Facebook Marketplace Statistics 

20 Fascinating Facebook Marketplace Statistics in 2024

20 Fascinating Facebook Marketplace Statistics in 2024

Since Facebook Marketplace was launched in October 2016, it’s experienced substantial growth every year.

We will discuss Facebook Marketplace statistics in the following resource that may surprise you.

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Key Statistics 

  • At least 1.1 billion Facebook users use Facebook Marketplace every month.
  • A monthly average of 250 million people use Facebook Marketplace as sellers. 
  • Facebook Marketplace is used in more than 200 places in the world.
  • In Germany, 15% of people aged 16 to 29 are using Facebook Marketplace.
  • Brazil, India, Indonesia, and the United States all have over 100 million Facebook Marketplace users.
  • Facebook Marketplace hosts an advertising audience of 562 million people.
  • 18.6 % of Facebook users search for vehicles on the Marketplace.
  • Facebook Marketplace luxury shoppers account for 53% of American second-hand shoppers.
  • The average conversion rate for sales on Facebook Marketplace is 9%.
  • The most popularly searched item category on Facebook Marketplace is second-hand branded clothing. 

Top Facebook Marketplace Statistics in 2024

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1. at Least 1.1 Billion Facebook Users Use Facebook Marketplace.

Statistics show that there are more than 1.1 billion Facebook users using Facebook Marketplace monthly across 70 countries in the world.

This marketplace was launched just a few years ago (2016), but it quickly became one of the most popular platforms for buyers and sellers.

It’s become the marketplace where virtually everyone can find almost anything they want.


2. a Monthly Average of 250 Million People Use Facebook Marketplace as Sellers. 

Not every person using Facebook Marketplace is a buyer.

According to 2021 data, an average of 250 sellers use Facebook Marketplace each month across the world.

Without sellers, there would be no buyers, right?

(Capital One Shopping)

3. Facebook Marketplace Is Used in More than 220 Places in The World.

Today, Facebook Marketplace is accessible and used in over 228 places in more than 70 countries on the globe.

This is the number of people buying and selling on the Marketplace worldwide.

It’s expected to add more countries in the coming years.


4. In Germany, 15% of People Aged 16 to 29 Are Using Facebook Marketplace.

According to a survey conducted in Germany, 15% of survey respondents aged 16 to 29 said they use Facebook Marketplace for buying and selling used goods.

Only 6% of those aged 30 and older admitted to using the Marketplace.

This statistic tells us how the Marketplace is used in Germany.


5. Brazil, India, Indonesia, and The United States All Have Over 100 Million Facebook Marketplace Users.

Facebook Marketplace

India has the largest number of Facebook Marketplace users at 320 million with the United States trailing at 190 million.

Indonesia has roughly 140 million Facebook Marketplace users and Brazil has about 130 million.

These are the regions where the Facebook Marketplace is the most popular in the world.


6. Facebook Marketplace Hosts an Advertising Audience of 562 Million People.

If you use Facebook Ads on the Marketplace, you can expect your ads to be seen by at least 562 people.

This data comes from the most recent data reported online.

If you list items on Facebook Marketplace, boosted listings can reach a potential number of 9.1% of the global population among those aged 13 and older. 


7. 18.6% of Facebook Users Search for Vehicles on The Marketplace.

Vehicle searches are one of the most popular searches found on Facebook Marketplace.

In fact, vehicle searches account for 18.6% of all Marketplace searches.

This includes searches for new or used vehicles. 


8. Facebook Marketplace Luxury Shoppers Account for 53% of American Second-Hand Shoppers.

In America, 53% of Facebook Marketplace second-hand shoppers are looking for luxury brands.

This data comes from 2021 statistics.

In 2021, this data made Facebook Marketplace the second most popular shopping venue for luxury shoppers.

It came in second to eBay with a 69% share of luxury shoppers.


9. The Average Conversion Rate for Sales on Facebook Marketplace Is 9%.

Facebook Marketplace offers an average conversion rate of 9% for sellers.

For reference, in the eCommerce realm, a conversion rate of between 2% and 3% is considered good.

Therefore, we know that Facebook Marketplace exceeds that percentage.


10. The Most Popularly Searched Item Category on Facebook Marketplace Is Second-Hand Branded Clothing. 

Facebook Marketplace 1030

Second-hand branded clothing like Nike, Dior, Chanel, Gucci, and Tommy Hilfiger accounts for over half of all searches on Facebook Marketplace.

Second-hand branded clothing is the most popular search on the marketplace platform. 


11. 30% of Facebook Marketplace Listings Are Home Rentals.

Home rentals account for 30% of all Facebook Marketplace listings.

Individuals and real estate professionals alike understand the power of Facebook Marketplace and its reach in terms of finding renters for properties. 


12. Female Users Account for 61.8% of Facebook Marketplace Users.

In terms of gender demographics with only those who identify as male or female at this time, Facebook Marketplace is predominantly female.

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The female demographic makes up 61.8% of Marketplace users and 38% are male users.

The overall Facebook platform is predominantly male.


13. North American Social Media Account Holders Account for 37% of Facebook Marketplace And/or Instagram Shopping Bag Users.

Data shows that 37% of Facebook Marketplace and Instagram Shopping users are from North American countries.

This includes the USA, Mexico, Canada, etc.

For comparison, globally, 33% of social media account holders use Instagram Shopping Bag and/or Facebook Marketplace.

(Capital One Shopping)

14. 90% of Facebook Marketplace Web Traffic Comes from Messenger.Com and Msn.Com.

It might surprise you to learn that 90% of off-Facebook Facebook Marketplace web traffic comes from msn.com and messenger.com.

These two sites are Facebook Marketplace’s top referrals.

Note that this is based on the percentage of off-Facebook traffic.


15. 474 Million Active Facebook Users Exclusively Use Facebook to Buy on The Marketplace. 

Facebook Marketplace 1027

Data analytics show that 16% (474 million) active users of Facebook log in only to search and shop on Facebook Marketplace.

That’s a good portion of Facebook users that don’t use it to engage with friends and family or play games like they do shopping on the Marketplace.


16. One out Of Six Facebook Marketplace Users Have Been Targeted by Scammers.

Nowadays, we almost expect scammers to lurk everywhere online, including Facebook Marketplace.

One out of six Facebook Marketplace users have been targeted by scammers.

This represents 17% of Facebook users who use Marketplace.

Two of the ways they were approached were fake Facebook accounts and non-delivery of paid items. 


17. In the USA, The Age Group that Uses Marketplace the Most Is the 25-To-34 Crowd.

Germany’s Facebook Marketplace user age demographics tend to be younger than those in the USA.

The age group that uses Facebook Marketplace the most in the United States are those aged 25 to 34.

Those aged 35 to 44 accounted for 18.5% and ranked second.


18. 50% of Facebook Users Check Marketplace at Least Monthly.

Half of Facebook users say they check the Facebook Marketplace at least once a month.

So, 50% of Facebook users actively explore the Facebook Marketplace monthly for items to buy.

That said, some may be researching items to resell on other platforms or to find out what to sell on the Marketplace.


19. 42% of Facebook Marketplace Users Are from Latin America.

Facebook Marketplace is a global marketplace.

As of the Q3 of 2021, 42% of Marketplace users were from Latin America.

This accounted for the highest percentage of users on the platform during that quarter.

Africa and the Middle East accounted for 38% of Marketplace usage, second to Latin America in the same quarter.


20. In 2021, Facebook Marketplace Generated Over $26 Billion.

Facebook Marketplace 647

In terms of generated revenue, in 2021 Facebook Marketplace reported generating over $26 billion (USD).

This figure represents a rise of 48% over the previous year (2020).

The Facebook Marketplace shows no signs of slowing its growth rate.

Also, it will be around for years to come.



We can see by these statistics that Facebook Marketplace is here to stay as it continues to grow and thrive.

Just based on its growth in the first few years, we can see its significance in the eCommerce realm as it falls slightly behind eBay in market shares.

If you’re a marketer, these statistics will help you create updated marketing strategies for your brand or clients.

There’s no doubt (if there ever was) that Facebook Marketplace holds high value for buyers, sellers, and advertisers. 

If you have a Facebook account and you are one of the over 1.1 billion users of Facebook Marketplace, you may find this data interesting.

If you’re a retail business, service-based business, or a reseller of goods, you should have a better idea of the power behind Facebook Marketplace.

There’s no denying that Facebook Marketplace is a valuable eCommerce solution for buyers and sellers in over 70 nations and 228 locations in the world. 

We hope you have enjoyed reading these Facebook Marketplace statistics and that you find value in them.


What Is Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace is one of the features offered by Meta’s Facebook app and desktop versions.

It’s a peer-to-peer buying and selling platform integrated into the Facebook environment.

Users can buy and sell new and used items locally without paying fees.

Who Can Sell on Facebook Marketplace?

Anyone who has a Facebook account is allowed to buy and sell on the Marketplace.

You must be at least 18 years old or older to use Facebook Marketplace.

There are also some things you are not allowed to sell on Marketplace like alcohol, drugs, or weapons.

What Are the Benefits of Using Marketplace?

We found some good benefits of using Facebook Marketplace. Here they are:

• It’s free.
• It’s convenient.
• It has a huge user base and a wide audience reach.
• It lets you use your Facebook profile to build trust among buyers and sellers.

What Are the Most Successful Things Sold on Marketplace?

Items in high demand on Marketplace include clothing, furniture, vehicles, and electronics, so these items sell faster and are more successful in terms of what’s selling.

Moreover, some niche items include antiques, vintage clothing, collectibles, and handmade goods. 

How Can You Shop and Sell on Marketplace in An Ethical Way?

Most marketplaces like Facebook experience the good and the bad buyers and sellers.

Therefore, to be ethical and achieve good standing from the Facebook community, here are some things you can do to be ethical and honest:

• Be upfront and honest when describing your item’s condition.
• Clearly define your shipping and pricing policies.
• Be highly responsive with potential buyers and sellers.
• Choose safe meeting places for local pickup in person.
• Be respectful and courteous.

How Much Does It Cost to Sell on Marketplace?

There are no listing fees or commissions to pay to Facebook Marketplace like you do on other online marketplaces.

If applicable, you will have to pay for shipping, but you can pass that cost on to the buyer unless you offer free shipping.

Facebook Marketplace Tips:

We have some Facebook Marketplace tips for sellers and buyers in this section.

We hope you find them worthwhile.


  • Take clear and quality detailed pictures of what you’re selling.
  • Write detailed and informative descriptions.
  • Use competitive pricing by looking at what the same or similar items are selling for on the platform.
  • Promote listings on social media.
  • Be willing to negotiate prices.


  • Read the listing description thoroughly and carefully before buying.
  • Ask the seller any questions you may have.
  • Be watchful of items priced too low to be legitimate.
  • Inspect the pictures of the item carefully before buying.
  • Meet the seller in a safe, public place for local pickup.


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