Best Fake Followers on Instagram Apps

5 Best Fake Followers on Instagram Apps in 2024

5 Best Fake Followers on Instagram Apps in 2024

While having a large number of followers may seem impressive, remember that quality, not quantity, is what really matters. 

Whether bought or made for a specific campaign, fake followers don’t engage with your posts and can hurt your credibility with real fans.

Inactive or fake followers will lower your overall engagement rate because this metric is calculated by dividing the total number of interactions by the total number of followers.

However, there is an answer to your worries. Finding fake or inactive users is a great way to boost your account’s authenticity and engagement. 

Here we will help you find them using some of the best fake followers on Instagram apps for scanning and removal.

Best Fake Followers on Instagram Apps in 2024

1. SpamGuard


If you are tired of Instagram spam accounts following you and interfering with the growth of your engagement rate, the best app on the market for finding and removing ghost followers is SpamGuard

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Using their advanced technology, you can quickly scan, clean, and defend your Instagram account.

The capability of SpamGuard to scan your account for any spamming activity, including bots and commercial accounts, is one of its most impressive features. 

When these junk accounts are found, you can quickly delete them with just one click.

This ensures that you abide by Instagram’s rules and protects your account from unauthorized activity.

SpamGuard, however, goes further than that.

Along with blocking unwanted comments and followers, this app also has an anti-spam monitor to ensure your Instagram experience is spam-free. 

Additionally, their AI deletes inactive and ghost followers, increasing your reach and engagement rate.

SpamGuard has you covered if you’re concerned about the safety of your account.

They collaborate with the Instagram API to stop their users from being restricted or blocked. They also safeguard your account from ghosts, spam, and intrusive advertisements.

The best part is that it’s a cloud-based tool that runs in the background even when you close the tab, so there’s nothing to download or install.

It is also 200% faster than other bot removers, allowing you to clean up your account quickly.

Regarding pricing, SpamGuard is also adaptable, giving you access to all features regardless of your chosen plan.

You can try it risk-free thanks to a 14-day money-back guarantee as well.

2. DataJam


DataJam is another helpful tool for figuring out whether or not the followers you’ve acquired on Instagram are real people or bots. 

DataJam allows you to examine an Instagram account, either your own or someone else’s, without permission or the use of a third-party app. 

On Instagram, you can view detailed analytics about a user’s likes, including the accounts they have the most in common with and those who like their posts the most. 

It takes only a few seconds to see who someone has recently begun following on Instagram, and you can also read the comments of others, including the ones that have been deleted.

The app also provides a means of secretly viewing someone else’s stories, even if they have been deleted.

You can see who likes your posts, who visits your profile most, and which accounts they like but don’t follow. 

See who your ex is dating and what kind of stories they’re posting on DataJam, find out if your partner is cheating on you, and learn as much as possible about your crush.

You don’t need an Instagram account or to sign in to use DataJam, making it a very accessible app.

The service is ethically and legally sound, gathering information from publicly available sources and presenting it in understandable reports. 

The one-day trial gives you access to the full suite of features without spending a dime.

DataJam also provides a 14-day cash return guarantee if you’re unhappy with the service.

3. Phantombuster

PhantomBuster Instagram Followers Auto Follow

With just a finger tap, you can quickly find all the phantoms lurking around your profile using Phantombuster.

This app is the ideal solution for those who want to automate the process of identifying fake followers and save time without sacrificing accuracy. 

It offers a variety of other helpful features, such as data extraction for marketing, in addition to helping you find ghost followers on your Instagram profile.

The 14-day free trial offer that PhantomBuster offers is one of the main benefits. Unlike other tools, you don’t need to enter your credit card information to access the trial.

In this way, you can fully explore the app’s capabilities for two weeks and determine whether investing is worthwhile.

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This tool is straightforward to use, and the app provides videos and tutorials to help you along the way. 

Even those with the least tech knowledge would find it a great choice due to its user-friendly and uncomplicated interface.

Phantombuster should thus be at the top of your list if you’re looking for a reliable tool to find inactive Instagram followers

It’s no surprise that it’s one of the most widely used apps on the market for identifying fake followers, given its impressive features, accuracy, and free trial offer.

4. Unfollowers & Ghost Followers App

Unfollowers & Ghost Followers App

You can quickly recognize and get rid of ghost followers using the Unfollowers and Ghost Followers app created by Bad Raccoon, allowing you to have a more accurate representation of your real followers.

This app not only assists you in removing fake followers, but it also offers insightful data regarding the behavior of your followers. 

To learn more about who is responding to your content the most, you can examine the engagement of your last 100 posts. 

Using this information, you can better tailor your content to your audience and raise engagement levels.

It allows influencers and businesses to find out who unfollowed them and their shared followers, helping them to determine which of their followers are devoted and active and which are not.

This app’s capability to safeguard your Instagram profile from future ghost followers, bots, and hackers is another fantastic feature.

5. AiGrow


AiGrow is a manual Instagram growth service with features like locating and unfollowing fake accounts as well as increasing engagement and followers.

With AiGrow, you’ll have access to professionals versed in the most recent enhancements and algorithms. 

They are well-versed in all aspects of your account’s development, from content production to design and growth management. 

You can rely on AiGrow to be 100 percent safe, with no possibility of Instagram penalties or bans.

One of its most notable functions is its ability to purge your Instagram account of “ghost” followers.

But wait, there’s more! Schedule a no-cost, no-obligation walkthrough meeting with the AiGrow crew to get started. 

During your WhatsApp consultation, they will work with you to develop a strategy that is tailored to your specific requirements and objectives.

As soon as the team begins working on your page, you will receive daily and weekly reports detailing their activities, allowing you to track your growth and engagement.

A sizable Instagram following is often used to indicate popularity in today’s highly connected society. 

However, not every follower is the same, and inactive or fake accounts can hurt long-term Instagram engagement.

You can benefit from getting rid of these “ghost” followers in a few ways.

Motives For Finding and Removing Inactive Instagram Followers

Here are some of the motives.

Establishing Credibility

Credibility is paramount in the world of social media.

While having a large following is impressive, it can be detrimental to your reputation if many of those followers are fake or never engage with your content. 

Being reliable is especially important on Instagram, with over 200 million businesses and 500,000 active influencers. 

Even if your content is excellent, it may be difficult to gain the trust of potential business partners and customers if you have a large number of fake followers. 

If engagement drops for brands and influencers with fake numbers, they may rethink working together in the future.

Visibility is Everything

Keeping up with Instagram’s ever-changing world and algorithm is essential to managing a successful page. 

Based on previous activity, the algorithm determines which pieces of content will be most interesting to each user. 

Your profile will be displayed to more people by the algorithm if it receives a lot of likes, comments, and shares. 

But your content may not get as much attention if you have many “ghost” followers who never comment or like anything you post.

Your chances of being featured on the Explore page and seen by more people will increase if you get rid of inactive followers.

Maintain Your Engagement Rate

A high rate of engagement is a key indicator of Instagram’s popularity.

It’s determined by dividing the total number of interactions with your posts by the number of people following you. 

Having a large number of “ghost followers” can make it look like your content isn’t getting much traction. Maintaining high interaction with your content requires regularly purging inactive followers.


Locating and getting rid of ghost followers on Instagram is the first step to obtaining real engagement from real followers. 

Fortunately, using the best fake followers on Instagram apps we’ve highlighted will enable you to complete this task safely and successfully. 

So, if you’re sick of feeling burdened by inactive Instagram followers, it’s time to do something about it. Use them to boost your profile and draw in the right kind of attention.

Written by Colin Tan
Colin Tan is a tech entrepreneur and business leader with extensive experience in the technology industry. He is the Co-Founder of several successful tech startups that provide innovative solutions to businesses. Colin has a passion for creating disruptive technologies that can transform industries and drive growth.