How Many People Have Tattoos

How Many People Have Tattoos in 2024? 32%!

How Many People Have Tattoos in 2024? 32%!

Tattooing the skin has been around for centuries.

While the popularity of tattooing fluctuates, it’s become increasingly popular in recent decades.

So, how many people have tattoos today?

That’s the topic we will be addressing in this article today.

According to statistics, an estimated 32% of Americans have at least one tattoo, though that figure is higher among younger age groups.

It’s often used as a means of self-expression or to honor or commemorate a loved one.

People also get tattoos to honor their culture, heritage, or religion.

Regardless of why people get tattoos they become a permanent part of the human body which means you must proceed with caution before getting a tattoo.

Plus, there are some associated risks that may occur when you get a tattoo like allergic reactions or infections. 

We will discuss the popularity of tattoos in this article and why people get them.

We will also discuss some trends and demographics in regard to tattoos. 

By the end of this article, you should be able to determine whether getting one is worth it to you.

Key Statistics

  • 32% of Americans have at least one tattoo
  • 25 million people across the globe have at least one tattoo.
  • 14% of adults in the EU have a tattoo.
  • 74% of Americans say they don’t have a tattoo.
  • 40% of Americans between 18 and 34 have at least one tattoo.
  • 59% of women in the world claim to have at least one tattoo.
  • 35% of citizens in the United Kingdom aged 30 to 39 have tattoos.
  • 70% of UK and US employers don’t favor employees with visible tattoos in the workplace.
  • 17% of people with tattoos say they regret getting one.
  • 39% of Black/African Americans in the United States have at least one tattoo.
  • 51% of the LGBTQ+ community say they have at least one tattoo.

How Many People Have Tattoos?

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1. An Estimated 25 Million People Across the Globe Have at Least One Tattoo.

According to data, an estimated 25 million people from all over the world have at least one tattoo.

This shows the popularity of tattoos in today’s world, but it’s not possible to know the precise number of people in the world with tattoos.

This is an estimate. 

(Bored Panda)

2. An Estimated 14% of Adults in The EU Have a Tattoo.

In the European Union, it’s estimated that about 14% of people have a tattoo.

In fact, 47% of the population in Sweden has a tattoo.

Moreover, in Germany, 36% of its population says they have at least one tattoo.

Therefore, we see that tattoos are popular in European society. 

(Bored Panda, CompareCamp, Earthweb)

3. 74% of Americans Say They Don’t Have a Tattoo.

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According to a 2021 survey among Americans, 74% don’t have any tattoos, but 17% have more than one tattoo.

Plus, another 9% of respondents say they have one tattoo and 1% skipped the question.

On the other hand, a Pew Research Center survey in 2023 revealed that 32% of Americans say they have at least one tattoo. 

(Pew Research, Statista)

4. 40% of Americans Between 18 and 34 Have at Least One Tattoo.

Age-related statistics about tattoos reveal that 40% of people aged 18 to 34 have one or more tattoos.

Also, in 2018, there were 21,000 known tattoo parlors in America.

Another 40% of people with tattoos got their first one when they were 18 years old or younger.

(Modern Gentlemen)

5. 59% of Women in The World Claim to Have at Least One Tattoo.

Globally, women are more apt to get a tattoo than men.

One survey showed that 59% of women across the globe have at least one tattoo compared to 41% of men.

Moreover, in Greece, 42% of women have tattoos compared to 29% of men.

However, in America, 15% of men have a tattoo compared to 13% of women in the country. 


6. 35% of Citizens in The United Kingdom Aged 30 to 39 Have Tattoos.

Tattoos 524

In the U.K., 35% of its population aged 30 to 39 say they have tattoos.

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Therefore, over one-third of the entire population of the United Kingdom has at least one tattoo.

Likewise, 22% of UK citizens aged 18 to 29 say they have tattoos.

The age group in the United Kingdom with the fewest tattos include 7% of those aged 50 to 64.

(CompareCamp, No Regrets Mag)

7. 70% of UK and US Employers Don’t Favor Employees with Visible Tattoos in The Workplace.

A CompareCamp study revealed that 70% of employers in the United States and in the United Kingdom say that they aren’t in favor of having employees with visible ink/tattoos.

Therefore, the old stigma that follows tattooed people around still exists in the workplace, though it’s not often a factor that impacts employment.

At least they don’t openly admit that as a reason for not hiring someone.

(CompareCamp, Stand News Radio)

8. 17% of People with Tattoos Say They Regret Getting One.

Tattoos have been around for at least 6,000 years.

Getting “inked” has been a pastime for people for decades, but today, tattoos are virtually mainstream and popular among modern generations.

However, 17% of people who have gotten a tattoo say they regret the tattoo.

In fact, the biggest reason for regretting a tattoo is because it’s a person’s name with whom they no longer associate.

(History of Tattoos)

9. 39% of Black/African Americans in The United States Have at Least One Tattoo.

In terms of race/ethnicity, the African American/Black community has the most instances of tattoos.

In fact, 11% say they have one and 28% say they have more than one tattoo.

Among the Hispanic/Latino community, 35% have one or more tattoos.

White/Caucasian Americans account for 32% of the population with tattoos.

The Asian population in America account for only 14% of those with at least one tattoo.

(Pew Research center)

10. 51% of The LGBTQ+ Community Say They Have at Least One Tattoo.

Tattoos 526

In terms of sexual orientation, 51% of the Lesbian, gay, or bisexual community say they have a tattoo.

Of that percentage 39% say they have more than one.

Among the heterosexual community, 31% have a tattoo and 20% of that percentage say they have more than one.

(Pew Research Center)


How Much Do Tattoos Cost?

The cost of tattoos is different according to size, location, and complexity of the tattoo.

It also depends on the skills and experience of the tattoo artist. 

Overall, larger tattoos cost more as do those with complex art elements.

Some take longer than others and require more art skills.

As for tattoos on visible areas of the body, they may also cost more.

Does Getting a Tattoo Hurt?

Getting a tattoo can be painful depending on the person’s pain level tolerance and where the tattoo is being placed.

Certain areas of the body are more painful for tattooing such as feet, ribs, etc.

How Does a Person Care for A New Tattoo?

Tattoo artists will give you instructions for the care and maintenance of your new tattoo.

You must follow their care instructions for the best results and to prevent infections. 

Making sure to take care of your new tattoo according to the instructions of your tattoo artist will also ensure that it looks its best and heals properly. 

Generally, new tattoo aftercare includes gently washing it with soap and water and the application of an ointment recommended by the tattoo artist.

Also, for the first few days, you need to keep it covered with a bandage.

Can You Get a Tattoo While Pregnant or Breastfeeding?

It’s not recommended to get tattooed while you’re pregnant or breastfeeding. Why? 

Because during the tattooing process, some bacteria may be introduced into the body that could put the unborn baby at risk.

Likewise, if you’re breastfeeding, that bacteria could put your breastfed baby at risk. 

Also, tattooing is known to put added stress on the human body which can have a negative effect on the body. 


Now we know that an estimated 225 million people all over the world have tattoos.

Some people have one and others have two or more.

Getting a tattoo is a very personal choice that should be taken seriously and not lightly since it’s a permanent part of your body. 

Also, a few people, 17%, regret getting a tattoo.

Most of them regret it because it’s the name of a person with whom they don’t associate any more like an ex. 

While people can get tattoos removed, it’s said to be a painful and expensive process.

It can cost an average of $450 per session to get a tattoo removed which could involve several sessions depending on the tattoo. 

Some people prefer to have their tattoo “edited” by an expert tattoo artist instead at a lower cost of an average of $100 to $200.

It can cost up to $1000, but it’s still cheaper than surgical removal.

In terms of getting hired for a job, tattoos aren’t usually a factor.

However, excessive tattoos on the face, neck, and arms may cause a problem with getting a job even if an employer doesn’t mention it.

We hope we have answered the question of what percentage of people have tattoos and that the data we revealed has given you enough to make an informed decision about getting one.


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