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Real Life vs Instagram 2: Finstagram

Real Life vs Instagram 2: Finstagram

The latest generation has grown up completely immersed in technology, well-accustomed to sharing everything they do online. With all the exposure to websites like Instagram, where Facetune is popular, it’s no wonder that everyone’s feeling the pressure to look a certain way. However, this seems all about to change as a new movement arises, called Finstagram.

Finstagram is the newest generation’s answer to the picture-perfect world of Instagram – and no, it’s not a new app. In fact, you’ll find Finstagram on Instagram: in the form of second accounts that users create to show their real lives to a small, select group of their existing followers. Creators say that when they get close to someone, they will follow them so that they’re able to locate the account, which they can then access.

Creators say that the content they post on their Finstagram can be anything from embarrassing photos that they wouldn’t dare post on their regular account, to funny memes and even photos of when they were younger. People are saying that the entire experience is making Instagram more enjoyable and relaxing as a whole.

Those who have created a parallel account have noticed that people who are still in the original realm of Instagram tend only to show the good side of their lives more than they realize. There is definitely a lot of pressure to look a certain way, and most people try to present themselves in an attractive light. This is usually to get more likes on a pic, but it can also be to encourage followers to stick around longer, too.

It seems that Finsta is a way of taking Instagram back to the personable days of just being able to share pics with your friends. A lot of users say that they like it because they can share funny, casual photos with selected friends – people that they know and already have a connection with. They say that Finsta is a place where they feel like they can post freely because only their closest friends can see the content. They’re not on display for the rest of the world, so they don’t care as much about what they look like.

Other creators say that Finsta is a great way to separate being professional from being casual. They say that it is a way to have fun on Instagram and relate to the people that they know, without it getting in the way of the professionalism of their brand. Most people that have a brand on Instagram have spent a lot of time building a solid community and reputation around it, so the thought of posting silly, relatable photos is cringe-worthy.
However, with Finsta, they have an escape from the pressures and demands of their Instagram brand account and enjoy posting pics that resonate with their friends and community.

For a lot of people these days, their job revolves around social media. This means that they continuously have to be thinking about their online image and keeping up with what everyone else is doing, too. With a second account like Finsta, generation Z now have a way to connect with the people they care about, without ruining their brand presence online.

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