How to Make Unique Content For Social Media and Find Your Style

How to Make Unique Content For Social Media and Find Your Style

How to Make Unique Content For Social Media and Find Your Style

Social media has become a part of our life. Modern people use Facebook or Instagram all day long. This means you can create content and become popular. There are many reasons for doing social media posting. But how to make unique content? What does the average person need to find a personal style?

Let’s understand these details with real examples.

Share Positive Statistics and News


Most people want to see positive content and news. Share your achievements and statistics. Let’s say you launched your startup and have already reached the first 1000 sales. Create a post that notifies your friends and potential clients about your progress. People love positive news, charts, and pictures. 

But even if you are not in business, you can tell your friends about your new achievements. Let’s say you were able to run a marathon and never stop. Share this news and a beautiful thematic picture with your subscribers. People will surely appreciate such an achievement.

Personalize Your Content

All posts must be original and personalized. You can build your strategy around popularizing your personality or a certain image that is popular on social media. By the way, you should identify current trends or what your target audience likes. For example, your followers are fond of posts about cats and dogs. 

Then you shouldn’t be creating content related to cars or politics. Why would such publications be unpopular? Because you need personalized content that interests your audience. It’s like asking someone, “Is domyessay legit?” Hardly anyone without prior experience can tell you the truth.

Identify Your Strengths

What are your main advantages as a content maker? Can you joke, dance, tell stories or give advice? Identify your strengths to understand in which direction you should go. The point is, your potential audience can be picky enough when it comes to content. Don’t blindly chase trends.

What can you do better than others? Make several publications on those topics that are of interest to you. Take a look at how people react to content. Most likely, you will need 5-10 publications to identify the most interesting direction for self-development. But try to choose the niche that interests you the most.

Use Less Promotional Content


Let’s say you’ve created an account to promote your personality or brand on social media. This is a good solution, but there are a few key things you need to know. First, people will not tolerate the abundance of promotional content. Try to avoid a huge amount of advertising publications. Second, try to be more creative.

If you want to tell your subscribers about a product or service, you should create original content. For example, you can make a sketch or use the original story to publish. Finally, describe a situation where a certain product or service helped you overcome difficulties or get what you wanted.

Design Your Content Well

Today’s audiences are very selective when it comes to content quality. That is why you should carefully consider how you want to create posts, photos, or videos. Don’t think that a simple selfie with a couple of lines of text will help you get hundreds or even thousands of followers. Instead, you should think through every step.

Create beautiful videos, photos and take your time to write anything. Think about the purpose of your content. Write concisely and meaningfully. Your audience needs to understand your style and the way you express yourself. This is a key step to success.

Use Controversial Topics with Caution

Controversial topics are the shortest path to scandals, negative subscriber reactions, and loss of trust. You should carefully analyze the news or informational publication that you are going to share with the public.

Certain types of content can offend the feelings of believers, certain social groups, or nationalities. Sometimes you should refuse any publication at all rather than face a barrage of criticism. Make a content plan that will allow you to decide in advance which topics you shouldn’t choose.

Interact with Your Audience


Sometimes, your audience can be the main guide in creating the style and type of content. Don’t be afraid to ask your followers what they like the most. Ask people to leave comments and advice or simply to express emotions. Typically, you can count on at least 10-20% of people to advise you on something worthwhile. Thanks to this, you can improve your content and find a unique style.

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Final Words

As you can see, there are many ways to make your content unique. Try to find new topics, constantly improve the quality of photos and videos, and don’t forget about good slogans. Try to avoid controversial topics, and don’t be afraid to ask what your subscribers like. Be honest and don’t be afraid to do what you like. Social media is where your hobby can become your profession.

Create a mini-plan and experiment with content types. You can even find some celebrities and look at their style to figure out which direction you should take. Then you can understand exactly what kind of content you like to create.

Written by Colin Tan
Colin Tan is a tech entrepreneur and business leader with extensive experience in the technology industry. He is the Co-Founder of several successful tech startups that provide innovative solutions to businesses. Colin has a passion for creating disruptive technologies that can transform industries and drive growth.