Best Shared Proxies

7 Best Shared Proxies (2024 List)

7 Best Shared Proxies (2024 List)

A shared proxy is a proxy that is used by more than one person at a time. It can help with tasks like scraping websites or even just unblocking them.

They are a good choice for a lot of online activity, but they also come with their downsides, mainly because they are one of the less secure proxy options.

However, they are cheap, which is why they’re the preferred option for a lot of people out there.

If you’ve just got a small-scale operation, then a shared proxy could work well for you.

Let’s take a look at our list of the best shared proxy companies out there.

First Look

1. Very Best: Oxylabs

“I like Oxylabs because they’re super user-friendly. They know what the customer wants before they even visit their website, which is why they’ve spent time organizing their proxies into smaller categories, rather than just having them sit in a huge database. This type of effort is really impressive.”

2. Second Best: Bright Data

“If you haven’t already heard of Bright Data, you need to check them out. I have been with them since they first became a proxy company, and they’ve got so many benefits that there’s no reason for me to go anywhere else.”

3. Third in Line: BeeProxy

“Sometimes, those bigger proxy companies cost more than you can spare for your shared online activity. This is why I like BeeProxy, because it can help me with everything I need to do, but it doesn’t cost nearly as much as other big proxy companies out there.”

4. Best for Your Budget: Proxy Seller

“Finding high quality shared proxies is probably one of the hardest things to do. Most of them are unsecure, and don’t offer the type of resilience that I need to do all of my online activity. Proxy Seller made it easy to connect to high quality shared proxies – and I didn’t even need to pay all that much for them.”

5. Best for Your Security: SSLPrivate Proxy

“If you’re looking for some ultra-fast servers that are shared, you should try out SSLPrivate Proxy. These guys not only have good shared proxy options, but their servers are fast too – not something you’re going to find with too many shared proxies.”

6. Best for a New Business: Blazing SEO Proxy

“Sometimes, it can really pay off investing in a company that has just opened its doors because they could end up doing really well. A lot of people in the industry have their eyes on Blazing SEO Proxy and think they’re going to be worth something in the future. .”

7. Best for Being Accountable: Buy Personal Proxy

“All you need is the name of this shared proxy company to know what they can do for you. They are a company that is made for the people, by the people, and they put their customers before anything else.”

Best Shared Proxies in 2024

1. Very Best: Oxylabs

Oxylabs Shared Datacenter Proxies

If you like the idea of being able to find your shared proxies nice and quickly, and have a really specific task or website that you want to target with them, then we recommend checking out Oxylabs.

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As our reviewer said, they have divided their proxies into different groups, so you can go straight to all the proxies that are going to suit your needs.

2. Second Best: Bright Data

Bright Data

There’s a reason that Bright Data is at the top of our list.

They have a lot to offer their customers, and they’re continually updating their proxies so that you can get even more out of them.

They have one of the biggest databases that you’ll find out there, and they cover almost as many countries as the rest of the high-quality proxy companies combined.

In fact, you’ll struggle to find a proxy company that can beat these guys when it comes to features and customer service.

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The only thing bad we have to say about them is that their prices are on the higher end, but if you have the budget, we think that they’re worth every penny.

3. Third in Line: BeeProxy


You can think of BeeProxy is a company that is pretty similar to Bright Data, except that it doesn’t come with the big price tag.

You can spend up to $300 less with BeeProxy, and while they’re not exactly the same as Bright Data, you’re going to struggle to find too many differences.

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They cover almost as many locations around the world, as have almost as many proxies in their database.

They’re a good option if you just can’t quite justify the price of Bright Data.

4. Best for Your Budget: Proxy Seller

Proxy Seller

It’s more difficult than you think to find a shared proxy provider that is high quality but affordable.

This was the business model that Proxy Seller used when they first entered the industry, and it appears that they are still working with it.

This is potentially why they’ve become so popular in such a short space of time.

Their proxy servers support a variety of different categories, including SOCKS5 proxies and HTTP, which means that they are incredible value for money.

We guarantee that you’re not going to find too many companies out there that are willing to offer this type of diversity for so little.

When you log in, you will notice that they require double authentication – and added security measure that puts them a cut above the rest.

We like that their chatbox is accessible to all on their website, and they have many different packages and price plans to choose from.

If you want to save a bit, we recommend checking out their long-term packages.

5. Best for Your Security: SSLPrivate Proxy

SSL Private Proxy

If you want a proxy company that has some of the fastest servers around, try SSLPrivate Proxy. Our reviewer mentioned it up there, and if you check out other customer reviews online, you’ll find that a lot of people have picked up on this perk.

Another benefit of using this proxy company is that they offer VPNs as well, which can be really helpful if you’re somewhere in the world where proxies aren’t going to work too well.

It’s always good to have another choice up your sleeve, which is what you’ll get with these guys.

6. Best for a New Business: Blazing SEO Proxy

Blazing SEO Proxy

When we reviewed Blazing SEO Proxy, the thing that stood out to us the most is just how dedicated they are to the game already.

They’re one of the newer proxy companies on our list, but you wouldn’t know this from looking at them.

They can support a whole host of proxies, including SOCK5 and HTTP, and they have some of the best customer support systems that you’ll find.

It’s even available outside of business hours, and at $2.50 a proxy we think these guys are super reasonable.

7. Best for Being Accountable: Buy Personal Proxy

Buy Personal Proxy

Just like our reviewer said before, if you want to know more about this proxy company, just look at their name.

They are one of the most personable proxy companies that you’ll find, which is important in this day and age.

They not only care about providing good quality proxies for their customers, but they also want to make sure that they know how to use a proxy to get the most out of it.

Our Review Process

When we review proxy companies like the ones we’ve featured on this list for shared proxies, we make sure to do a bit of homework first.

This is why we check out 311 proxy companies and read through 219 customer reviews that talk about both positive and negative things.

This way, we can be honest and upfront about what are genuinely the best options out there for all of your shared proxy needs.

Written by Colin Tan
Colin Tan is a tech entrepreneur and business leader with extensive experience in the technology industry. He is the Co-Founder of several successful tech startups that provide innovative solutions to businesses. Colin has a passion for creating disruptive technologies that can transform industries and drive growth.