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3 Best VPN for TOR Browser 2023 (Free & Paid)

Looking for best VPN for TOR? We have the following VPNs at the top of our list after thorough research and evaluation. Let’s check it out.
Best VPN for TOR

TOR (The Onion Router) was first designed and developed for the U.S. Navy and for top-secret government agencies, where data is routed through relays featuring advanced encryption standards.

Soon TOR network has turned into an open-source project, and today everyone can use all its associated features for free.

The main reason behind people using TOR is to protect privacy, as it is a system for anonymous communication over the internet.

With the TOR network, it is hard for ISP or organizations to source the origin of the data and arguably impossible to pinpoint the user’s location.

As a result, the user can maintain privacy without worrying about potential personal information tracking, hackers, and scammers.

Best VPN for TOR Browser 2023

There are a lot of prominent VPNs available to purchase on the internet but not every VPN provider makes it compatible to pair effectively with the TOR browser.

Usually, the TOR browser is slower than the standard browser as the number of servers is comparatively less.

And the data transmission is made through the relays. Upon pairing the VPN with the TOR browser, it further reduces the speed of the internet connection.

In addition, few VPNs collect logs that contain user activity, and it would become meaningless by pairing it with the TOR browser.

Considering all the major drawbacks, we have tested and selected the best VPNs which generate a great TOR combo (VPN+TOR).

Here is the list of best VPN providers for VPN over TOR:

  1. NordVPN – 🏆 Winner!
  2. Surfshark
  3. Atlas VPN

1. NordVPN


Starting off our list with NordVPN. It is an exceptional TOR VPN with an enormous customer base featuring impeccable reviews and ratings.

The reason behind NordVPN being noteworthy is because of the extremely advanced security features and encryption standards.

The main reason behind considering NordVPN for VPN over TOR is because it is one of the few VPNs that have collaborated with the TOR browser.

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With the collaboration, the main objective of NordVPN is to create an outstanding TOR combo that enhances user safety and security to a great extent.

In addition, with NordVPN, you get access to Dark Web Monitoring support which makes it a perfect combination for the user to visit the onion websites.

Most users use the TOR browser for improved security and privacy, but if you’re someone interested in surfing the dark web deeply, this feature comes in handy.

There are many complaints regarding the TOR browser becoming extremely slow after pairing it with VPN, but with NordVPN, it is never an issue.

All the 5200+ servers of NordVPN focus on providing extremely stable connections along with support for impressive downloading and streaming speeds.

With NordVPN, the overall internet speed is maintained stable on the TOR browser.

Hence the user can stream or download any content without any worries, as there are no restrictions set. 

Alongside features related to TOR and the dark web, it comes with all the features that are impressive and unique.

For instance, the new “Threat Protection feature” provides real-time protection to the user on the web against trackers, malware, and viruses without connecting to any server.

Furthermore, you get access to all the necessary features required to surf all levels of the web safely and securely.

Some of them include dedicated IP, use of obfuscated servers, IP Masking, MultiHop, Network Kill Switch, etc.

NordVPN is extremely serious with the no-logs policy, as it would be a great waste to create a VPN over a TOR connection if the user activity is being tracked through logs.

Coming to compatibility, NordVPN supports almost every prominent operating system, and the good part is that it supports simultaneous device connection for up to six devices at once.

The plans are well structured, with a trial pack on offer, and the customer support is very reliable, with instant support to all queries at any time of the day.

2. Surfshark


Next on our list, we got Surfshark VPN which is arguably one of the best VPN for TOR you can get your hands on.

All the features of Surfshark VPN are ahead of time and paired together with improved encryption algorithms.

In addition, it has an outstanding customer base with customers across the globe offering great reviews and ratings.

Surfshark hasn’t collaborated with the TOR browser, but it has made user extremely easy to configure the VPN to create a TOR combo.

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👉 Try Surfshark FREE

To create a TOR+VPN, all the user needs to do is simply connect the device to the Surfshark VPN and start using the TOR browser.

One of the best features that come in handy while using the TOR browser is the Camouflage mode.

With this feature enabled, the user can surf the web, and even the ISP cannot detect if the user is using a VPN.

As a result, user activity is never tracked or collected by any organization or ISP.

In addition, the Clean Web feature is extremely reliable while surfing on the TOR browser as it protects the user in real time against all the possible trackers, malware, and viruses lurking behind the TOR’s sight.

There are no issues with the internet speed and connection stability on the TOR browser as the Surfshark VPN’s 3200+ stable high-speed servers provide impressive network speeds resulting in buffer-free high-res streaming supported and unlimited downloads without any network restrictions.

In addition to these impressive features, Surfshark has included all the features required for safe surfing of the web, which includes IP Masking, Kill Switch, leak protection, Private DNS, dedicated IP, Multi-hop, and many more.

Surfshark VPN is very particular about user privacy and believes in providing outstanding security with no data collected or analyzed without the user’s content.

As a result, Surfshark VPN has introduced the updated stringent no-logs policy, and the user can be assured of using the Surfshark VPN services.

The best part of Surfshark is no limits to the number of devices connected at once.

In addition, it also supports all major operating systems, hence all your devices are covered with one plan.

All plans of Surfshark are priced very well, and they get to experience all the features before purchasing a plan with their 30-day trial pack.

Customer support, on the other hand, is very active, with impressively quick and accurate solutions to problems.

3. Atlas VPN

Atlas VPN

When compared with all the other prominent VPNs, Atlas VPN made sure to check all the boxes by providing great features loaded with advanced encryption standards.

It is yet another outstanding VPN you must check out.

The main reason for choosing Atlas VPN as the best VPN for TOR browser is because of the network speeds.

All Atlas VPN’s 750+ stable servers are distributed in the main areas across the world, and hence every user can get a stable connection.

👉 Get Atlas VPN FREE

As many people believe that connecting VPN over TOR makes surfing extremely sluggish due to the decreased network speeds, but it isn’t a matter of concern with Atlas VPN.

Even with the TOR browser paired with Atlas VPN, the user gets to stream all the high-resolution content without buffering and make downloads without worrying about network restrictions.

One of the noteworthy features that come in great use while using the TOR browser with the Atlas VPN is the ISP Throttling bypass feature.

For beginners, the ISP always sets restrictions to the purchased plans to prevent over-usage of the internet, and with the Atlas VPN, such restrictions are lifted.

The user can make use of the purchased internet plan to the full extent.

Speaking of the necessary features for surfing, Atlas VPN made sure to provide the user with enhanced IP Masking along with a dedicated IP.

With these features, the user can hide the Public IP and surf the web with a VPN-assigned IP, and hence tracking down the user is extremely difficult.

Alongside IP Masking and dedicated IP, the user is also offered a data breach monitor system, MultiHop, a network kill switch, and superior web traffic encryption.

Atlas VPN has improved its privacy policy by promising the user with no-logs policy, and even the crash logs are gathered by taking the user’s consent, hence the user can be worry-free while using the Atlas VPN services.

There are no limitations set on the number of simultaneous devices connected, and Atlas VPN supports all famous operating systems.

With Atlas VPN, all of your devices are covered under one affordable plan.

The other reason for adding Atlas VPN to this compilation is because of its affordable plans. It is great to see a VPN offering such flexible plans along with a trial pack for the user to experience their services before purchasing a plan.

Speaking of customer support, most of the users are satisfied with the response time and accuracy of the solution.

In addition, customer support is available at any instance of the day, making the user worry-free in case of any critical issue.

Unlike other VPNs, Atlas VPN isn’t packed with many unique features and a large number of servers.

In the coming days, we can expect Atlas VPN at the top list of best VPNs, considering the amount of improvement made through every update.

What is VPN Over TOR?

For beginners, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) focuses on encrypting the network traffic between the device and the network it is connected to.

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With a VPN, the user’s activity is held safe from monitoring by trackers and ISP.

The main use of using VPN alongside TOR (VPN over TOR) is because it adds an extra layer of encryption and enhances the overall security and privacy of the user on the web.

With the VPN over TOR, a new TOR combo is generated, which upscales the TOR ability to keep the user extremely anonymous and secure.

Though it sounds like a great option, one should be aware of configuring the VPN with TOR.

If the user doesn’t configure properly, the IP address of the user might be revealed through the exit node.

Hence it is always suggested that the user first connect the device to the VPN and then use the TOR browser.

How to Use VPN With TOR?

One might worry about configuring the VPN with a TOR browser because making any mistake might put privacy at risk.

In reality, setting up VPN for the TOR combo is extremely easy, and here are the steps on how to use VPN with TOR.

  1. First, choose the VPN that is compatible with the TOR browser.
  2. Select the server from the drop-down or pick it from the map if provided.
  3. Make sure to enable all the settings necessary for surfing the web.
  4. Click on the connect or enable the toggle button that turns on the VPN.
  5. Now open the TOR browser and connect to the TOR network. (You’re done!)

Note: Following these simple steps can get you a TOR+VPN combo. However, these steps might not be safe for all the VPNs as the user interface might vary.

Hence consider these steps for reference and if you’re still finding any issues with the connectivity, refer to the official website of the VPN.

How to Select the Best VPN for VPN Over TOR?

As we are looking for VPNs to create a TOR+VPN combo, here are some of the key factors to check for before selecting the VPN.

  • Verify whether the VPN is compatible with the TOR browser.
  • Verify if the VPN’s servers are stable and capable of providing excellent internet speed.
  • Consider the VPNs that offer a strict no-log policy and are transparent about all logs that are being collected.
  • Verify if the VPN offers all the necessary features required for surfing the web.
  • Check if the VPN comes with up-to-date security features and advanced encryption standards.
  • Verify if the VPN comes with multi-platform compatibility and simultaneous device connectivity for up to five devices simultaneously.
  • Compare the plans and make sure that they are flexible and affordable with a trial pack on offer.
  • Verify whether the customer support is responsive and provides accurate solutions to the problems.


Is the User Completely Anonymous With the TOR?

It is impossible to achieve complete anonymity, and even with the TOR browser, the user can be tracked down with the right tools.

To achieve good anonymity online, it is advised to practice more reliable approaches, which include VPN over TOR or TOR+VPN combo.

On What Platforms Can the TOR Browser be Used?

The TOR browser is currently available on macOS, Linux, Windows, and Android.

Unfortunately, the TOR browser isn’t available on iOS, but the good news is that iOS users can use the Onion browser, which is a great alternative to the TOR browser.

Can ISP Track Down my Activity Even After Using TOR?

It is impossible for the ISP to track down or collect the activity of the user while using the TOR browser, but the user can be seen using the TOR browser.

With some enhanced VPN+TOR combos, the user can enhance privacy by going more anonymous, and the ISP cannot figure out if you’re using a VPN.


It is always better to practice the best methods that ensure excellent privacy and safety on the web for the users.

The TOR browser is a great way to stay anonymous and protected online, but nothing is perfect, and so does the TOR browser.

To minimize the drawbacks of the TOR browser, the TOR combos are a great solution and alternative to many other methods that keep you safe and anonymous online.

Usually, creating TOR combos requires a lot of learning curve and is not an easy task, but with the VPNs, you’re all covered.

Out of all the TOR combos, the VPN over TOR approach is arguably the easiest and most reliable one.

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To conclude, the VPN+TOR browser combo is for users who are extremely serious about their privacy and doesn’t like to be tracked down.

But we suggest everyone use VPN and, if possible, make use VPN+TOR browser combo, as the dangers of the web are very unpredictable, and it is always better to be safe than sorry.