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20 Best TikTok Followers Apps to Get More Followers in 2022

We all need a little bit of help sometimes when we’re trying to grow our social media profiles, but some of us need a little bit more help than others. Let’s review seven of the best apps that we think can help you get followers on TikTok, and change the way that people look at your profile.
7 Best Apps to Get Followers on TikTok

We all need a little bit of help sometimes when we’re trying to grow our social media profiles, but some of us need a little bit more help than others.

In fact, in this climate, pretty much everyone does. If you’re relatively new to TikTok, you might not have realized just how competitive it can be.

Most other social media sites are swamped these days, and while TikTok is well on its way, it’s not quite there yet. There is an opportunity for you to do well, but you’ve got to outsource your engagement strategy.

Let’s review seven of the best TikTok followers apps that we think can help you get more followers, and change the way that people look at your profile.

First Look

1. Best of the Best: Seek Socially

“I was just about to give up on my TikTok profile when I came across Seek Socially. This app for iPhone and Android is honestly one of the best – and the best part is that their features are easy to use, and they don’t ask you to enter lots of personal information.”

2. Second Best: Tokupgrade

“I think I like Tokupgrade because they don’t mince their words. They are straight to the point, simple, effective, and incredibly personable. All they want is to see their clients do really well.”

3. Third Best: Toksocial

Toksocial is one of those companies that might not look like much on the surface, but when you get to know them, you realize that they are so much better than so many companies out there.”

4. Best for Budget: TokCaptain

“I love that I can get all of my followers and likes for Android or iPhone by downloading this TikTok-friendly app. It doesn’t matter what device I’m on; TokCaptain can make my profile look amazing.”

5. Best for Variety: UseViral

UseViral makes it super easy for me to get more followers for my TikTok profile, and the best part is that I don’t have to spend all of my time growing it myself. They take care of the basic features, so that I can focus on my videos.”

6. Best for Security: SidesMedia

SidesMedia is one of the best TikTok followers apps I’ve found because they take care of their clients like the individuals that they are. They say that they are the most trusted source for social media engagement, and I can see why.”

7. Best for Being New: SocialViral

“I’ve always been worried about using iOS and Android apps like SocialViral for my growth because I think that I’m going to be overcharged. Social Viral is one of the best-priced apps out there – well worth every cent you’ve got.”

8. Best for Being Original: Media Mister

“If you need something for Android or iPhone that’s going to help you not only with your TikTok but with your Instagram too, then check out Media Mister. I love being able to consolidate all of my engagement needs in one place.”

9. Best for Variety: Followersup

“When I download an app onto my iPhone, I need to know that it’s going to be safe and not risk any sensitive information I have. Followersup is great as reassuring its clients that it takes security very seriously, so I don’t have to worry.”

Best TikTok Followers Apps in 2022

1. Best of the Best: Seek Socially

Seek Socially TikTok Followers

Seek Socially, another great app to use for your TikTok growth, can help its clients through iOS and Android, and can make all the difference to getting the right fans and likes.

We love that they claim to be the only real provider of TikTok fans and likes, and they are prepared to do everything it takes to help every client reach their full TikTok potential.

Once you’ve chosen your package and entered your information, they can begin helping you grow your account.

Seek Socially is one of the better known TikTok apps, which is why we put them on the list under ‘reputation’.

2. Second Best: Tokupgrade


The key takeaway with Tokupgrade for us is that they don’t use bots or fake accounts to grow their client’s TikTok profiles.

This is perhaps one of the most stand-out things about them and one of the most important things in the industry in general.

If you can connect with an app like this to get more followers for TikTok that can actually promise real, active engagement, take the opportunity with both hands.

There are very few apps in the industry that can actually follow through on a promise like this.

As you can see by our reviewer above, Tokupgrade has nothing but good things to offer its clients.

Their completely managed service means that you have all the time in the world to focus on creating more content that your audience is going to love.

They automatically engage with the right target audience for your niche and industry, so the result is a tight-knit community of people that love you for what you bring to the TikTok table.

Don’t miss out on an opportunity like this.

3. Third Best: Toksocial

Toksocial Review

There are a lot of reviews out there about Toksocial that talk about how similar it is to Tokupgrade, and while it might have a few differences, it’s true.

However, because we know how good Tokupgrade is, this can only be considered a good thing.

One of the first things that Toksocial gets into on their website is promising new and existing clients that they don’t align themselves with fake followers, spam, or bots.

If you want to be taken seriously on TikTok’s platform, this is great news. If you want something that can work on Android or iPhone, this is the one.

They also talk about how easy their sign up process is – and you can cancel anytime, so there’s no reason to feel like you’re under any pressure to commit.

4. Best for Budget: TokCaptain


TokCaptain is the third best on our list because they love the idea of being able to help their clients make and reach tangible TikTok goals that aren’t unrealistic.

Why you might want to reach for the stars and have hundreds of people checking you out all the time, this might not happen all at once – you’ve got to build up your TikTok reputation gradually.

What we love about TokCaptain is that they’re constantly working on their features and services, so that they can always be the best for their clients.

As our reviewer above said, this is a super user-friendly TikTok app that you can download to iPhone or Android. Consider it your personal TikTok assistant.

5. Best for Variety: UseViral

UseViral TikTok Followers Pricing

UseViral is a powerhouse when it comes to being a TikTok followers app because they have a network that you can connect with that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

Every app like this has a different approach to helping its clients get more TikTok followers, and UseViral uses the networking approach.

This means that they have an existing network that they tap into for their clients, to expand their reach and spread their content across the board.

Their network comprises industry professionals everywhere, and currently they have more than 5000 members.

All of these experts work really hard on your behalf to share your content on other platforms so that you can get more of the right TikTok followers looking at your content.

Another thing that we like about this TikTok followers app is that they can help you on the rest of your networks as well, so you don’t have to stick to just growing your TikTok profile.

6. Best for Security: SidesMedia


SidesMedia is a TikTok followers app that stands apart from the rest because they can help their clients expand their brand’s reach.

This is one of their biggest goals when offering their clients a service like this and we are confident that they can help you from the beginning right to the end.

They continue to reiterate that they offer their clients high-quality engagement, which is an essential part of getting more of the right followers for TikTok content.

The last thing you need is to sign up for a company that is just going to send you low-quality TikTok followers that aren’t even going to interact with your content.

Another thing that we really like about this company is that they promise to send their clients TikTok followers within a reasonable amount of time.

Their average turnaround time is 3 days, which is more than reasonable, especially when compared to other companies in the industry.

7. Best for Being New: SocialViral

SocialViral - Tiktok

One thing that a lot of people worry about when they start to think about social media marketing and using an app for their TikTok growth is budget.

While there are a lot of free options out there, the reality is that free doesn’t always mean good quality.

This results in the impression that you have to spend a lot of money to get the kind of growth you think your profile deserves.

However, just like our reviewer said, there are apps that exist for iOS and Android that aren’t going to make you spend too much over your budget.

One of these apps is SocialViral, and they have real, exclusive TikTok views, likes, and followers for some of the best prices that you’ll come across.

They promise genuine engagement and immediate results, so you can rest assured that they’re worth it. 

8. Best for Being Original: Media Mister

Media Mister TikTok Followers

If you’re someone who likes to think big picture and wants not only to achieve success through TikTok but through Instagram as well and even YouTube while you’re at it, then you need to take a look at Media Mister.

These guys know that most people who are trying to make it big out there online like the idea of growing all of their profiles at once.

This is why this app that you can download for iPhone and Android comes with some awesome features that are divided depending on what social media channel you want to use it for the most right now.

Of course, they have some really awesome TikTok features, which you can use in conjunction with their Twitter features, too.

Being organized and being able to grow all profiles at once is a dream come true for many.

9. Best for Variety: Followersup

Followersup Buy-TikTok-Fans

One of the biggest things that is on people’s minds these days is budget, but there’s also something else that they’re worried about, too.

Security is a big thing these days when so many of us spend so much time online.

If you’ve already built a bit of a brand around your TikTok profile, then you’ll want to preserve it as best you can, and avoid apps that are going to jeopardize this. This is one of the reasons why we like Followersup so much.

This app that you can download on any device comes with top-notch security so that you never have to be worried about compromising your reputation and online credibility.

Another thing that they have going for them is that they can help you grow all of your different social media channels, no matter what they are.

This means that if you’re trying to keep your Instagram going at the same pace as your TikTok, they can help you with specialized features.

They also have great customer support, which can be there for you whenever you need it.

10. Best for Reputation: FeedPixel


Some of the apps on this list have been around for a long time, and some of them have only recently started gaining momentum.

While the older ones might have the reputation to back them up, we’re inclined to think that there are some newer options out there that can do just as good of a job at helping you get more TikTok followers.

Just like our reviewer talked about, FeedPixel is a simple yet effective tool for iOS and Android that can help you get more followers on many different channels, including, of course, TikTok.

They have some of the best prices that we’ve found in the industry, and they seem to really care about the customer, too.

11. Best for Diversity: SocialPilot


The thing that we love the most about SocialPilot is that they can help you with your TikTok scheduling, as well as your TikTok engagement.

Just like our reviewer talked about above, SocialPilot is one of those companies that can help you not only with publishing, but analytics and networking with the right people in your industry.

They can help you work out what the best approach to your TikTok engagement is, which is going to make all the difference when making content and putting it up.

12. Best for Customer Experience: Social Masters

If you want one of the best apps to get more followers on your TikTok account for iOS and Android, then we suggest you check out Social Masters.

They can help you with managing your comments, as well as scheduling any upcoming posts you might have.

One thing that really stands out to us about Social Masters is that they can help you with more than just your TikTok account – they can help you with Instagram, too, as well as a few other services.

They are specialized and small, making them a great option if you need something hardworking and determined.

13. Follow Tok

Follow Tok is a TikTok followers app that makes it super simple and easy for its clients to get ahead on the internet’s most popular social media sharing app right now.

They understand their client’s needs, which is why their features can make a real difference.

They are available for Android, and they can easily bring more visibility to your content, so that you can spend your time focusing on creating more videos.

14. Tik Fame

Tik Fame loves to help its clients get ahead, and they do this by growing your TikTok profile with their TikTok followers app.

They say that they can help you grow your account to a much bigger fan base, and we believe that their point of difference is being able to help you come up with the right hashtags for your content.

If you aren’t using the right hashtags on TikTok, then your content isn’t going to get very far.

Use a TikTok followers app like this, and you can guarantee that you will do better with your TikTok profile right now.

15. Tik Tracker

Tik Tracker as a TikTok followers app that can be used with either iPad or iPhone, and they say that they give their clients are really good chance of being successful.

They come with all of the basic engagement features, and they work hard to put your content in front of the right people.

When you are trying to take your TikTok more seriously, you need advocates like this that are going to take it just as seriously.

16. Real Likes

Real Likes is a followers app for TikTok that is available on Android, but you can also download it as well.

This means that you can use it on your desktop, and it comes with free features so that you don’t have to worry about paying for anything if you don’t have the budget for it right now.

We also appreciate that they have really good ratings on third-party companies out there, and as far as we are concerned we believe that they are an effective way to grow your TikTok following.

17. Free TikTok

Free TikTok is a followers app for TikTok that, as you might have already been able to guess, can help you for free.

Of course, this is a great option if you are someone who doesn’t have a lot in your marketing budget right now, but still wants to get ahead with their TikTok followers.

You will see a lot of companies out there that are offering their clients free TikTok followers, but we can guarantee that these guys are one of the only ones that actually follow through on this promise.

18. Social Follow

Social Follow is a follows app for TikTok that wants to make it super easy for its clients to do well.

There are lots of companies out there that get super technical when it comes to their services and apps, and Social Follow isn’t one of them.

They know that you haven’t got a lot of time to dedicate to your TikTok growth, and the small amount of time that you do have you want to dedicate to your content.

This is another free follows app for TikTok that actually cares about its clients, so you can feel confident that you will do really well with them.

19. TikTok Guru

TikTok Guru is a followers app for TikTok that knows a lot about growing their client’s TikTok accounts.

They’ve been in the TikTok growth industry for a long time now, so we are confident when we say that they able to do really well on their client’s behalf.

Another thing that we really like about this follows app is that they have some of the best pricing in the industry, so while they might not technically be free, they can definitely accommodate for your limited budget needs right now.

20. TikTok Followers Free

TikTok Followers Free, as you might have already been able to guess, can help its clients with free TikTok followers.

This followers app for TikTok says they can help their clients do really well on TikTok right away, so if you are someone who doesn’t want to wait around for your TikTok growth, and wants to do really well almost overnight, then we suggest that you check out this app.

Don’t worry, all of your information will be safe and secure with them.

Our Review Process

When we go through apps like the ones you see above on our list of best TikTok followers apps in 2022, we make sure to do a bit of a background check so that we can guarantee that they’re the best out there.

This is why we work hard to look at over 244 apps, and read through 2130 customer testimonials, so we know exactly what we’re working with.

This way, we can bring you some of the best in the business, and leave the average ones out.

Make sure to check out these TikTok followers apps and their free features, and find the one that suits your niche and industry the best.