Making The Right Choice: Selecting Intranet Providers

Making The Right Choice: Selecting Intranet Providers

There are several benefits to using an intranet system in your organization.

Whether you run a company or a group in which there are many members who regularly have planning sessions or other discussions, intranet is sure to be a good thing to implement.

You may not know much about these systems. This is when you’d want to do your research on what would be the best provider of intranet services to fit your needs. 

The Importance Of Intranet 

Intranets are ideal when it comes to an organization sharing many types of information that includes policies and processes for employees or members to keep in mind, company news, updates, and other content.

This also is a means to allow employees to request help with projects or other tasks, and otherwise connect with the organization’s leaders and/or co-workers. 

How Intranet Differs From The Internet 

The internet is the whole global collection of networks that comprises the world wide web.

An intranet is a single network that is kept private for use by the employees or members of an organization.

This means that you won’t be able to publish things from this network and people who don’t have the login credentials can’t access the network. 

Benefits Of Intranet Usage

Benefits Of Intranet Usage 

Not only does this give you security and privacy, but it also keeps things streamlined.

The internet can be confusing with the large number of choices, and many of the regular communication systems aren’t going to cut it.

A good intranet system will allow for everyone using it to be comfortable and have greater ease of communication and sharing of news and other content. This is likely going to increase satisfaction and productivity levels. 

Today, more companies than ever have employees who work remotely.

There are many other organizations that plan to transition their employees to remote work on at least a part-time basis.

This means that meetings and project sessions likely will be conducted virtually, even if some members of the group attend in person.

It’s in the best interest of these companies to have a solid intranet system set up. Training in the features, proper usage, and other particulars of this system is going to be crucial to your company’s success. 

Choosing The Right Intranet Provider 

There are a few factors that go into making a decision on which intranet providers you should go through. Here are some of the most important to consider: 


Think of what you’d like your intranet system to do for your organization and make a plan on how to integrate it with any existing systems. You might be able to integrate this with Google or another browser system, and automate processes so that you can do some business tasks faster. 

Mobile Capabilities

Mobile Capabilities

With remote work, people have been checking in or doing their work tasks from many different places. They might need to use a tablet or phone to log into meetings or communicate through the system. 


You’ll want to know the reputation of providers you’re considering. It’s a good idea to look at testimonials on the company’s site and other reviews. You might reach out to leaders at other companies and ask about their experience using a provider such as Simplrr. 

UI Attractiveness

Avoid anything with a user interface that is complicated. Your employees or members are going to appreciate an easy-to-use interface where everything is neat and clear. 


Of course, your organization’s budget is going to be a top consideration. You might think that a higher-priced system will be higher quality, but this isn’t always the case. Think about how a quality intranet will help save money overall and increase employee retention and productivity. 


You need to make sure that there is an adequate security package in place with the intranet system you’re using.

With remote working, there has been more of an onslaught of cyberattacks. It’s important to protect the data that is being shared across this network. 

Technical Support

Not everyone is equipped to provide technical support to their employees or has an in-house technical support department. Make sure that your intranet provider has support you can use. 

The intranet system you use for your business or group can mean the difference between communication breakdown and nurturing of employee communication skills.

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Do your research to locate a cohesive, well-rounded service from a reputable provider. Consider Simplrr as the intranet provider that can meet your company’s many needs.

Written by Alan Taylor
I’m Alan, a technology writer with a decade of experience testing and reviewing software. I’m passionate about providing honest and unbiased reviews to help consumers make informed decisions. With a background in computer science and a talent for simplifying complex concepts, I enjoy exploring new technology trends.