How Many News Articles Are Published Every Day

How Many News Articles Are Published Every Day in 2024?

How Many News Articles Are Published Every Day in 2024?

Because we live in a hectic world and society, news is generated every day.

Whether it’s something happening in global governments, nationwide, or local, there is news.

The world is obsessed with news.

Politics, current events, science, education, housing, celebrities, athletes, public figures, and other global, national, and local events happen every single day. 

The news outlets, vloggers, bloggers, podcasters, and other journalists or amateur reporters always have something to write or talk about.

Fortunately for them, there are people across the world interested in the news whether it’s good or bad.

News used to take time to spread, but today, with the internet in play, news is more easily accessible than ever. 

Online news may be in the forefront, but newspapers, magazines, and other paper publications are also published daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.

With that understanding, let’s discuss how many news articles are published every day along with other interesting news about the news in the following article.

How Many News Articles Are Published Every Day?

News Articles

Between both online and offline publications, two to three million news articles are published every day.

Moreover, in the United States alone in 2020, both print and digital news stories published daily accounted for 24.3 million during the weekdays and 25.8 million on Sundays. 

The U.S Census revealed that physical news media publishers have been in decline since 2002.

In 2002, there were 46,279 publishers.

By 2010, that number fell to 33,360 and in 2020, physical media publishers were down to 22,149.

Number of News Articles Published Every Day by Country

Daily News from Top Publications in 2020

  • In France, Germany, and the United States, each county published over 5,000 daily news articles throughout 2020. 
  • The daily publication of news articles in China came to almost 3,000 in 2020. 
  • Great Britain saw 2,000 published news articles per day in 2020.

Daily News Articles Published Per Day in Other Regions

The top global publications make up only a portion of the world’s news sources. Here is a breakdown of other news publications and news articles published every day according to country.

  • Australia, Canada, Ireland, India, and Taiwan each published over 1,000 news articles per day in 2020. This is per country.
  • Belgium, Hong Kong, Pakistan, and South Africa each published roughly 500 news articles each per day throughout 2020.

Publishing Figures of Top News Publishers

News Articles

We’ve looked at the number of daily news articles are published internationally, and by country/region.

Now, we will look under the hood of the most well-known publications in the world. 

Between the following top news companies between 200 and over 500 news articles are published each day. 

Here’s the breakdown:

  • The Washington Post (WP): Every day, 500 news posts, including video- and image-exclusive content are published.
  • The Wall Street Journal (WSJ): This publication puts out around 240 news articles per day, which is less than half of its most fierce competitor (The Washington Post).
  • The New York Times (NYT): In third place for number of news articles published per day, which comes to an average of about 230 news articles. 
  • Buzzfeed: Roughly 222 news articles come out of Buzzfeed every day. 
  • Medium: This online publication has become wildly popular with 47,000 news articles being published per day among publishing entities and individual contributors. 

It’s common for newspapers and online news platforms to post more news on Sundays than the rest of the week.

This is likely because Sundays are when many people spend more time watching, reading, and consuming news.  

What Are the Demographics and Behaviors of Consumers Who Read News Articles?

News Articles

We would be remiss if we left out how consumers consume news.

Since there is a wide range of topics that are published in the news each day, publishers need to appeal to their own target audience(s) accordingly. 

In these demographics, we will learn how the news is consumed among age groups and the topics they read about the most. 

18 to 29 Demographics

Here are the news reading habits of those between the ages of 18 and 28:

  • Art & Culture: 30%
  • Business & Economy: 62%
  • Crime & Public Safety: 64%
  • Education: 49%
  • Entertainment & Celebrity: 58%
  • Environmental & Natural Disaster: 69%
  • Health & Medicine: 62%
  • International: 59%
  • Lifestyle: 40%
  • Local: 57%
  • Political: 57%
  • Science: 59%
  • Social Issues: 64%
  • Sports: 41%
  • Traffic & Weather: 71%
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Traffic and weather are the most important news to the 18- to 29-year-old crowd as 71% of this age demographic consumes this category of media.

The lowest amount of interest within this age group falls under arts and culture at 30%.

30 to 39 Demographics

Here are the news reading habits of those between the ages of 30 and 39:

  • Art & Culture: 35%
  • Business & Economy: 67%
  • Crime & Public Safety: 68%
  • Education: 67%
  • Entertainment & Celebrity: 46%
  • Environmental & Natural Disaster: 78%
  • Health & Medicine: 57%
  • International: 78%
  • Lifestyle: 48%
  • Local: 77%
  • Political: 79%
  • Science: 69%
  • Social Issues: 56%
  • Sports: 65%
  • Traffic & Weather: 93%

Overall, the 30- to 39-year-old group shows more interest in news topics than the younger demographic.

Traffic and weather (93%) are still number one among this age group, and art and culture (35%) is where they show the least interest. 

40 to 59 Demographics

News Articles

Here are the news reading habits of those between the ages of 40 and 59:

  • Art & Culture: 27%
  • Business & Economy: 69%
  • Crime & Public Safety: 62%
  • Education: 66%
  • Entertainment & Celebrity: 28%
  • Environmental & Natural Disaster: 74%
  • Health & Medicine: 68%
  • International: 63%
  • Lifestyle: 45%
  • Local: 79%
  • Political: 73%
  • Science: 53%
  • Social Issues: 51%
  • Sports: 41%
  • Traffic & Weather: 81%

Traffic and weather also are of the most interest among 40- to 59-year-olds, though it’s lower than the 30 to 39 age group.

Arts and culture take a backseat to other news categories at an even lower rate of 27% over the other age groups. 

60 + Demographics

Here are the news reading habits of those 60 and older:

  • Art & Culture: 46%
  • Business & Economy: 80%
  • Crime & Public Safety: 80%
  • Education: 56%
  • Entertainment & Celebrity: 31%
  • Environmental & Natural Disaster: 87%
  • Health & Medicine: 69%
  • International: 79%
  • Lifestyle: 45%
  • Local: 83%
  • Political: 79%
  • Science: 58%
  • Social Issues: 54%
  • Sports: 50%
  • Traffic & Weather: 95%

Once you reach 60, your media consumption and interest in specific news topics experience notable changes.

While traffic and weather are still of the most interest at 95%, arts and culture gets more attention at 46%.

Among those 60 and older, the least interest in news is in entertainment and celebrity news/gossip.

Did you notice how age impacts news consumption?

We did. The interest in news categories changes as we age.

Also, as society changes (good and bad), news interests change. 

Does this mean that each phase of life puts more emphasis on certain things?

We think it might. Research from Sage Journals shows how age impacts news consumption today.

What Are the Top Media Companies that Have Contributed to The News in 2022?

News Articles

Here is a breakdown of the top media organizations in 2022.

  • Comcast is worth $200 billion (USD). 
  • Thomson Reuters is worth $48.5 billion (USD).
  • Warner Bros. Discovery is worth $45.2 billion (USD).
  • Paramount Global is worth $22.1 billion (USD).
  • Naspers is worth $21.8 billion (USD).
  • Fox Corp. is worth $19.1 billion (USD).
  • News Corp. is worth $10.4 billion (USD).
  • IACI is worth $7.8 billion (USD).
  • Nexstar Media Group is worth $7.1 billion (USD).
  • The New York Times Co. is worth $5.8 billion (USD).

These media companies own the biggest market share in the news. They are also the wealthiest companies in the world. 


After reading about the number of news articles published each day you should have a solid understanding about news articles, categories, countries, and other demographics that drive the high rate of daily articles published.

We also learned how age impacts news article interests and consumption.

Have you noticed a difference in your interests in the news as you grow older? Research shows that news consumption changes according to age since interests change.

Additionally, we discuss the major media outlets that publish the most news articles all over the world.

These major media and news outlets control the news we read, see, and hear no matter where we live. 

Did you also notice how the number of articles per day differs among international regions?

For instance, the interest in news in the United States, France, and Germany is higher than in countries like Belgium, Pakistan, and South Africa. 

It could be less about the interest in sharing news and more about the resources or lack thereof in each country that reports and shares news.

Digital publications are taking over physical publications en masse. This is how we get more news to more people across all continents. 

We hope you have learned more than just how many news articles are published every day (2 to 3 million globally). 


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