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Odysius Review and Alternatives (2023)

Odysius is one of those companies that can help its client with their Instagram growth – but they’re also so much more than this at the same time. Odysius is the kind of company that promises organic marketing, and they guarantee that you don’t have to share your password with them so that there’s absolutely no risk in using them.
Odysius Review and Alternatives

Odysius is one of those companies that can help its client with their Instagram growth – but they’re also so much more than this at the same time.

Odysius is the kind of company that promises organic marketing, and they guarantee that you don’t have to share your password with them so that there’s absolutely no risk in using them.

They also have limited offers from time to time so that you can get a deal. One thing that we have to point out, though, is that it’s always good having more than one company up your sleeve so that you can cover everything at once.

It’s also good if you want a change, and don’t feel like being with just one company all the time. If this is you, then let’s take a look at some other companies you can put on your list to try out and review them. 

First Look

Best of the Best: Growthoid

“If you love the idea of being able to do it all, like me, then you’re going to love what they do at Growthoid. Growthoid is the type of company that, from the beginning, made it clear that I, as the client, was their number one priority.”

Best Second Up: Stellation Media

Stellation Media made it super easy for me to grow my Instagram account, and the biggest reason for this is that they updated their features so that I’m always one step ahead of Insta. This is going to make my account stand out from the crowd, giving it an advantage above the rest.”

Best Third Up: Upleap

“I know what you’re thinking – if you’ve been to the Upleap webpage, then you might be feeling a little bit letdown. This is because it looks pretty simple, and it’s hard to feel like it’s a special company. But it is. In fact, it’s so special that I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

Best for Hashtags: Task Ant

“How hard is it to find the perfect hashtag game for your Instagram profile? If you’re like me, then you’ll find it almost impossible. I don’t even know where to start a lot of the time, which means that I really need outside help. I couldn’t get the help I needed until I found Task Ant.”

Best for Being New: Combin

“I love that Combin is not only trendy and cool, but they’re upfront and honest about their features. All they want to do is help their clients with their Instagram pages, and we think that they’ve got what it takes to make a real difference.”

Best for Being Old School: Jarvee

“I love trying out new companies, but I’ve recently been jaded by the social media marketing industry, so much so that I had to revert to one of my old favorites, Jarvee. They are honestly one of the best that I’ve found because they are consistent no matter what.”

Best for Variety: Follow Adder

“When I thought about growing my Instagram account, I knew that I needed something that was going to be able to help me with my Instagram growth but in a way that I could still retain some of the control on my end. I’m pleased to say that Follow Adder lets me do this and more.”

Our Reviews

Best of the Best: Growthoid

One of the first things that you’ll see when you check out Growthoid’s website is that they can grow your Instagram page twice as quickly and effectively as other companies out there. Now, while you might see this promise a lot in this industry, we’re here to say that they can back it up.

They also come with a chatbox on their homepage, which can help them stay in touch with their clients and be accountable. They’ve also got one of the longest feature lists we’ve ever found, meaning that they can help you with everything, from your scheduling to your hashtags.

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Best Second Up: Stellation Media

You might already know Stellation Media because they have been in this industry for a while now. What we like about these guys is that they very well could have fallen off the wagon, because most companies like this find it pretty hard to keep up with the play and keep their clients interest.

However, we’re pleased to say that Stellation Media didn’t, and they even went as far as to completely update their features, so that their clients could keep up with Instagram. They can help you use stories to grow your account, which we love.

Best Third Up: Upleap

Just like our reviewer said in their testimonial above, a lot of people take one look at Upleap and think that they’re nothing more than your everyday, generic Instagram bot. This is perhaps because their features are so simple – but what sets them apart from the rest is that they work.

There are lots of companies out there just like this, except they don’t work. We love that with Upleap, you can also be connected to a personal account manager, who you can talk to about your Instagram growth continually. Honestly, these guys are one of the best.

Best for Hashtags: Task Ant

It’s hard for us to find something negative about Task Ant because they’ve been a solid staple since the very beginning. It wasn’t too long ago, in fact, that they were a brand new company, but they stood out straight away because they came up with something that nobody had come up with before – a hashtag generator.

These days, while there are lots of people who can help you with your hashtags, they simply don’t compare to Task Ant. What’s more, these guys are personable and truly care about their clients. 

Best for Being New: Combin

Combin says that they are an Instagram marketing and content planning solution for their clients, so they’re another practical company that can help you not only with your Instagram engagement but with your content scheduling as well. There aren’t too many companies out there that can do both, and do both well, so we highly suggest you check them out.

They also come with a message box on their homepage, and they can help you continue to attract new followers, so they look after their customers on a long term basis.

Best for Being Old School: Jarvee

Sometimes, there’s nothing wrong with sticking to your guns and going for a company whos old school in how they help their clients grow their accounts. While you might be excited to see that there are brand new companies cropping up all the time, we promise that you can’t fault Jarvee in any way, which is why they’re still a favorite of ours.

We love Jarvee because they have a dashboard that their clients take control of so that you can tweak their features and make them work for you. If this is the kind of approach you want to take with your Instagram, you need to check these guys out. 

Best for Variety: Follow Adder

Liked the idea of Jarvee? Then you’re going to like the idea of Follow Adder – in fact, you’ve probably already heard of them before. This is because Follow Adder is another one of those companies that have been in the business for a long time, and we’re confident that they know everything there is to know about growing Instagram accounts.

We’re particularly impressed with the way they’ve been able to keep their prices reasonable, even though a lot has changed over the years. They can help you with everything to do with Instagram and other social media channels, too. 

Did You Know?

How many people do you think use Instagram every single month? We can tell you right now that it’s grown exponentially since it first came out all those years ago. Believe it or not, an impressive 1 billion people use Instagram every month.

That’s approximately 1 in 7 people using Instagram every month – in the world. Needless to say, it’s a pretty big platform, and a pretty good one to be on if you’re trying to find people to follow you, or help grow your brand.

Our Review Process

When we take a look at the companies on this list that we think are viable alternatives to Odysius, we make sure to do a bit of homework first before we make a final decision. This is why we look at 122 Instagram growth services and read through at least 233 customer testimonials that discuss both positive and negative things about them.

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This is the only way that we can make sure that companies like these are trustworthy and are going to be able to help your profile in the long run. Have a look at any free trials they offer, and good luck growing your Instagram account with them.