How to Find Someone’s Address by Phone Number

How to Find Someone’s Address by Phone Number in 2024

How to Find Someone’s Address by Phone Number in 2024

We often find ourselves needing to locate someone’s address for various legitimate reasons. 

It could be for reconnecting with an old friend, sending an important letter, or for any other genuine purpose. 

Fortunately, you can accomplish this task by harnessing the power of technology and some well-established methods. 


In this guide, we will explore how to find someone’s address by phone number, providing you with insightful advice and doable measures to get the job done.

How to Find Someone’s Address by Phone Number – 4 Most Effective Methods

1. Intelius


The most effective method for finding someone’s address using their phone number is by using Intelius. 

They offer a reverse phone number lookup tool that simplifies the process. 

You can access a wealth of information by inputting the phone number into their search box. 

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Intelius scours various public record sources to compile a comprehensive report. 

This report might include the individual’s present and past addresses, potential relatives, associated social media profiles, and more.

To initiate a search, enter the phone number and click “Search Now.” Following this, Intelius will perform its search and produce a detailed report. 

To access the report, you typically need to purchase a membership plan. 

In the report’s Location section, you can find details about the person’s potential address. 

This method can be invaluable for locating someone’s address with just their phone number.

The app has a top reputation and an excellent price for what it offers as well, so there is no reason not to try it.

2. TruthFinder


A reverse phone number lookup called TruthFinder is another effective online tool for searching public information based on a phone number. 

It operates by inputting the phone number, allowing the reverse phone lookup to scan public records for data linked to the phone number’s owner and carrier. 

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This can encompass comprehensive details such as the registered person’s full name, the phone number’s historical locations, and any associated social media profiles.

TruthFinder’s Phone Lookup service efficiently assembles this publicly accessible data into a comprehensive Phone Report available online. 

Users can conveniently navigate through distinct sections to uncover insights into the owner’s background and the phone number’s history. 

Discover how to conduct a reverse phone lookup and explore the valuable applications of TruthFinder’s Phone Lookup service in your daily life.

With its straightforward installation and user-friendly interface, this app has garnered numerous positive reviews from satisfied users.

3. Spokeo


Spokeo is a valuable tool for locating addresses and other pertinent information. 

This number search service efficiently consolidates data from various public sources into a single, accessible database, offering a discreet means to access individuals’ details.

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It serves multiple purposes, making it a versatile resource. 

You can employ Spokeo to identify unknown callers or texters, helping to spot potential spam callers and thwart phone scams. 

Using Spokeo’s reverse phone search is straightforward.

You just need to navigate the Spokeo website, input the desired phone number into the search field, and initiate the search by clicking “SEARCH NOW.”

The app will scan through vast phone directories and white page records, aggregating any pertinent information related to the provided phone number. 

This data is then neatly summarized into an easily understandable report.

Spokeo’s reverse phone search simplifies gathering essential details, offering a convenient way to unveil the owner’s name and associated information when available.

5. Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is a highly efficient public records search service that simplifies locating someone’s address using their phone number. 

With this user-friendly tool, you can access a wealth of information about individuals, making it a versatile resource for various purposes.

👉 Get Instant Checkmate Here

Whether you’re curious about your neighbors, family members, travel companions, or even your records, Instant Checkmate can delve into their background using just a phone number.

Users nationwide have turned to this service for valuable insights into potential romantic partners, neighbors, relatives, and individuals who may be misrepresenting themselves.

Instant Checkmate grants you the convenience of unlimited searches, ensuring you can access the information needed without constraints.

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The platform prioritizes user privacy, ensuring your searches remain discreet and confidential.

It delivers speedy and reliable results, guaranteeing the accuracy and trustworthiness of the information provided.

Unlock the potential of Instant Checkmate to uncover addresses and other vital details, offering a comprehensive solution for your investigative needs.

Other Ways to Find Someone’s Address 

There are subtle methods to uncover someone’s current address through your social network.

Discover Address Using Personal Contacts

Approach individuals with connections with the person you’re looking for, and explain your desire to reconnect with an old friend. 

These mutual acquaintances can often provide valuable information without raising suspicion.

If you have a close relationship with the individual or know their family, consider consulting their relatives. 

Family members may be more willing to share the person’s current address, especially if they are aware of your genuine intentions.

Another avenue to explore is visiting the person’s workplace. Engage in casual conversations with their coworkers. 

Sometimes, colleagues inadvertently reveal where your target resides during informal discussions.

Use Social Media To Find Someone’s Address

Leveraging social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others can prove instrumental in establishing connections with individuals. 

A practical approach involves conducting a cross-platform search using the provided phone number, thereby uncovering the person’s potential profile across these platforms.

While it’s true that individuals seldom disclose their residential addresses directly on their profile pages, initiating a friendly conversation can open doors to valuable information. 

Engaging in a courteous dialogue provides an opportunity to articulate your reasons for seeking their address. 

This approach fosters trust and transparency and enhances the likelihood of obtaining the desired address details.

By tactfully exploring social media, you can connect with people and navigate conversations to achieve your objectives while respecting privacy and discretion.

Employ Private Investigator

When all else fails, and discretion is of the utmost importance, consider enlisting the services of a professional private investigator. 

These experts possess the necessary skills and resources to track individuals and their residences effectively.

Begin by conducting an online search to identify local private investigators. Carefully evaluate the search results to compile a list of potential candidates. 

It’s essential to research each candidate thoroughly to ensure you’re making an informed choice. 

Verify the authenticity of reviews and testimonials to gauge their credibility.

Reach out to the selected private investigator and arrange a consultation. 

This meeting offers an opportunity to ask questions and gain insight into their investigative techniques. 

Before finalizing the hiring process, request proof of a valid license and insurance from the private investigator to ensure they operate within the law’s bounds.

Furthermore, inquire about their past successes or examples of similar cases they’ve handled. 

This will give you confidence in their ability to accomplish the task.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Find the Address for Any Phone Number?

While it’s possible to find addresses for many phone numbers, there are exceptions. 

Numbers associated with unlisted addresses or those with strict privacy settings may be unavailable through online directories or other methods.

Is It Legal to Search for Someone’s Address Using Their Phone Number?

Yes, searching for someone’s address using their phone number is generally legal as long as you do it for legitimate reasons, such as reconnecting with friends, sending important documents, or other lawful purposes. 

However, using this information for malicious intent or harassment is illegal and unethical.

Why Might I Need to Find Someone’s Address by Phone Number?

You might need to find someone’s address for several reasons, such as sending an invitation, reconnecting with old friends, or locating a business contact. 

Always ensure you have a valid and ethical justification for seeking this information.

Are There Any Free Methods to Find Someone’s Address by Phone Number?

Yes, some online directories offer limited free searches. 

However, for more detailed and accurate information, you may need to subscribe to a paid service or use a combination of free and paid methods.


Though it may appear impossible initially, tracking a person’s physical location from just a phone number is quite simple with the correct resources and know-how. 

Take precautions to protect personal information and follow the law when you complete this work. 

The data you need to reach out to an old friend or write an essential letter is at your fingertips.

Again, get the address you need by maximizing the use of search engines, reverse phone lookup tools, and social media sites. 

Hopefully, the information on how to find someone’s address by phone number in this article will help you locate a person’s address using only their phone number; check out the tools we discussed and select your preferred one.

Written by Colin Tan
Colin Tan is a tech entrepreneur and business leader with extensive experience in the technology industry. He is the Co-Founder of several successful tech startups that provide innovative solutions to businesses. Colin has a passion for creating disruptive technologies that can transform industries and drive growth.