How Much Do Pornstars Make

How Much Do Pornstars Make in 2023? (Statistics)

How Much Do Pornstars Make in 2023? (Statistics)

In an era defined by easy access to explicit content, the adult entertainment industry remains a subject of curiosity and intrigue.

One question that often arises is: “How much do pornstars make?”

This query delves into the financial aspects of a profession that has long been shielded from public scrutiny. 

In this article, we aim to explore the economics of the industry, shedding light on factors that influence pornstar earnings, income disparities, and the evolving landscape of adult content production.

Key Statistics

  • Pornstars make an estimated annual salary of $43,970
  • Heterosexual and Lesbian scenes pay $1,020 for each pornstar
  • The age group of 22 to 26 is considered the peak years of a pornstar
  • In their prime, pornstars participate in approximately 100 sex scenes per year
  • Directors receive a salary of $1000 to $3000 per sex scene
  • 87% of men aged 18 to 35 watch porn at least once a week
  • In 2022, Abella Dangers was the most searched pornstar in Pornhub
  • 20% of mobile searches are related to pornography
  • 41% of young adults/teenagers had engaged with porn through Twitter

How Much Do Pornstars Make in 2023?

Pornstars 325

One of the most Googled questions is how much do pornstars make? Everyone seems curious to know! Well, we have the answer for you. 

According to available data, the estimated total pay for an adult pornstar in the United States is reported to be around $43,970 per year. 

It’s important to note that this figure represents an average and can vary significantly depending on various factors within the industry.

The Adult Entertainment

The adult entertainment industry encompasses a wide range of performers, from established stars to newcomers.

Earnings can vary based on factors such as the performer’s gender, level of experience, popularity, specialization in specific niches, contractual agreements, and the demand for their content.

Pornstar Salaries by Scene Type

This is a list of the rates given to pornstars depending on their type of sex scene:

  • Heterosexual scenes are paid for $1,020
  • Lesbian scenes are paid for $1,020
  • Solo insertion scenes are paid for $612
  • Solo explicit scenes are paid for $476
  • Solo open leg scenes are paid for $408
  • Solo nude-only scenes are paid for $340

Amateur vs Professional Pornstars

Amateur pornographers/exhibitionists are individuals who create adult content without much industry experience or formal representation.

They often make their videos at home, exploring their own sexuality and sharing their personal expressions.

Amateur performers have the freedom to be creative, as they control the content they produce and the stories they tell.

Professional pornstars, on the other hand, have turned adult entertainment into a career.

They work with talent agencies or production companies and are more experienced in the industry.

These performers specialize in specific genres and are sought after for their skills and popularity among fans.

What Age do Pornstars Peak?

In the adult entertainment industry, the age range of 22 to 26 is often considered the prime time for a porn actress in terms of bookings and demand.

It is during this period that many performers experience high levels of popularity and are typically engaged in numerous projects.

Interviews suggest that a porn actress within this age bracket may participate in approximately 100 sex scenes per year.

Performers in their early to mid-twenties are perceived as fitting into societal ideals of attractiveness and appeal, which drives their popularity among viewers and producers alike.

Salaries of the Production Crew per Sex Scene

These salaries account for traditional sex scenes in the porn industry:

  • Directors net a salary of $1000-$3000 for a sex scene
  • Female performers net a salary of $300-$1500 for a sex scene
  • Male performers net a salary of $500-$1500 for a sex scene
  • Camerapersons net a salary of $500-$700 for a sex scene
  • Still photographers net a salary of $500 for a sex scene
  • Makeup artists net a salary of $500 for a sex scene
  • Sound technicians net a salary of $300-$400 for a sex scene
  • Writers net a salary of $250-$400 for a sex scene

Expenses of a Pornstar

When asked about expenses in the industry, a pornstar highlighted several factors.

These include taxes, agency fees (typically 10-15% of earnings), and costly accommodation in cities like Los Angeles (around $4000 a month)

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Out-of-pocket payments for regular STD tests (approximately $200 every two weeks) are also part of a pornstar’s expenditures.

These expenses significantly impact the financial stability of performers and should be considered when assessing their earnings and overall financial well-being.

Gender Disparity in Porn Viewing Habits

A recent study found that among adults aged 18-35, 87% of men watch porn at least weekly, while 28.5% of women do the same.

This indicates a significant gender disparity in porn viewing habits within this age group.

The accessibility and variety of online explicit content contribute to the high engagement among young adult men.

Most Popular Pornstars in Pornhub

Here is a list of the most searched pornstars in Pornhub in 2022:

  • Abella Danger was the most searched pornstar with a total view count of 1.6 billion
  • Lana Rhoades was the 2nd most searched pornstar with a total view count of 1.4 billion
  • Angela White was the 3rd most searched pornstar with a total view count of 949 million
  • Eva Elfie was the 4th most searched pornstar with a total view count of 873 million
  • Riley Reid was the 5th most searched pornstar with a total view count of 1.6 billion

Pornography in Mobile Searches

Statistics reveal that approximately 20% of mobile searches are related to pornography.

This striking data emphasizes the considerable desire and fascination with adult content in the online world, showcasing how prevalent pornography is as a prominent part of online engagement.

Where do Young People Access Porn the Most?

Pornstars 326

A staggering 41% of surveyed young adults and teenagers who had engaged with online pornography had done so via Twitter.

While Twitter is primarily known as a microblogging and social networking site, its permissive content policies and ease of sharing have made it a popular avenue for adult content consumption.


In conclusion, the adult entertainment industry captivates audiences and generates significant earnings for pornstars.

From the alluring performances of professionals to the intimate homemade videos of amateurs, the industry offers a range of experiences.

Pornstars’ expenses, including agency fees and accommodation costs, impact their financial stability.

That’s why it’s crucial to consider how much pornstars make and how these factors affect their overall earnings.

Thanks for reading this article on how much do pornstars make.


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