Online Bootcamp – The Incredible Tool You Need to Get Into Coding

Online Bootcamp – The Incredible Tool You Need to Get Into Coding

Coding bootcamps are technical training programs that teach new or experienced coders programming skills. However, coding bootcamps are optimal for beginners who are looking to break into the tech industry, whether they have a computer science degree, GED, or diploma.

Why Coding Bootcamps Are Important

In the past, students would go to technical colleges to become certified coders. But now, technology moves so quickly that the information you learn in a traditional degree program may become worthless in three years. In the tech industry, you need to stay on top of things.

An online coding bootcamp, like Altcademy, can teach you the skills you need for web-based jobs without needing to graduate from a post-secondary education. Employers are in desperate need of tech-savvy individuals. If you can prove you can code, you’ll be at the top of their list.

The Coding Bootcamp Framework

The whole purpose of a coding bootcamp is to teach you needed coding skills in a short time. In the end, coding bootcamps can quicken learning speed and offer high-impact instructions.

Fast Learning Speed

Most computer science students spend a lot of time taking classes they don’t need for their role or learning topics that aren’t current. Traditional education has long since lagged behind.

However, students still worry that without a computer science degree, they won’t be able to find a high-paying tech job. Or worse, that they’ll be passed up for a less experienced individual who has a degree. In our current job market and tech environment, you have little to worry about.

A 2016 developer survey found that 69.1% of respondents were self-taught, while 34.8% had a computer science degree. It’s estimated that over half of coding jobs listed on job sites don’t specify a degree as one of their requirements. So, no, a degree isn’t required to get a tech job.

Coding bootcamps won’t be a worthwhile substitution in the eyes of every employer, but it is for most. Employers who are in the know understand that a bootcamp isolates the most relevant skills from a 4-year degree and infuses it with relevant coding and technology information.

High-Impact Instruction

Coding education works best when it’s high-impact, compact, and quick. Without these features, you’ll inevitably fall behind in the job market. The best coding bootcamps are constantly updated and edited consistently, so you’re guaranteed to receive the most relevant coding education.

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Unfortunately, most degree programs aren’t great at teaching coding. Even older languages like Python, C++, and C# can be a slog for developers to get through due to poor instructors.

Although an intensive training experience can set you up for a long career in tech, it isn’t suitable for everyone. If you prefer to slow down the course, consider applying for something self-directed. Regardless of how long you take, you’ll still graduate quickly and well-prepared.

Relevant Coding Topics

While it’s true that coding bootcamps will teach you more relevant coding topics, it’s vital to know what’s included in your average bootcamp. While you could learn a few creative topics, like video editing, you’ll mostly focus on using code to create websites and various software.

Here are some of the topics your instructors will teach you:

  • Coding Languages: The most critical component of a web developer’s toolkit, coding languages like Python, JavaScript, and Ruby will offer foundational programming skills.
  • Web Development Frameworks: Web-dev frameworks like Rails, Express, and Django, will help you write code faster by providing dozens of ways to perform key actions.
  • Version Control: Git and Github are platforms that track changes in your code. These are helpful if you need to share information or quickly update tools or software.
  • Server and Hosting Tools: Web developers can use Amazon AWS, Heroku, and all the tools that come with them to put web applications live on the internet really quickly.
  • Databases: SQL and NoSQL databases require their own coding languages to perform tasks. As database systems are often used, these languages will be incredibly valuable.

Although software developers have a lot to learn before they’re considered job-worthy, a coding bootcamp can give you everything you need to support your new career in technology.

The Benefits Of Coding Bootcamps Are Endless

Coding bootcamps can boost your salary, offer career mobility, and allow you to adapt to employer needs. While some consider the bootcamp’s speed and price point as negatives, they’re often cheaper and more compact than traditional degree courses and certificates.

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What’s more, you don’t have to worry about being unemployable. Coding bootcamps typically sport a high placement rate, and many employers are willing to hire non-degree applicants.

Written by Alan Taylor
I’m Alan, a technology writer with a decade of experience testing and reviewing software. I’m passionate about providing honest and unbiased reviews to help consumers make informed decisions. With a background in computer science and a talent for simplifying complex concepts, I enjoy exploring new technology trends.