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Most Popular Instagram Accounts Useful for Students

Social media has dramatically picked up in importance and significance in the past few years and for the right reasons.

Instagram is a leading similar social media platform that is apt for entertainment, information dissemination, keeping in touch, and checking in one another’s life. 

Content creators and influencers have risen on these platforms and perhaps are a great deal of help across domains, especially for students. With accounts and influencers in plenty, Instagram is a place for students to upkeep their knowledge. 

Follow Your University Account 

With Instagram making waves, there are full chances that your university will have its own official Instagram page. Follow their page, and keep a close watch on all activities that take place on your campus. 

The posts are about new classes, events, speakership opportunities, or simply covering student life. Instagram is perhaps the easiest way to keep in touch with all activities closely.

If you are a social media enthusiast, you can look for opportunities to handle social media for your college or become a part of the team responsible for such activities. 

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Professors and Teacher’s Accounts 

As different as this may sound, teachers and professors are also on Instagram owing to its increased use, and for a simple fact that students are found scrolling mindlessly for hours on such apps. 

However, it is important to understand the student-teacher relationship and reach out to them on social media only when it feels necessary.

Social media is an easy way to connect, but it might not always be the most appropriate choice. Follow your teachers for regular study updates or information that you may have missed in classes. 

Look for Help when You Need It 

As for students at university, there exists a long list of assignments and projects to take care of during each semester. For, some students are skilled writers while some are not, and there is an equal growth opportunity for both kinds.

If you need help or writing guides to check the quality, check plagiarism online with the Studyclerk tool. It’s a plagiarism checker with percentage results, and it shows how original your written piece is in a detailed manner.

Plagiarism is taken as an offense and poses against the impression of an aspiring writer. It is better to be sure than to submit work that may land you in trouble or get you grades below your expectations. 

Accounts with Saving Hacks 

We all know that students are on a tight budget, yet there is so much that one desires in their university life. What you need is help and tips on how to use limited money in the right manner.

As a student, you will want to go out for trips, hang out in cafes, and perhaps ask someone special on a date.

How does one do that with a limited pocket allowance? All the answers and tricks are available on Instagram. 

Look for similar accounts of students and experienced people making easy videos and posts on money-saving tips and hacks.

This will help you go a long way in managing finances and even make savings for the future, and also lead a comfortable university life. 

Accounts with Study Tips

Instagram has an audience for every knowledge segment, and using Instagram in education is a key domain as most students are now on Instagram.

To make your time on the social media helpful platform, follow accounts that give study and life tips for you to become better each day. 

These accounts have hacks, tips, and tricks on how to perform better at university, score better marks in examinations, and offer help with assignments.

Look for influencers and accounts from the same province, as the information shared is far more relatable and helpful. 

Examination and Entrance Tips 

Entrance exams are a student’s worst nightmare, and the fear of not making the cut does turn nights into sleepless ones. Do not worry.

If you cannot seem to find help around you, turn to Instagram, and you will find plenty of influencers or students who have mastered these exams and have just the right tips at hand for you. 

Follow them, read their posts, and watch their videos on preparation tips, just like YouTube. Though just this one step will not help you achieve the desired results, they help you choose the right path and take steps that will offer fruitful results in the future. 

You could consider following leading tutoring classes and teachers that have helped many students like you. With the right help, you can ace your examinations and clear them with flying colors.

Hard work, dedication, and smart use of social media will help you sail through and achieve all your goals as a student and ready you for the next chapter of life. 


Instagram has a vast audience, and so there is a surge of accounts on the platform. You can choose what and how you wish to spend time on the app. The ideal way is to use it for information, entertainment as well as to have some fun.

Do not indulge in watching entertainment videos all day and feel guilty about the wasted time. Make it a point to balance the time you spend on Instagram in a day to feel good about the time you invest.