How to Scrape a Website Without Code

How to Scrape a Website Without Code in 2024

How to Scrape a Website Without Code in 2024

In today’s digital age, data holds immense worth for corporations.

Harnessing information from the internet has become a crucial tactic for businesses of all sizes to gain an advantage over their competitors in their respective fields.

Data holds the key to unlocking countless possibilities for businesses.

With the correct information at hand, companies can monitor their rivals’ pricing strategies, streamline manual processes and even construct thriving enterprises by leveraging the power of publicly accessible data.

Leading corporations like Google and Amazon have long recognized the significance of harvesting data through scraping techniques, fueling their success in the marketplace.

They have invested heavily in data extraction tools and techniques to gain a competitive advantage and drive their growth.

These companies have used data scraping to gain insights into consumer behavior, optimize their marketing campaigns, and improve their products and services.

However, no-code, visually driven data extraction tools have changed the game, and smaller companies can also leverage data to gain a competitive edge.

Continue reading to find out how to scrape a website without code.

How to Scrape a Website Without Code

Unlocking the power of data has never been easier! With the advent of no-code scraper tools, extracting valuable information from the web has become a breeze.

You no longer need to be a coding expert or have a technical background to gain insights from online data. 

These user-friendly tools allow anyone to extract data from websites, social media platforms, and more with just a few simple clicks.

Find the Right Tool

The first thing you need to do is to find the right tool for you. Here are some of our recommendations.

1. Phantombuster


Phantombuster is a user-friendly, cloud-based solution for extracting data from websites.

It requires no coding or technical skills, making it easy to use for anyone. 

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It handles intricate web scraping projects, allowing users to automate data extraction, track competitor prices, and monitor market trends, among other features.

2. Bright Data Web Scraper IDE

Bright Data Web Scraper IDE

The Bright Data Web Scraper IDE is an innovative tool for extracting data from websites.

A visual interface allows non-technical users to gather information from websites without coding quickly. 

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Its powerful capabilities enable it to handle vast amounts of data and tackle a wide range of web scraping projects, making it a versatile and valuable asset.

3. Oxylabs Web Scraper API

Oxylabs Web Scraper API

Oxylabs Web Scraper API is a versatile tool for extracting data from websites, utilizing an API to allow developers to gather information programmatically. 

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With the ability to handle large amounts of data and a wide range of web scraping tasks, it is a powerful tool for developers to automate data extraction and streamline their workflow.

4. ScraperAPI


ScraperAPI provides developers with a powerful and efficient means of extracting data from websites through an API.

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It can program data gathering, enabling developers to automate the process and streamline their workflow. 

Able to handle large amounts of data and a wide range of web scraping tasks, ScraperAPI is a reliable and valuable tool for developers.

5. Apify


Apify is a comprehensive web scraping and automation platform catering to both technical and non-technical users.

It offers a wide range of features and integrations, allowing users to easily extract data from websites, automate online tasks, and scrape entire websites. 

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Capable of handling large amounts of data and a diverse array of web scraping tasks, Apify is a powerful and versatile tool for all your web scraping needs.

Each of these web scraping tools has its unique features and benefits.

It’s essential to research and compares these tools to find the one that best suits your needs and goals.

With the right web scraping tool, you can extract valuable data from the web and use it to drive your business forward.

Define a Scraper or Make a Custom One

Unlock the power of data extraction by utilizing one of the specialized scraper models available or by crafting your custom solution. 

To create a personalized scraper, simply navigate to the desired web page and select the specific element you wish to capture.

Give it a unique name and watch as your custom scraper quickly extracts valuable information.

Get the Data

Web Scraping

With your pre-built or custom scraper model in place, the possibilities for data extraction are endless.

This powerful tool can handle it all, whether you need to extract information from a single webpage or hundreds of pages. 

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Tailor the scraper to your specific use case and watch as it efficiently extracts valuable data.

Removing data from multiple sources allows you to gain insights and make informed decisions quickly, saving you time and resources in the long run.

Save the Data

With the data extraction process complete, it’s time to save and utilize the valuable information gathered.

With proper storage, the scraping process would be successful. The good news is there are various options available for protecting your data. 

You can export in a Microsoft Excel file for offline access or integrate it with popular web applications such as Airtable, Google Sheets, or Notion for real-time collaboration and analysis. 

Saving data as a file is as simple as clicking on the download button while integrating with web apps can be achieved by adding an action to your playbook.

With the extracted data safely stored and easily accessible, the possibilities for utilizing it are endless.

What are the Common Uses for Web Scraping?

web scraping

The possibilities are endless, and the potential benefits are immeasurable.

Contrary to popular belief, web scraping is more prevalent than you think. 

From multi-billion dollar companies like Google and Amazon, whose goal is to enhance their services by harvesting data from the web to start-ups like Airbnb, who scraped Craigslist to expand their offerings, the impact of data extraction is undeniable. 

Data scraping allows for the systematic retrieval of information from the web, giving you the power to turn that data into valuable insights and opportunities.

Unleash your imagination and discover the true potential of data extraction.


Gather valuable pricing and product information insights by scraping data from various sources, including eBay, Amazon, and your competitors’ websites.

Utilize this market intelligence to set dynamic prices and boost your profit margins. 

Enhance your e-commerce performance even further with alerts on product availability.

Keep an edge over the competition by building comprehensive product lists with images and other essential data.

Real Estate

Just as Airbnb leveraged technology to connect with renters on Craigslist, technology can also revolutionize the real estate industry. 

Utilize cutting-edge technology to gain an advantage over the competition by being the first one to reach out to potential home sellers when a new listing in the area you like comes on the market. 

Additionally, use scraping techniques to uncover properties on county websites that have permit issues or are facing foreclosure, and target those sellers who may be more motivated to sell.

Timing is crucial in real estate, and you can capitalize on opportunities as they arise with the right tools.

Social Media

Influencer marketing can be highly effective only if you collaborate with the right individuals.

Many companies use scraping tools to gather data from social media platforms to identify the most promising influencers. 

The extracted data undergoes analysis to generate metrics, like engagement rates, and delve further with detailed assessments like sentiment analysis of profile comments.

This information enables you to generate focused outreach lists for PR initiatives and even retain impactful material for future utilization.

The key to success in influencer marketing is finding the right partners, and utilizing data can help you make better decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Web Scraping Be Detected?

Websites can identify web crawlers and scraping tools by evaluating various factors such as IP addresses, user agents, browser settings, and activity patterns.

When the site determines that the behavior is unusual, it may prompt the user with CAPTCHAs or block requests altogether, effectively blocking the crawler’s access.

Does the Web Scrape Need Coding?

As you’re aware, web scraping is the process of obtaining data from a website.

Although it’s possible to perform this task manually, many prefer using specialized software.

However, even with the use of tools, it’s common for users to need to do some level of custom coding.

Is Web Scraping Easy?

Web scraping is a simple process; you don’t have to be a coder.

With the right tools, anyone can extract data from websites, regardless of their programming skills. 

Several software options, such as the ones mentioned above, are specifically designed for non-technical users to scrape data efficiently. 

In short, a lack of coding knowledge should not prevent you from obtaining the necessary information.


Web scraping allows you to collect structured data from the internet automatically.

Web scrapers can extract the required information by recognizing the distinctive markup of a webpage element.

Web scraping software comes in two forms: pre-fabricated scrapers for specific websites and versatile, adaptable scrapers designed to meet your specific requirements. 

Gaining a thorough comprehension of web scraping and its potential requires hands-on experimentation and examination of how top corporations leverage it to deliver value to their clients. 

Additionally, think creatively about how to use publicly available information to benefit your users.

Embrace the power of data and learn how to scrape a website without code.

Written by Colin Tan
Colin Tan is a tech entrepreneur and business leader with extensive experience in the technology industry. He is the Co-Founder of several successful tech startups that provide innovative solutions to businesses. Colin has a passion for creating disruptive technologies that can transform industries and drive growth.