If you’re just getting started with the whole TikTok thing, then you may want to consider getting a bit of a boost by finding a site to buy TikTok followers from before you do too much of the work yourself.

The reality is, most people these days make their days more efficient by outsourcing their TikTok follower growth.

This means that they can focus instead on what really matters – creating awesome content for everyone to enjoy.

If you’re someone who knows that they have the potential to get big on the world’s most popular social media sharing app, then make the most of getting help from the experts.

Let’s review what we think are the best sites to buy TikTok followers & fans from right now.

First Look at The Best Sites to Buy TikTok Followers 

1. Best of the Best: Tokupgrade

“It’s hard to describe just how much I love Tokupgrade. Let’s just say that they have been able to do everything for me and so much more. This capable, specialized real TikTok followers service has outdone themselves, and I keep coming back to buy more.”

2. Second Best: Toksocial

Toksocial is honestly just one of the best places to buy TikTok followers from right now. I’m pretty fussy, which means that I’ll only settle for the best quality engagement. Toksocial has been able to do that for me and more.”

3. Third Best: UseViral

“If you’re someone like me who wants things to be nice and easy, simple, and straightforward on TikTok, then try UseViral, they made it so that I don’t even have to think about my engagement – I can just get on with having fun creating content.”

4. Fourth Best: Tokcaptain

“I liked Tokcaptain when I came across them immediately because I could tell that they were different from the rest. They knew what I was looking for and set their features to fit in with this. They are super accommodating and put more effort into my TikTok growth than any other brand has.”

5. Best for Growth: SocialViral

SocialViral is my favorite TikTok followers service because they offer exclusive engagement features that I can’t find anywhere else. This means that I can get on with making more of the content my audience loves, without worrying about my growth.”

6. Best for Variety: Media Mister

“I think that I like Media Mister a lot because they can help me get followers for all the different types of social media platforms, not just TikTok. This means I get to have everything in one place.”

7. Best for Being New: Followersup

“One of the things that I like about Followersup a lot is that they can offer me help with all of my other channels too, not just with TikTok. I’m a pretty organized person, so this goes a long way for me.”

8. Best for Reputation: Fastlykke

“If you’re looking for one of the best TikTok followers and fans companies right now that can offer you some of the best services without the expensive price tag, you should check out Fastlykke. I don’t need a huge budget to benefit from these guys.”

9. Best for Budget: Hashtags for Likes

“Before I tried Hashtags for Likes, I was completely lost about how to grow my hashtag strategy. I knew that it was important, but I had no idea where to even begin. They took the reigns, and in just a few minutes, I had found the right hashtags for my niche.”

10. Best for Being Simple: Instazood

“If you want to be able to cover all of your engagement at the same time, you need Instazood for TikTok. They have helped me with my views and hearts, but also my followers and DMs as well. They’re the kind of company that can, quite simply, do it all.”

The Best Sites to Buy TikTok Followers

1. Best of the Best: Tokupgrade

The reviewer up there said it all – Tokupgrade simply is one of the best companies in the business right now to buy real TikTok followers & fans from.

One of the things that we like especially about them is that they only work with TikTok, which means that their features are specialized and optimized to work really well with this new website.

We also appreciate that they spend time with each and every customer through a personal account manager, and their prices are totally reasonable as well.

If you need something personable, reliable, and high quality, then we strongly suggest you check out Tokupgrade.

2. Second Best: Toksocial

Toksocial not only cares about the safety of its customers, but it also cares about the sustainability of its customer’s accounts as well.

This is why they only use real, authentic engagement that’s going to make a true difference to your growth.

The kind of fans and followers that you will get through these guys is going to be able to hold your account up for a long time, so if you’ve had enough of working with companies that promise this kind of service and don’t deliver, check out Toksocial.

We also love that they offer a cancel anytime policy, so there’s no reason why you have to worry about not being able to get out if you want to.

Their prices are slightly higher than other companies on this list, but we definitely think that you get what you pay for with these guys.

3. Third Best: UseViral

This is the last company on our list that can help you with more than just one platform at once – but we don’t think that this is a bad thing.

They have a chatbox on their homepage, which means that they have really good customer support, and they say that they can help you with everything, from page views to likes, followers, comments, and even dislikes.

UseViral knows that there are many different aspects to your social media growth online, and they try to accommodate them all.

4. Fourth Best: Tokcaptain

While it might feel like all of these companies are pretty similar at this point, we think that Tokcaptain has enough to stand out from the crowd.They offer tools and features that are going to be able to take your TikTok to the next level, without so much as a shoulder lift from your side.

What they want more than anything is to be able to help their clients find the right target audience, which is why they get to know you and your

TikTok page before they get started. This enables them to come up with pretty accurate engagement, which can last a long time.

5. Best for Growth: SocialViral

If you’re someone who likes exclusive engagement that not many other companies are going to be able to offer, then you need to check out SocialViral.

These guys offer what might be considered standard features, but when you delve into them a little bit more, you realize that they are high quality and at great rates.

They promise fast delivery so that you’re not waiting around all day for real TikTok results, and they reiterate on their website that their likes are genuine.We honestly couldn’t ask for a better place to buy TikTok followers from.

6. Best for Variety: Media Mister

Just like the reviewer said up there, Media Mister is possibly best known for its ability to help you with multiple social media platforms – not just TikTok.

This is great if your brand is spread across many different channels, and you need a way to organize all of your engagement, without having to pay five different companies to do it.

They also make sure that their TikTok features are specifically designed for that platform, so they work really well according to existing customers.

We appreciate their reasonable prices and their customer support team that is on hand if you ever need anything. If you really want to grow your brand online and you want to do it everywhere, we suggest checking out Media Mister. 

7. Best for Being New: Followersup

If you are trying to find the best service for variety so that you have a lot of different options to choose from, then you need to consider looking at Followersup.

These guys know that there is a lot of potential opportunity for many different brands online, so the more you make the most of this, the bigger your brand could get.

We like that they are quick and efficient when delivering your fans and followers, and they also make sure that their services are safe to use as well, so you don’t have to be concerned about there being a risk to your reputation.

In this review, we’ve only got good things to say about Followersup.

8. Best for Reputation: Fastlykke

This is the type of TikTok tool to help you get more followers and fans that can offer its clients great quality features without charging them too much.

There are too many companies out there with rates through the roof for similar features – and some of them don’t even offer the quality that Fastlykke has.

One thing that stands out to us the most about Fastlykke is that they’re actually one of the oldest brands in the business – they have been around since 2009, which we think says a lot about how reliable and trustworthy they are.

If you want to have access to great features without having to pay too much, we strongly recommend that you check out these guys.

9. Best for Budget: Hashtags for Likes

Honestly, for us, there’s nothing that quite comes close to Hashtags for Likes. These guys truly know everything there is to know about TikTok engagement and growth, especially when it comes to – yup, you guessed it – hashtags.

When we reviewed them, we couldn’t believe how popular they have become in such a small amount of time. They are truly one of the original hashtag search generators in the industry, and because of this, they come with some of the best searches, analytics, and statistics.

If you want a personable company that truly cares about each client, then you need to jump on board with Hashtags for Likes.

10. Best for Being Simple: Instazood

How much are you hoping to be able to take your TikTok page to the next level this year?If this is you, then you need to try a simple, yet effective site to buy TikTok followers like Instazood. These guys can help you with all the different aspects of having a TikTok account, making them a popular choice.

From commenting, to unfollowing, view stories, direct messaging, to automatically liking other people’s content, there’s not really anything that Instazood can’t do for its clients.We appreciate how much effort they are putting into their features, and think they’re a solid service.


What’s the Typical Delivery Time?

When it comes to companies like this, their delivery time can vary greatly. This is because there are a couple of factors to consider – how big your order is, and how many other orders they are currently processing.

If you have a little bit of patience, you will receive your order anywhere from within the hour to a couple of days, sometimes even longer. You can always contact the company directly to see what things are looking like.

Are These Companies Safe?

As we’ve talked about briefly, one of the things that most of these companies prioritize the most is the safety of their clients. This means that they make sure they aren’t violating any terms and conditions that TikTok has around using a third party.

When working with companies like this, it’s really important that you make sure they value keeping within TikTok’s limits. Otherwise, you could end up putting your account and reputation at risk.

Are These Real Accounts?

Don’t worry – all of these companies promise their clients authentic, genuine accounts. This means that they come with a profile photo, a bio, and they have good profile impressions.

There are more than enough companies out there that say their followers are high quality when they’re not, so when you find companies like this, make sure that you stick with them. They are few and far between in an industry like this.

Our Review Process

When we go through the process of reviewing companies like this, we make sure to do a bit of a background check beforehand.

This is why we check out at least 67 places to buy TikTok followers from and read through upwards of 1200 customer reviews so that we can get a really good gauge on what they’re like as a company and what kind of experience their customers have had.

This way, you have access to some of the best in the business, and you don’t have to worry about losing out in any way. Happy TikTokking!

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