SMS Marketing Statistics

20 Surprising SMS Marketing Statistics You Need to Know in 2024

20 Surprising SMS Marketing Statistics You Need to Know in 2024

Even in the modern digital age, SMS marketing is a mainstay in the world of customer engagement.

In fact, it’s still a dynamic force that engages customers since they tend to like it more than other forms of marketing communications.

We will learn about that in the SMS marketing statistics we have gathered for you.

SMS marketing offers fast response rates and unparalleled open rates, making this an effective method for businesses to reach out to and connect with their audience.

We have unearthed the statistics you need to know about SMS marketing, especially if you’re marketing a business or brand. 

Our goal is to enlighten you to the modern world of SMS marketing, the efficacy of this kind of marketing, the value of the industry, and some consumer perceptions about text marketing.

We will all learn about the versatility and efficiency of SMS text marketing.

Additionally, we will find out which industries are ideally suited for text marketing.

Buckle up and get ready to embark on a journey into the realm of SMS marketing and the statistics that will provide you with a better understanding of its power and ability to drive engagement and conversions.

As a result, it will also drive business success. Let’s discuss SMS text marketing.

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Key Statistics

  • SMS marketing open rates are about 98%.
  • 89% of mobile phone users say they read texts within 30 minutes of receipt.
  • Over half of consumers report making a purchase after reading a marketing text.
  • 96% of SMS text marketers reportedly enjoyed a significant boost in revenue.
  • Over 90% of businesses utilizing text messages say this marketing option is successful.
  • As of 2022, 70% of consumers are subscribed to SMS marketing.
  • The average CTR for SMS marketing messages is between 20% and 35%.
  • 90% of consumers report they prefer getting text messages from businesses.
  • Over 42% of customers like getting SMS marketing texts 4 to 6 times a month.
  • 75% of consumers say they prefer SMS customer support over social media or phone contact.

Top SMS Marketing Statistics in 2024

SMS Marketing 729

1. SMS Marketing Open Rates Are About 98%.

SMS marketing campaigns have high ROI with open rates of about 98%.

This means that 98% of text marketing phone text messages get opened by the receiver.

If you thought that SMS text marketing was fading away, it’s not. In fact, it’s evolving and growing.


2. Around 90% of Mobile Phone Users Say They Read Texts Within 30 Minutes of Receipt.

According to statistics, around 90% of mobile phone users say they would read their texts within 30 minutes of receipt.

Moreover, 34% of mobile phone users read their texts within five minutes and another 26% say they do this within one minute.

Moreover, 10% read their text messages within 30 seconds of receipt and 90% say they read and respond within 30 minutes of message receipt.


3. Over Half of Consumers Report Making a Purchase After Reading a Marketing Text.

Data shows that 51% of consumers are more apt to buy some directly after they read an SMS text message that includes content like a discount coupn, OR code, or an advertisement.

Additionally, you need to know that text marketing messages with images, video, and media offer higher conversion rates over simple textual content. 

(Luisa Zhou)

4. 96% of SMS Text Marketers Reportedly Enjoyed a Significant Boost in Revenue.

According to data, a whopping 96% of SMS marketers said that text marketing messages have offered them increased revenues.

In the eCommerce and retail sectors, SMS marketing messages have helped them generate $71 for every dollar they spent on SMS marketing.

Marketers cannot afford to ignore these statistics.


5. Over 90% of Businesses Utilizing Text Messages Say This Marketing Option Is Successful.

SMS Marketing 730

Statistics show that 90.09% of businesses that send text messages to their customers say that their marketing strategy is successful.

Similar data reveals that businesses that send SMS messages to their customers are 217.33% more apt to have success with this form of marketing.


6. As Of 2022, 70% of Consumers Are Subscribed to SMS Marketing.

This statistic reveals that most customers will subscribe to SMS marketing.

In other words, 70% of consumers want to opt-in to receive texts from businesses.

These opt-in rates are 12% higher than in 2021.

Also, most of these opt-ins involve getting shipping status notifications, appointment reminders, discounts, and other exclusive offers)

(ClickSend Blog)

7. The Average CTR for SMS Marketing Messages Is Between 20% and 35%.

According to research analytics, the click-through rates for SMS marketing campaigns average between 20% and 35%.

Click-through rates depend on the industry and other factors.

However, on average the benchmark CTR ranges between 1.9% to over 6.67%.

Therefore, 20% to 35% CTRs for SMS text marketing is beyond the benchmarks.

If you’re a marketer, this is a significant measure of success.

(Attentive Blog)

8. 90% of Consumers Report They Prefer Getting Text Messages from Businesses.

It might surprise you to know that 90%, or 9 out of 10, consumers from a survey responded that they prefer businesses to communicate with them through text.

So, most consumers want to get SMS reminders, notifications, and marketing text messages from brands and businesses.

They also prefer text customer service over telephone contact.


9. Over 42% of Customers Like Getting SMS Marketing Texts 4 to 6 Times a Month.

More than 42% of customers say they prefer to get SMS marketing texts about four to six times a month. Another 40% are fine with getting them two to three times a week.

Furthermore, 18% said it would be fine if they got SMS texts daily.

This tells us that texting is a preferred marketing method among many consumers.

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(Luisa Zhou)

10. 75% of Consumers Say They Prefer SMS Customer Support Over Social Media or Phone Contact.

SMS Marketing 731

A few statistics ago, we mentioned that consumers prefer to get customer service via text over the telephone.

In fact, 75% of consumers in a survey revealed they prefer SMS customer support over social media or phone customer support.

Brands can’t fail to recognize the power of SMS marketing can they?

(SMS Comparison)

11. 63% of Consumers Would Switch Over to A Company Offering Texting for Communications.

A mammoth 63% of consumers say they would switch over to a company that utilizes SMS texting as its communication mode.

This is significant for businesses that aren’t already using text messaging as a means of communication for customer support. 


12. only 13% of Businesses Offer Text Message Responses to Marketing Texts.

We have already confirmed that consumers’ perceptions of SMS text marketing is favorable.

This being true, why do only 13% of businesses allow for consumer response via text to their marketing text messages?

If you’re already engaging through SMS marketing messages, why not go the extra mile to allow consumers to respond to at least some of them?

(Textedly Blog)

13. Around 20% of Real Estate Compnaies Use Text SMS Marketing.

Real estate companies have an SMS marketing share of 20% across markets.

They use texting to reach out to their audiences and to engage with them.

For instance, if you have a question or concern about a house or property, most real estate agents have their mobile numbers ready to receive your text. Nowadays, that’s not the only way they use texting, but it’s one of the ways.

(Luisa Zhou)

14. 60% of Business Owners Are Planning to Increase Their SMS Marketing Budgets.

As the significant efficiency of SMS marketing becomes clearer, more businesses are adopting this marketing model.

In fact, 60% of business owners are planning to increase their SMS budgets this year alone.

It’s time to up your game if you’re not using SMS text marketing as part of your overall marketing strategy.

(ClickSend Blog)

15. 81.2% of Consumers Already Opt-In for Text Messages from At Least One Brand.

We found data that revealed that a sizeable 81.2% of consumers have opted in to get text messages from at least one brand and their marketing program.

Moreover, 35.6% of consumers subscribe to up to 5 text messaging programs from brands.

Another 32.7% are subscribed to between 5 and 19 SMS marketing programs from brands. 

(Attentive Blog)

16. Only 18.8% of Consumers Aren’t Subscribed to Any Brand’s Text Messaging Marketing.

We know that a substantial percentage of consumers are subscribed to at least one brand’s text marketing program, but what about those who don’t engage in text messaging at all with businesses?

That percentage is only 18.8%. 

(Attentive Blog)

17. In 2022, 47% of Millennials Said They Favor Text Messages for Contact from Brands.

A 2022 study revealed that 47% of Millennials in the United States reported that they like being contacted by brand through texts.

The percentage of Generation Z in America accounted for 44%.

Baby Boomers account for 39% and Gen X accounts for the most at 49% of people who prefer text messages from brands over other modes of communication. 


18. 47% of Marketers Say that In North America the Retail Industry Has the Most Advanced Mobile Marketing Tactics.

The retail sector in North America is said to have the most innovative mobile marketing methods, according to 47% of professional marketers.

With 292 million people in North America using text messaging, which is 80% of the population of this continent.

This means that retail businesses have a large reach, so they can’t afford to fall behind. 


19. The Global SMS Market Is Expected to Reach Over $84 Million by 2027.

Data shows that the SMS marketing market is expected to reach $84904.89 million (USD) by 2027.

The CAGR for the forecast period between 2022 and 2027 is 3.8%.

In 2021, the SMS marketing market was valued at $64489.20 million (USD).

(Globe Newswire)

20. Nearly 50 Million People All Over the World Opt in To Get SMS Texts from Businesses.

SMS Marketing732

A massive 50 million people all over the globe opted in to get SMS text messages from businesses.

This data comes even though global businesses have been so slow to adopt SMS marketing.

Perhaps they didn’t expect that so many consumers would prefer text messages over other forms of communicating with brands and businesses.

Now that this is known, the future of SMS marketing shows more promise.

(Blogging Wizard)


What Is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing is also referred to as text message marketing, which is a form of mobile marketing that involves sending promotional text messages to customers and potential customers who have subscribed to receive text messages.

What Are Some Benefits of SMS Text Marketing?

We uncovered several SMS marketing benefits which include the following:

• High open and response rates
• Broad reach
• Instant delivery
• Measurable results
• Personalization

Is this not like the ultimate package for marketers?

What Are the Challenges of SMS Text Marketing?

With the benefits of text marketing also come some challenges, like these:

• Regulatory compliance
• Managing opt-outs
• Avoiding spam filters
• Creating engaging content

Don’t let these challenges stop you from utilizing SMS marketing as part of your overall marketing strategy since these are challenges that can be overcome.

What Are Some Best Practices for SMS Text Marketing?

We scoured the web and found these best practices to use when creating your SMS marketing plan:

Get permission before sending text messages
• Personalize your texts
• Segment your audience
• Create messages that are clear, concise, and to the point
• Include a clear call to action (CTA)
• Monitor and track your results

What Do You Need to Start SMS Marketing?

We have provided some best practices along with the benefits and challenges of SMS marketing, but how do you get started? 

• Select an SMS marketing service or platform
• Get opt-in consent from customers
• Create relevant and engaging text messages
• Schedule and send out your SMS campaigns

What Are the Measurements for SMS Marketing?

Like all your marketing efforts, you need to measure your results and here are the metrics for that:

• Open rates
• CTRs (click-through rates)
• Conversion rates
• Response rates
• Unsubscribe rates

What Are the Most Effective Kinds of SMS Marketing Campaigns?

According to analytical data, here are the most effective text marketing campaigns:

• Promotional offers
• Abandoned cart reminders
• Appointment reminders
• Event notifications
• Customer feedback surveys

How Does the Future of SMS Marketing Look?

According to current data, the future of SMS text marketing is bright.

Due to its high open and response rates, text marketing is likely to stay popular and remain an effective way to market your brand or business while reaching out to and connection with your customers.


Did any of these statistics surprise you?

If you’re not utilizing SMS text marketing for your business, you may fall behind your competition. 

Conversely, if you are, the above data should encourage you to either make changes if your text marketing strategies aren’t working well or make improvements where they are working at least. 

The whole world is using mobile or smart phones and most of them use text messaging.

While businesses have been slow to adopt SMS marketing as a marketing method, it’s working.

Now, more businesses are planning to increase their budgets for SMS text messaging marketing.

This article confirms through reliable sources and research that consumers and customers do have a preference in how they communicate with businesses.

Their preference is SMS text messaging for communicating with businesses. 

We hope after reading these SMS marketing statistics, you have a better understanding and feel more enlightened about this form of marketing and how it fits into your marketing strategies.


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