How Many People Use Google Meet

How Many People Use Google Meet in 2024? (Key Statistics)

How Many People Use Google Meet in 2024? (Key Statistics)

According to the data, Google Meet has more than 300 million monthly active users, which is double that of Microsoft Teams. 

Google Meet offers a way to enjoy high-quality video calling via mobile app when interacting with coworkers, classmates, colleagues, family, and friends. 

Google Meet ranks number 27 among business usage statistics and overall, 757 across all categories. It’s also number 38 on Google Play. 

In this article, we will delve into this app and learn how many people use Google Meet.

Key Google Meet Statistics

  • Google Meet is home to over 300 million monthly active users.
  • In france, Google Meet ranks number 13 in business usage.
  • Google Meet ranks 14 in france among business usage stats.
  • In the United States, Google Meet ranks number 27 for business usage.
  • On Google play, Google Meet has experienced over 5 billion downloads.
  • Google Meet has 25,300 paying customers using premium features.
  • Google Meet ranks number 2 in market share.
  • Google Meet has a market share of 29.39%.
  • Education, technology, and marketing are the top three users of Google Meet.
  • The United States is the biggest user of Google Meet with over 11,500 customers.

How Many People Use Google Meet in 2024?

Google Meet 1206

Google Meet is home to over 300 million monthly active users.

So, now we know how many people use this video conferencing/meeting/collaboration app.

In France, Google Meet ranks number 13 in business usage.

In Germany, it ranks at number 14 in the business usage category and 18 in the UK and 27 in the US. 

Moreover, in the communications realm, Google Meet ranks number 10 in usage.

Also, in France and the United States, it ranks number 10 for communication usage. 

In Canada and Germany, communication usage for Google Meet ranks number 11. 

More than just users, on Google Play, Google Meet has experienced over 5 billion downloads since its launch. 

With that many downloads, you know it’s being used by millions/billions of people.

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How Do People Use Google Meet?

There are several things you can do with Google Meet in terms of communicating via video conference. Here are some ways people are using Google Meet.

Video Conferences:

Google Meet 1208

Just like Zoom, Google Meet has the capabilities to offer video conferencing.

While it may be more limited than Zoom, it’s still great for educational video conferencing, business conferences, employee training, etc. 

Some features you can use in Google Meet include virtual backgrounds, special effects, closed captions, screen sharing, and audio, video, or audio and video chats.


Businesses can use Google Meet to conduct online meetings with clients, colleagues, and others.

In fact, retailers, hospitals, manufacturers, and other businesses have and do use this app. 

Breakout Rooms:

If you’ve ever been in a Zoom meeting, you know what a breakout room is.

Sometimes, the breakout room feature is used to put together smaller groups of teams for special discussions or collaborations. 

Breakout rooms can also be used to save time in a meeting to get members caught up on the discussion or to take a sidebar with an individual with tech issues or questions about the meeting.


Whether it’s for virtual classroom discussions with a teacher or instructor, or brainstorming or study sessions, students and teachers can hang out together and enjoy casual discussions, debates, or study/tutor time.

To Connect with Family and Friends:

Google Meet isn’t just for business or educational uses. It’s also perfect for communicating among family and friends.

It’s ideal for those who don’t like or use social media, but who still want to keep in touch.

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What Are the Features of Google Meet?

Google Meet 1209

In this section, we will briefly address the basic features of Google Meet first and then the premium features.

Basic Google Meet Features:

  • Visual effects and changing the background
  • Chat with video meeting participants
  • Conduct presentations in a video meeting
  • Raise your hand in a meeting
  • Use reactions in the meeting
  • Use co activities in the meeting
  • Jamboard for collaborating in Google Meet
  • Co-watch YouTube videos
  • On-the-Go meetings
  • Picture-in-picture 
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The following premium features are included beyond the basic features:

Premium Features:

  • Premium Google Meet features for Google One and Workspace users
  • Record your meetings
  • Use transcripts
  • Use captions and translated captions
  • Calendar view
  • Breakout rooms
  • Polls
  • Q&As
  • Slides presentations
  • Live streaming video meetings
  • Live streaming from Meet to YouTube

Remember that YouTube is a Google asset, so integration is easy.

(Google Meet Help)

Google Meet Data

Here are some things to know about Google Meet:

  • Google Meet has 25,300 paying customers using premium features.
  • Google Meet ranks number 2 in market share.
  • Google Meet has a market share of 29.39%.
  • Education, Technology, and Marketing are the top three users of Google Meet.
  • Google Meet has over 450 customers in the Education industry.
  • The technology industry accounts for over 280 paying customers of Google Meet.
  • The Marketing industry has more than 265 customers of Google Meet.
  • The largest company usage for Google Meet has 0-9 employees.
  • Companies with 20 to 49 employees are the second largest Google Meet segment.
  • The United States is the biggest user of Google Meet with over 11,500 customers.
  • India has over 1,400 Google Meet customers.
  • The top Google Meet competitors are Brightcove, Jitsi, and Run the world.
  • Google Meet is estimated to have a market value of more than $16 million (USD).

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Is Google Meet Free to Use?

Yes. Google Meet can be used with limitations for free.

However, when the free plan isn’t enough, there are paid plans with more features. 

For instance, Google’s Starter business plan is $6 per month, the Standard plan is $12 per month, and Workspace Plus is $158 er month. 

This is just an overview of the costs of paid Google Meet plans.

Please note that prices are subject to change.

What Is the Timeline for Google Meet?

Google Meet was developed and launched by invitation only (iOS) in 2017 around the same time that they closed down Google Hangouts.

Hangouts is now Google Meet since Hangouts was phased out.

However, Hangouts remained as a Google Chrome extension until August of 2019 when G Suite was launched, and Hangouts was completely replaced by Google Chat and Google Meet respectively.

At that time, the push was to shut down Hangouts by June 2020.

Finally, during the pandemic, Google Meet was offered free to all users while Hangouts would remain for people using Standard Google accounts.

During this same time, Google Chat was also offered for free in 2021 and by November 2022 Google Hangouts (the classic version) was phased out.

What Happened to Google Duo?

Just like Hangouts, Google Duo was phased out and merged into Google Meet by 2022.

Google Duo was Google’s proprietary VoIP and videotelephony service that was launched in 2016. 

However, you should note that video meetings and calling are each separated on the internet as and


So, now we know that Google Meet is a significant video conferencing program used by industries like education, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and other business industries.

Small businesses are the most likely to use Google Meet and it’s most used in the education industry.

If you’re a marketer, brand, or business, you should understand this data and statistics to help you build solid marketing solutions.

We hope you feel more enlightened about this app and how many people use Google Meet. 


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