Best Sites to Buy Telegram Members

Buy Telegram Members for Channels & Groups: 10 Best Sites in 2024

Buy Telegram Members for Channels & Groups: 10 Best Sites in 2024

As with every social media in existence, it is always tough to establish a community large enough to break out of obscurity and cross the threshold beyond which people would be comfortable enough to stick around with your Telegram channel.

You ultimately end up making a channel and watching it remain empty.

And in order to grow more members, paradoxically enough, you need more members.

Do not despair. There is a solution around this spiral. What you can do is buy Telegram members.

In this guide, we will give you all the ins and outs of the process, as well as the best places to buy Telegram members from. So, shall we begin?

Best Sites to Buy Telegram Members in 2024

1. UseViral

UseViral Buy Telegram Members

Now UseViral is a full-blown marketing agency with services covering much more than just expanding social media engagement and spreading your brand far and wide across the network.

In fact, they have also delved into search engine optimization of your content, online reputation management, conversion copywriting, conversion design, and a whole bunch of other services. 

👉 Buy Telegram Members

Top that with hand-vetted marketers and experts in the respective fields, zero-bots policy, and the possibility of making a custom plan with a mix of service, and you get a company that can do much more than allow you to buy Telegram members.

But it also does that, and does that so well that it just had to make it on this list.

UseViral’s Telegram member packages are composed of real users who actually remain active and contribute to your channel, unlike the wasted bot accounts that simply serve to fill up their place.

The price of packages go as low as 20$ and gets calculated based on your niche, your desired target audience, and a bunch of other factors decided based on the answers that you provide in the query.

At first glance on their site you already know that these guys are fully professional and capable of providing best quality service.

Nothing to add here, give them a try and you will not be disappointed.

2. SidesMedia

SidesMedia Buy Telegram Members

Who’s the social media promotion boss?

SidesMedia, who else! Besides clever naming, SidesMedia is a high-tier provider of bundles of promotional metrics and real users to fill up the base demand of your Telegram groups and channels.

Being a source of reliable services related to driving up your Telegram traffic, SidesMedia offers you to buy Telegram members, as well as Telegram post views.

👉 Buy Telegram Members

Goodies obtained from SidesMedia will go a long way to strengthen your groups’ and channels’ presence and these guys know it.

After all, they are more than prepared to share their knowledge on the topic via blog posts on their official site.

Their packages go from the minimum of 100 members per order to the maximum size of 5000 Telegram members per order, with the prices ranging from $2.99 for 100 members to $89.99 for 5000 members. 

In order to increase the accessibility of their offer, they allow you to make the purchase with Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Bitcoin as well.

In fact, all transactions with SidesMedia are 100% transparent and risk-free, with a full refund-guarantee to back up their claims.

Good enough to convince us!

Finally, they maintain the security of their offer as well as the safety of your data and identity.

Delivery times are quite fast when compared to the industry-average, going between two and six days for all packages. 

They are the SidesMedia, hands down! 

3. Media Mister

Media Mister - Buy Telegram Members

Have you heard of Media Mister?

If you have ever made an attempt at social media promotion of an account on any of the major platforms, the likelihood is great that you have done that with this amazing company.

Media Mister has a wide array of promotional goodies and the packages that target Telegram are among the most attractive. Yummy!

But first of all, how do they pull off such a gigantic Internet presence?

👉 Buy Telegram Members

Well, while some of the early promotional agencies chased early profit and chased away their customers in the process, Media Mister has invested into its network of affiliates and partners with trust in mind, not quick cash for mediocre services.

After all these years, it is clearly visible that they made the right move.

Instead of a short burst of cash for a little while, they now have a flattering reputation and online renown in their niche that will endure for much longer.

While their history is great and is partly the reason why they are owed a place on the best sites to buy Telegram members list, it is for their packages that they take the first place.

Media Mister offers the activity and presence of real users, not fake accounts or bot activity.

Divided into two packages, Telegram members come as either group members or channel members.

No matter which one you pick, you are bound to receive proper engagement and in reasonably the shortest amount of time: within two working days for 100 members and up to nine working days for 5k members.

As an added bonus, Media Mister accepts payment in Bitcoin and Ethereum besides with American Express and MasterCard.

Which is pretty convenient if you ask us! Kudos, Media Mister. Keep up the good work!

4. GetAFollower

GetAFollower Buy Telegram Members

Most competitive prices, blazing-speed delivery, and a steady guarantee of increased activity of your Telegram community center?

It is our pleasure to introduce you to GetAFollower, one of the best sites to buy Telegram subscribers from!

As can be taken from the last sentence, their service is really top-grade.

Since they house a team of experts on social media and digital promotion, they know the secrets of driving traffic from actual users across the global digital network toward your accounts and platforms.

Not only that, but they also completely preserve your privacy and safety in the process!

The buying process is simple – select the type of Telegram members and press ‘Add to Cart’ or ‘Buy Now’.

In addition to members, they also offer Telegram post views and Telegram poll votes.

GetAFollower respects your opinion as a user and hosts various reviews on their homepage.

Their blog posts go into detail about the reason why you should buy Telegram members, potential risks of going with unverified services, and so on.

It is a place that you can learn a lot from.

As part of their global policy of trust and honesty with users, they offer a 100% danger-free policy, with a guarantee on the success of their services.

If anything goes awry, just contact the superb customer service and if they cannot fix the issue, you will be fully refunded.

And the policy stands for half a year, or 180 days! If that does not quench your fears about fraud, there is little out there that will.

Finally, due to the sheer number of social media platforms that GetAFollower supports, they are a perfect candidate for cross-platform promotion.

Is there more to be asked from a social promotion company? We don’t think so.

5. FollowersUp

Followers Up Telegram

If you wish to buy Telegram followers from a trusted social media promotion company that promises secure delivery and safety of your sensitive data, you have come to the right place.

FollowersUp is a reputable provider of Telegram channel members, group members, and post views, and can easily sate every need of your Telegram community presence.

Fast delivery? Check. Affordable prices?

Check. Real users instead of fakes and hollow accounts? Double-check!

FollowersUp has the infrastructure, network, and logistics to deliver goods without alerting the Telegram algorithm.

You should never worry about the integrity of your Telegram when you use FollowersUp as their policies are bullet-proof. Guaranteed.

As FollowersUp has been around since 2016, they pretty much know what they are doing.

More than half a decade of experience in this niche ensures that you will get the service of the highest quality.

How delicious is their offer?

Well, how about $17 for 1,000 channel members for the smallest package and $129 for 10,000 channel members, with times of delivery ranging from up to 24 hours to a week for the biggest package?

That is pretty fast for the standards of the industry.

No passwords required, no special access data, no questions asked. Just pure quality service, as it should be.

Nice job, FollowersUp!

6. Social Bar

Social Bar

Social Bar is huge. How come?

Well, they promote a mind-boggling number of more than 35 social media platforms!

No matter how wide you want your promotional efforts to go, Social Bar will be able to deliver on your wishes.

With such an enormous network, allowing you to buy Telegram members is a piece of cake to them.

Naturally, every single Telegram member that you receive from them will be organically sourced and real, as they do not condone fakes and farmed accounts that technically count as members but do little else to provide to the conversation or the community.

Apart from Telegram members, Social Bar also offers post views, poll votes, likes, comments, and even geographically-targeted followers from both the U.S. and non-U.S. users. 

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The more, the merrier, and Social bar allows you to buy up to 30,000 Telegram members in one package!

You don’t need to buy them in such great numbers, though–200 is the minimum, which is still substantial enough for smaller niches.

The price of every package is shown in Indian rupees, but let us translate that into $USD to see how affordable they really are: 100 Telegram members is just $0.48! For real users, this is a bargain.

And these guys are not only cheap but also knowledgeable–feel free to check their insightful instructions on the necessity of buying fake Telegram members.

So, still haven’t paid their site a visit? What are you waiting for?

7. Instamber


We admit it, Instamber sounds very much like Instagram, but do not let this deceive you as they are more than capable of growing your Telegram as well!

A reputable company that has worked extensively on building an intricate network of partners and affiliates rather than chasing easy cash with dubious methods such as account farms and Telegram bot activity, Instamber allows you to buy fake Telegram members that are real, who contribute to your community, and do not represent a hazard to the safety of your Telegram presence.

Similar to previous entries on this list, Instamber shows commendable knowledge on various topics related to social media promotion, which is crucial as it proves that these guys really know what they are doing.

There are even pieces that can help you optimize your Telegram to grow organically, remain credible as a digital community, and produce the content that attracts people rather than puts them off. 

Their business ethics get reflected in their Telegram member bundles.

After all, Instamber’s 750 Telegram members package will cost you only $30 bucks, while the mid-sized package of 1500 Telegram members will take only $55.99 away from your total social media budget. 

Superb customer support, express delivery of fake Telegram members and other metrics, and satisfaction guarantees come extra!

Safety and security go without saying, of course. All in all, a solid Telegram growth option. Recommended!

8. Apps Geyser

Apps Geyser

While Apps Geyser’s primary function is not really social media promotion, at least not in the direct sense, it still does offer you to buy Telegram group members and does a wonderful job while they are at it.

Apps Geyser represents a shortcut to conventional business app making.

It requires zero coding skills and allows you to gradually start your own app-building business, with the ultimate goal of hitting Google Play in mind. 

Due to the audience targeting expertise that they have gained in the process, they have decided to branch out into the Telegram promotion business and they have already managed to make a name for themselves.

Besides making apps, they are now also committed to helping you acquire more Telegram members that are real, organically-sourced, and active throughout the lifespan of your group or channel.

What sets Apps Geyser apart from most of the competition is that they offer geographically-diverse members, as you can specifically target the region of your new Telegram members.

This is particularly effective for businesses in niches and localized brands, so pay close attention if your objective fits into this description.

All you have to do is establish contact by making a request with them.

As soon as the manager contacts you and you provide the necessary info inputs you will be able to negotiate a custom deal.

Payments are accepted via credit card, Bitcoin, or PayPal.

Well done, Apps Geyser! And good luck with your app-building business!

9. Cibu


We have gone over some options that shun fakes, but we understand that some people do not really need *real* Telegram members since they rely on these purchases only to get the real growth going in.

Cibu understands that as well, so in addition to real, organically-sourced Telegram members, they also offer fake members to fill the count on your Telegram channels or groups.

Understandably, these simulated followers come at a fraction of a cost, so there’s that to be considered, too.

In case of any uncertainties or questions about the offer, you can always contact their amiable customer support and get clarification or an outright solution at all times, 24/7.

In addition, you can also pay through cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, for greater convenience and financial maneuverability.

Trust is of paramount importance to them, so the Cibu crew goes over and beyond to maintain open relationships with their customers.

An honest description of every package goes into technical details and leaves nothing concealed to bite you in the back later on.

Every safety and security measure is respected, so no worries should be coming from that direction.

We’re all about honesty here, so bear them in mind if you look for a way out of the loop and don’t care too much about the quality of your Telegram members.

They can also help you buy Discord members, OnlyFans likes, Reddit upvotes, Instagram saves, YouTube watch hours, and Twitch followers & viewers!

10. Adby


Experts at both real social media growth and bot activities to trick the algorithm, Adby goes both ways.

Real followers that will drive up the engagement rate of your group and channel and go lengths to contribute to the overall efforts on your Telegram?

They have got you covered.

On the other hand, if you find yourself in need of perceived activity to help the community stabilize and not drive away curious users, you can also find what you’re looking for in Adby.

A steady and streamlined service is what Adby offers and your Telegram will not go worse from a treatment by their experts.

You can make your purchase through their payPal account, and they claim to be able to obtain 1000 real people as your Telegram members for as low as 2$ per package.

A pretty decent price, we must say!

In spite of being handy with fake accounts as well, they have tight security policies and using their services will never jeopardize your Telegram presence.

Have no fears, you will be safe and your info will remain private, with lifetime guarantees both to Adby services and your safety and privacy.

Why Telegram?

Who would have guessed several years ago that something called “Telegram” would be among the leading communication media of the early 2020s?

Probably no one, as we all associate telegrams with pre-Internet tech.

Today’s Telegram, however, is cutting-edge software dedicated to fostering both free and private conversations across the globe.

That is why it is of utmost importance to grow your Telegram members right now.

Telegram, the social media of choice among closely-knit communities and groups of various niches.

We all use it, whether because it helps us combine all our messages across different devices in a single place or because we participate in an active conversation with people of interests similar to ours.

Telegram excels in these areas, so much so that the number of active participants in a given group is often taken as an indicator of how successful a certain company, agency, society, or group is.

This situation is easy to picture in one’s mind.

Imagine that you are currently looking for an innovative software like the most recent cryptocurrency exchange, a bot builder with lots of potential, or an entry point to accessing certain open-source code.

As is the online custom, respectable businesses have Telegram groups through which they communicate with their followers.

So, no red flags so far, the app shows promise, you click the link that leads you to their Telegram group and you see…

A couple dozen users. For example, fifty. Or even twenty.

Now that’s a red flag if there ever was one, and a big no-no if you want to attract customers.

After all, what’s a brand with no community built around it? Most likely a sham, or perceived as such by others, at least.

Ideally, you would want to get as many Telegram members as possible. Alas, Telegram members do not grow on trees (yet).


We know that maintaining a stable community on Telegram isn’t easy.

However, the hardest part is reaching that critical threshold in the number of members that your channel/group has.

How do we get there?

Every one of us who tried getting there organically knows that it simply isn’t possible without some external source.

If you already have that source then you have a chance of success, even in 2022.

However, no guarantees.

And without that source, you may just as well say goodbye to your Telegram ambitions.

There is an external source, however, that all of us can reach for and get out of the vicious cycle of unpopularity.

Do not hesitate to buy Telegram followers from verified sources such as these ones that we have selected out for you.

There is no need for trial-and-error methods that yield little results or big risks by going blindly after the first company that puts an ad banner in front of your eyes while you’re scrolling.

Stick with these ones and you’re good to go. Success is just around the corner.

Pick a companion out of these 10 best sites to buy Telegram members from and go reach for it!

Written by Colin Tan
Colin Tan is a tech entrepreneur and business leader with extensive experience in the technology industry. He is the Co-Founder of several successful tech startups that provide innovative solutions to businesses. Colin has a passion for creating disruptive technologies that can transform industries and drive growth.