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Of course, Shopify these days is about so much more than just copping your favorite sneakers. This clever eCommerce platform can help businesses both big and small, own an online store, and customize it.

Because Shopify offers their clients a lot of customizable features, each seller on Shopify that is listing items like sneakers is going to have a different design as well as a different way of detecting spam, which might make it difficult for you if you are trying to purchase limited-edition sneakers. 

Unlike other sneaker websites out there, if you are thinking about purchasing sneakers from Shopify, you need to make sure that you find the right bot for the job. There are some sneaker bots out there that are going to work really well for Shopify, and then there are some that won’t.

This is why it is worth making the most of articles like the one below, where we talk about what we think are the 10 best Shopify bots right now to purchase sneakers and other items.

Let’s dive in.

First Look at Shopify Bots

Best of the Best: Dashe

“I really like Dashe because they have a level of reliability that I haven’t been able to find anywhere else. They might be relatively new to the industry, but when it comes to using them for my Shopify purchases, I’ve never been happier.”

Second Best: Project Destroyer

“One of the things that I like most about Project Destroyer is that they can help me with other sneaker sites, not just Shopify. This is important as I regularly purchase limited-edition sneakers online and do so from many different sources.”

Third Best: ANB AIO

“If I’m going to make sure that I can get all the sneakers I want to purchase online without being detected, I need a company that is completely undetectable and versatile. I have definitely been able to find both of these factors with ANB AIO, and I have never felt that my activity is at risk of being exposed.”

Fourth Best: Sole AIO

“As someone who spends a lot of time online trying to purchase sneakers, I know that the biggest thing I need from a sneaker bot is speed. It took me a long time to find one that provided this, but I finally landed on Sole AIO and haven’t looked back.”

Best for Sneakers: HS Shopify Bot

“While looks at everything, it does help me when I’m looking for the right sneaker bot to come across a website that is aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. I’m not an expert with technology by any means, which is why I need a company like HS Shopify Bot to take the reigns and make the process straightforward.”

Best for Speed: Cybersole AIO

“Not only do I spend a lot of time copping sneakers online, but I also like to do this when I’m out and about as well. This is why I needed to find a sneaker bot for Shopify that I was going to be able to use on my smartphone. Thank goodness for Cybersole AIO.”

Best for Being Advanced: Most Advanced Bot

“One technique that I have been using lately to cop sneakers online is to search for them using appropriate keywords. However, it was a struggle to find a bot company that could help with this aspect of things until I came across Most Advanced Bot.”

Best for Yeezy’s: BNB AIO

“When I’m purchasing my sneakers online through Shopify and other sites, I need a sneaker bot that I can rely on to not only do things quickly but to bypass all security measures. It took a little while to find the right one, but I can confidently recommend BNB AIO at this point.”

Best for Reliability: Ghost AIO

“One of the biggest things for me when using a sneaker bot on Shopify and other websites is reliability. If I don’t feel like I can rely on it to keep me safe and anonymous, then I don’t think there is any point in using it. Honestly, there weren’t any out there that were interesting to me until I came across Ghost AIO.”

Best for All Sites: Kodai AIO

“The most important thing for me when purchasing sneakers online that are limited edition is being able to use a sneaker bot that can help me not just on Shopify, but on other websites as well. Kodai AIO has helped me with this and so much more.”

Best Shopify Bots

Best of the Best: Dashe


The first Shopify bot on our list is an auto checkout downloadable application that specifically targets Shopify websites. It honestly has to be one of the greatest Shopify bots in the market, which is why we have featured them first, and one of the biggest reasons for this is because they are quick.

They are also really good at mimicking human behavior, and they have hard-working developers behind the scenes that are always making sure their features are up-to-date so that they never get detected. You can use this Shopify bot for Mac and Windows, and it comes with multithread and proxy support. Their pricing begins at $50 a month.

Second Best: Project Destroyer

Project Destroyer

The second Shopify sneaker bot does not only provide support for Shopify stores but can help you with many other sneaker websites out there, including Supreme. This bot has been developed specifically with the idea of being able to reduce your rate of failure, and it has other features, including custom shipwrights, proxy delay switch, and harvesting logic.

This Shopify bot also has hard-working developers that make sure you never risk being caught, and it supports both proxies and multithread. The only downside that we can see here is that you can only use it for Windows.

Third Best: ANB AIO


The third Shopify bot on our list is an all-in-one bot that has been developed by people who have already created many other sneaker bots out there. This means that it is easily one of the most popular in the market, mainly because of how versatile it is. It can help you with many different Shopify sneaker stores out there, and the best part is you can register up to 100 accounts with them, which they can run all at the same time.

They have two different types of automated checkout systems, including express checkout and credit card checkout. You can use this Shopify bot with Mac, Linux, and Windows, and it supports proxy and multithread. The cost is a little on the expensive side, beginning at $325.

Fourth Best: Sole AIO

Sole AIO

If you are mainly interested in using a Shopify bot for sneaker copping, then you might want to check out Sole AIO. This Shopify bot is one of the fastest in the industry, and it can even bypass queues on selected sites. It has a link monitoring system, and it also has a long-standing history of doing really well with Shopify sites.

One of the only downsides that we can see is that it is only compatible with Windows, but it does support the use of proxies and multithread. It is a little on the expensive side, with pricing beginning $240.

Best for Sneakers: HS Shopify Bot

HS Shopify Bot

One of the greatest sneaker bots for Shopify is HS Shopify Bot. Not only do they feature a clean and user-friendly interface, but it comes with a modern look, so it’s going to be really easy for you to use. Not only can it help you bypass queues, but you can control it remotely through a web-based application.

It comes with some pretty standard sneaker bot features, including automatic updates, link monitoring, and keyword monitoring. One thing that we really like about this Shopify bot is that you only have to pay for the features that you use. It comes as a Chrome extension, or you can use it with Mac and Windows. It supports proxies and has a really affordable one-time fee of $84.99.

Best for Speed: Cybersole AIO

Cybersole AIO

If you don’t have time to muck around and you want to find one of the fastest Shopify sneaker bots out there, then we suggest that you check out Cybersole AIO. This Shopify bot can help you with features, including a mobile app for remote control, as well as a multithread system that can manage up to 1000 concurrent tasks simultaneously.

They also offer their clients an instant notification system so that you can get the job done as soon as it needs doing. The only downside to this Shopify bot is that you can only use it for Windows, but it does support proxies and updates its features regularly. This Shopify bot is going to cost you $300.00 for six months.

Best for Being Advanced: Most Advanced Bot

Most Advanced Bot

It has never been easier to cop sneakers from Shopify stores, including Bape, Kith, and SneakerPolitics with Most Advanced Bot. This Shopify bot can add sneakers to your cart and check them out quickly, based on keywords that you give them. We love that this Shopify bot offers a Chrome extension and that it supports multithread as well as proxies.

They make sure to update their features regularly so that you can always stay one step ahead, and to be honest, we think that this Shopify bot is one of the most affordable on the market. Their pricing begins at just $59.99, but this does come with a renewal fee.

Best for Yeezy’s: BNB AIO


If you want an all-in-one sneaker bot that can be used for copping sneakers from various Shopify stores, including YeezySupply, then we suggest that you check out the next sneaker bot on our list, BNB AIO. This bot can help you solve noncomplex captchas. However, with complex ones, you will still need to do this yourself.

This bot can be used with Windows, and it supports multithread as well as a proxy. The good news is that it gets updated regularly so that there’s no risk of your activity being found out. A six-month license is going to cost you $200, which we think is relatively reasonable considering what else is out there.

Best for Reliability: Ghost AIO

Ghost AIO

Not only is Ghost AIO reliable, friendly, and secure, but they are super popular among people who are trying to purchase limited-edition sneakers through Shopify stores online. We love that this sneaker bot can help you with native analytics, real-time notifications, specialized task creation, and supporting unlimited tasks that run simultaneously.

Of course, it is quick enough for you to get in front of the queue when you need to, and you can use it for both Mac and Windows. It supports proxy and multithread, and its pricing begins at $300.00 for a six-month license.

Best for All Sites: Kodai AIO

Kodai AIO

Last but not least, on our list is Kodai AIO. This Shopify sneaker bot can help you not only on Shopify stores but on other websites out there that sell kicks. It is one of the top Shopify bots out there, and it is supported by Windows and gets regular updates. It supports proxy and multithread, and it’s great if you plan on doing a lot of sneaker bot shopping in the future.

We actually think that this sneaker bot is perhaps one of the most affordable on the market right now, as they cost just $172.00 for two months and then $34.99 every month after that. You’re going to struggle to find a deal better than this.

Our Review Process

When we set out to try and find the best Shopify sneaker bots on the market, we make sure to do our homework so that we know that the ones we’re recommending are truly the best.

This is why we endeavor to look through as many as 143 Shopify sneaker bot companies and read through at least 209 customer testimonials. We look through customer testimonials that are both positive and negative so that we get a fair idea of what’s working for people and what isn’t.

This is by far the best approach to working out who can be trusted in the industry and who can’t so that when we recommend companies like the ones above, you can feel confident that they are on your side. Good luck with it all, and make sure you stay undetectable when copying your sneakers online!

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