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Saying “No” to Likes on Social Media: Pros and Cons

It is hard to find a young person who does not have a Facebook or Instagram account. How does social media influence people? What is the role of likes in the establishment and development of personality?
Saying “No” to Likes on Social Media: Pros and Cons

It is impossible to imagine modern life without technology and social media. The web is overcrowded with different websites and platforms that offer quick and easy communication and interaction free of any obligations and responsibilities. To tell the truth, it is hard, almost impossible, to find a person who does not enjoy scrolling Facebook or Instagram feed, observing the funny and impressive life of friends, relatives, and just random people.

Additionally, it is an advantageous opportunity to keep in touch with people who live far away. Besides, believe it or not, but with the increasing popularity of mass media, college students are interacting more.

Thus, instead of browsing the EssayOneDay webpage, some of them started working on challenging projects together. Thus, irrespective of numerous negative reviews and comments, social media remains a beneficial tool that can not only simplify communication but also help to meet some educational and professional goals. 

At this point, it is indispensable to differentiate two different categories of web users. While some people use social media as an instrument for the achievement of specific objectives, others just kill time watching the photos, leaving comments, and counting likes. So, when it was announced that Instagram would hide likes, a considerable number of its users went crazy.

However, as mentioned in the Instagram Tweet, the main purpose of the platform is to exchange photos and videos rather than counting likes. Therefore, the implementation is not associated with the complete elimination of likes and comments, but the users will be able to see the number of likes only by tapping on the corresponding spot. 

The appearance of the Tweet became the beginning of the endless discussion of the advantages and downsides of likes in social media. There are many supporters of both perspectives, so it is inevitable to stay reserved and responsible as you strive to take a specific position.

Check out some advantages and downsides of hiding likes on Instagram so that you can make your own conclusions. 

Pros of Hiding Likes

Hiding Likes

According to the numerous reviews and comments, a considerable number of Instagram users were excited to get the “hiding likes” innovation to be implemented in their country. There is a plethora of reasons these people specify.

Here are some of the most convincing and appealing ones:

  • People will focus on the quality of the content more. No matter if you are a teenager or a grown-up man, you love being liked on Instagram. Consequently, you start posting random photos and videos just to inform your subscribers of everything you do, collecting likes. Currently, the situation will drastically change, as you will not notice the number of likes you have got. Thus, the users will be motivated to post only top-quality content that will truly impress others. 
  • Teenagers will stay more mentally healthy. It is impossible to deny that the self-esteem of a considerable number of young people depends on the number of likes their photos get on Instagram. As the platform will start hiding this indicator, teenagers will obtain an opportunity to feel worthy no matter what. 
  • Users will post more frequently. When you do not mind whether other people love your photos or not, you start posting more. It will help users become more self-confident and appreciated. 
  • People will forget about cyberbullying. With the increasing popularity of social media, cyberbullying has become one of the most devastating issues. Hopefully, the frequency of the drastic accidents will decrease, as Instagram will start hiding likes. 
  • Users will start enjoying life. Do you remember posting a photo and spending over an hour looking at the screen of your smartphone counting likes? This will not be a problem anymore, so you will get a chance to relish real life with its authentic relations, feelings, and emotions. 

Cons of Making Likes Hidden

Hiding Likes

Irrespective of a considerable number of advantages of Instagram hiding likes, one should acknowledge the other side of the coin. Check out some critical downsides of the innovation that can influence not only relations between individuals but also affect the market. 

  • People will start counting followers. When it comes to devoted Instagram users or companies that are currently counting likes and reposts made on their page, such users will be looking for alternative ways to collect data about their followers. The outcomes of the process will remain the same, as people will focus on the number of subscribers more than the quality of the content. 
  • It will eliminate the impact of the influencers. Sellers and influencers will surely suffer from such innovation, as they will no longer have an opportunity to promote some brands or advance the activity within their page. 
  • People may start using other platforms. Unfortunately, there is hardly any Instagram user who will deny that likes are part of the platform. Consequently, their absence may become the reason for users to start searching for alternative options. 
  • Companies will not be able to estimate the competition level. As a result, the Instagram-based business will suffer a lot, as managers will not have a chance to estimate the perspectives and make any predictions. 
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