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How To Use AR For Your Next Social Media Campaign

You may have heard of augmented reality (AR) before… or, maybe not. Either way, this new technology can be the next big thing in advertising and marketing for social media campaigns.

What Is Augmented Reality?

AR, or augmented reality, is a type of technology that places computer-generated images over a person’s view of the real world.

It’s been around for decades, but, recently, became famous, thanks to exciting new developments in smartphones and wearable technology.

One example of how AR is used in companies is when it allows customers to see how pieces of furniture look in certain properties before purchasing them.

This has not only been revolutionary for the retail industry, but is also making consumers’ lives more manageable than ever.

In recent years, AR has also been integrated with social media marketing and offered by social media marketing Cardiff agencies and many service providers worldwide.

If your company is interested in this integration, social media marketing experts, like Caffeine Marketing, can help you make this happen.

Augmented reality vector background

Understanding AR In Social Media Campaigns

It’s essential to understand augmented reality’s nature and how it can be used in your social media campaigns.

Before getting started, here are a few tips you might want to know:

Know Where To Place AR Technology: Platform, Location, Industry

Although there are many social media promotion methods that don’t work anymore, using AR may be the first step to creating a successful campaign.

While, in theory, any brand can benefit from this technology, some industries are naturally better suited for it than others.

For example, including an AR app in your campaign that lets clients try makeup would be perfect for a beauty brand.

Eyewear companies may also use it to offer a pair of sunglasses that can show customers how these look on their faces. However, AR may not be the best fit for your social media campaign if you’re in the food industry.

Also, it’s crucial to identify where AR technology may be used in different platforms. Remember that some platforms may allow you to create interactive image effects and design 3D objects. Some, however, have limited features making this goal unachievable.

Lastly, the target location where you deploy your augmented reality campaign is just as important. Ideally, an augmented reality experience should be targeted to inspire people to buy locally or within the area, and increase foot traffic for businesses.

By considering these three simple elements, namely industry, platform, and location, your brand can make the most out of AR technology in social media campaigns.

You’ll know where AR works best, where it performs best, and what type of content will be the most effective.

Keep It Simple

Not everyone has access to or wants to use augmented reality all the time. Thus, when deploying a campaign with AR, the key to success is simplicity.

It’s because some users who might need to download an app or buy into the experience might feel overwhelmed by this technology. 

Therefore, don’t overcomplicate its use. Instead, make sure that it’s simple enough to be utilized even by the least tech-savvy person.

Don’t Just Use AR Because It’s Popular

AR is an emerging technology revolutionizing how businesses communicate with their consumers. However, this doesn’t mean every new social media campaign needs to include augmented reality.

Brands need to ask themselves if the AR element is really adding value for their consumers, such as utilizing AR for virtually testing beauty products. If it isn’t, then, maybe it’s best not to use this technology at all.

Know Your Target Audience

If you’ve done your homework and understand your target audience, then, creating an augmented reality experience will be easy to do effectively. It’s because not all people want to use this technology, but some may really enjoy it.

This can lead to better engagement and sales. Thus, you must know your audience and what they like before utilizing AR in social media campaigns.

Have A Clear Goal For Using Augmented Reality

If you want to create an augmented reality campaign through social media, then, consider your goals. Is your goal to increase brand engagement? 

Is it hoping the user downloads an app and becomes a loyal customer?  Whatever the case, make sure that you understand what you want to achieve through this technology.

Also, your goal should be measurable after the campaign is complete. This way, you can determine whether or not the augmented reality element effectively reached your desired goal.

Keep in mind that the outcome of an augmented reality campaign needs to have a purpose other than just being cool. Use this technology successfully in your next social media marketing plan.


AR technology is changing social media campaigns for brands and marketers everywhere. Its ability to increase sales and customer engagement makes it a powerful new tool you don’t want to miss out on.

If you keep these things in mind as you move forward, you’ll be well on your way to developing an incredible campaign that’s also effective at reaching your target audience.