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Instajool Review & Alternatives (2022)

Instajool Alternatives

Instajool has a lot to offer when looking at it as a viable option for your Instagram growth. They even come with a free seven-day trial, which we think is pretty cool. However, it’s always good to have a few companies up your sleeve that you can use instead if anything were to happen.

Instagram is always on the lookout for the next company to shut down, and if this happens, you’ll want to have something you can turn to. What’s more, Instajool has been getting some bad reviews lately, so perhaps now is a good time to have a look at what else is out there. Let’s check out our top five hits for the best Instajool alternatives.

First Look

1. Best of the Best: Stellation Media

“I love that Stellation Media doesn’t just want to help me with my Instagram growth. While this aspect of my brand is important, there are other things to think about too, like making sure my website is up to par. Stellation Media helps me with this side of things and more so that I can focus on bigger picture stuff.”

2. Second Best of the Best: Growthoid

“Perhaps one of the best things about Growthoid and why I’ve been using them for so long is just how personable they are with every customer. Not only do they have great price points and awesome features, but they will sit down with you and ask you about how they can help you. They always put the customer first.”

3. Best for Your Budget Margins: Follow Adder

“I always need to be finding the right Instagram growth service for my budget – that’s my top priority and something that I have very little wriggle room with. Fortunately, Follow Adder saved the day, and now I never have to worry about having to pay too much for Instagram growth again.”

4. Best for Your Account’s Security: Task Ant

“I love it when you come across companies that have decided to take Instagram growth from a whole different perspective. Task Ant has come up with an idea that’s pretty exciting and innovative, and my profile has certainly benefited since I began using them.”

5. Best for an Old-Timer: Jarvee

“I’ve always struggled to put my trust in newer companies. There are just so many out there, it’s almost impossible to know who’s great and who’s not. Jarvee makes my choice easy – because they’re an old-timer, I know that I can trust them straight away.”

Instajool Alternatives (Our Reviews)

1. Best of the Best: Stellation Media

If you like the idea of getting help with your website as well as your Instagram growth, then you need to check out Stellation Media. These guys are less of a growth service and more of a hub for all of your online brand promotion needs. When we reviewed them, we found that they offer new customers a free consultation so that they can get to know your needs better.

2. Second Best of the Best: Growthoid

Along with Stellation Media, the next company on our list has come out with something pretty new and exciting this year. Our review of Growthoid revealed that there is now a new feature that you can use in place of that old, boring follow/unfollow tool. They can now mass like people’s stories for you, which of course is going to get their attention onto your page. If you’re wanting to keep on top of what’s happening on Instagram, you need to try this tool.

3. Best Your Budget Margins: Follow Adder

We all know how tough it can be when you’re a burgeoning brand, and you don’t have a lot to spend on marketing. It’s a tough world out there, and not everyone is a Kardashian or a Bieber. Some of us have to work hard to get our brand off the ground and Follow Adder knows this. Their simple yet effective features and price points have stuck with them through it all, so they get extra points from us for consistency.

4. Best for Your Account’s Security: Task Ant

Task Ant is arguably one of the most exciting Instagram growth companies that we’ve seen in a long time. Don’t let their simple website layout fool you – these guys are so serious about your growth on the gram that they’ve decided to fight it with a new weapon – their hashtag search engine. This gives you lots of exclusive data on the hashtags that you use, so you can figure out if they’re a good fit.

5. Best for an Old-Timer: Jarvee

Jarvee is the type of company that you know you can trust, just like your insurance company that you’ve been with for years. Jarvee has built up a solid reputation in this industry and along with a customizable dashboard also comes with price points that have stayed the same since day one.

Did You Know?

Why Instagram?Did you know that Instagram is a brand’s game? This means that if you’re doing all of this for your brand, keep doing it – it’ll pay off at some point. This is because as many as 60% of people say that they discover new products on the gram. You never know, the next product that they discover could be yours.

Also, in case you were interested, the most used giphy sticker in people’s stories is the heart love sticker.

Our Review Process

We put a lot into the review process of our top five list so that you can rest assured we’re recommending the best of the best. This is why we track down at least 127 Instagram growth companies and upwards of 320 customer reviews that talk about both the advantages and disadvantages of using them.

This is the only way that we can be confident about choosing the right companies to fill the top five spots. We wouldn’t want to recommend you companies that weren’t going to work. Check out our top five Instajool alternatives and see how far you can take your Instagram.