StreamDigic says that they are the ultimate source for Spotify plays and streams, and the best part is that they can help you over on YouTube, Instagram, and SoundCloud as well. They say that they offer their clients professional assistance and increasing visibility of video, audio, and graphics content, and they say that they are one of the most popular options out there.

They want to upscale your visibility easily, and the best part is that they let their clients decide which features are going to suit them the best. They say that they guarantee the quality of their features completely, and they update their platform daily, so that you can trust it as a safe and efficient way to promote your Spotify profile.

Lastly, they promise that they only use safe and legal ways to attract the right audience for Spotify music.

Best for Promotion: PlaysWiz

PlaysWiz definitely knows a thing or two about growing their client’s Spotify accounts, considering this is the social media platform that they specialize in. They say that they can help you not only with Spotify, but with SoundCloud as well, which makes a lot of sense as you probably have your music on both platforms.

They say that they want to help their clients get the required attention for their music, so that you can get more streams and plays, and hopefully be seen by the right people. They say that they have recently transformed their website to make it super user-friendly, and they have also stripped it back, so that you only get efficient, high-quality features they are going to work for you.

They also have an experienced team that you can talk to should you need to.


How Are Spotify Streams Counted?

So, you might be wondering how Spotify counts the streams of its users’ music, as a way to help you be seen by more of the right people. The thing about it is that Spotify will only count a stream if the song has been played for more than 30 seconds. This is why it is so important to work with companies like the ones that you see on the list above, so that you’ve got more people coming through that are actually going to be interested in the genre of music that you produce.

If they aren’t, then they will start listening to your music, but quickly want to go elsewhere, or they might not even stream it at all. If you’ve got people who are genuinely interested, they will stream your music for longer than 30 seconds.

Will I Be Banned for Buying Spotify Plays?

The good thing is that there is actually no way of Spotify knowing whether the plays you have bought have been purchased unless you disclose this. This means that the chances of getting banned for buying Spotify plays is extremely low. However, as always, we recommend that you opt for high-quality Spotify streams and plays, with companies like the ones above, so that you never have to deal with fake or low-quality engagement.

This kind of engagement is only going to hurt your account, and hinder it, which is the last thing you need if you are establishing a reputation.

What’s the Difference Between Cheap and Affordable?

One of the easiest ways to figure out whether a company is legit or not is to look at how much they are charging for their features. If you think that their rates are too good to be true, then they probably are. Companies like the ones on the list above that are high-quality and put a lot of time and effort into developing their features are going to want to sell them for a bit more so that their margin is a bit wider.

This means that if you come across a company that is selling their Spotify plays and streams for next to nothing, it means that they put next to no effort and time into the quality, and they aren’t going to do anything beneficial for your Spotify profile. Be prepared to pay a little bit more than you might be comfortable with, because the rewards will be invaluable.

Our Review Process

When we review companies like the ones above, we make sure to do our due diligence. This is why we looked through at least 165 companies where you can purchase your Spotify players and streams from and read through at least 233 customer reviews. These customer reviews had both good and bad things to say about the companies, so that we can get a good idea of the whole picture.

This way, we can confidently recommend to you what we believe are the best brands in the industry to help you with your streams and plays for Spotify, so that you can align yourself with trustworthy, reliable people and companies, and not risk your existing reputation. Good luck!

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