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Writing Web Content as A Student Can Help You to Earn Money

Everyone wants to make money in their student life. Decent pocket money for having fun on weekends doesn’t hurt anyone.

But today, you have to understand that the traditional earning opportunities have become very low.

This is because of many factors, including the COVID-19 pandemic. Nothing to worry about, as today you have digital platforms that can help you make money.

There are dozens of ideas and popular ways on the web that can help you earn tons of money, but you must know that content writing is one of the most helpful.

Thousands of students from all across the globe are making a serious amount of money with article writing.

Too many people are getting into content writing today, and this is because there are tons of topics on which writers can write.

If you want to become a writer, you can easily do so by practising writing on the topics you are most interested in.

Writing is not a god-gifted skill, but you should understand that the ease in writing makes it simple for anyone to do regardless of how much experience they have.

But it is a fact that you have to focus on creating high-quality content if you want to make some good money and earn a credible position in the market.

Lucky for you today, you can also find the right tools that can help you in professional content writing and proofreading.

In this article, you are going to find out the different ways using which you can earn money with writing.

Three Ways to Earn Money as A Student via Writing 

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Here we have collected some of the simplest ways to make money without investing a single dime. 

Starting Your Blog Site

As a student, you might think that starting a new blog site is impossible or very difficult.

But let us tell you that this is a false concept, and you must know that starting a blog site is very easy today.

There are many platforms on the web that can help you create a self-hosted blog site.

One of the most famous hosts is WordPress. If you want to make money by writing on the web, you can easily do so with a self-hosting blog.

On a blog site, you can create content on any topic you want.

You don’t have to worry about any restrictions or limitations when selecting a niche and writing content related to it.

Here we would like you to know that writing content on your blog sites would not get you money directly.

Still, the more good quality content you create, the better the chances that you would get advertisements for your blog.

Advertisements can help you earn tons of money. You will be shocked to know that some people earn more than six digits per month with their blog sites. 

Start Writing Guest Posts for Other Websites

It can take time for your blog to mature and earn you money. If you don’t want to wait that long to make some money, you must make manual efforts.

There are hundreds of websites and blogs that have a ‘write for us’ page. You can contact these sites and submit your samples for regular content writing.

Submitting samples relevant to their niche free of plagiarism and quality issues can increase your chances of getting shortlisted as a writer.

These websites can pay you per article, or they can also pay you monthly.

Join a Freelancing Platform 

One of the easiest ways to earn money with content writing is by joining a freelance platform like fiver or Upwork.

You know that you can easily connect yourself with clients who are looking for writers on online freelance platforms. As a student, you should try your luck on different platforms.

We would suggest you create a strong profile on these top two platforms and bid for projects relevant to the niche you are interested in. It is easy to get a job on fiver or Upwork.

You can work at high rates with new clients as your profile matures over time.

Some Tools that Can Help You in Web Writing!

Start your journey as a professional writer but don’t have much experience or skills in this league. You should always get help from online tools.

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Below we have listed some tools that can make your journey as a writer easy.

Blog Idea Generators for Creating Attractive Content Ideas/Titles

The topic of content matters a lot. You can only attract and engage readers with your content if they are intrigued by the topic or title of the post.

If you want to create unique and interesting blog topics that can win the reader’s or clients’ interest, you should use online topic generators.

Plagiarism Checker for Ensuring Uniqueness 

If you are writing web content, you must know that there is always a chance your work can be accused of plagiarism because there are millions of articles published on the same topics or niches.

To ensure that your work is original, you can use a free plagiarism checker.

A plagiarism detector is an online program that would help you in all kinds of writing, even in your academic assignments.

Online plagiarism tool can help you to check plagiarism in the content you have created. You can remove plagiarism from your content before you submit it.

Paraphrasing Tools for Restating Duplicate Content

Paraphrasing is an important technique used in content writing. Paraphrasing is the rewriting of content so that the new version is unique but gives out the same meaning and message.

This writing technique is not as easy as it looks but is surely very helpful in creating 100% unique content. An online paraphrasing tool can help you rewrite article for free and in less than seconds.

All you need to do is enter duplicate content in the tool and press the paraphrase button. You would get new content in the blink of an eye.

These are the top three tools that can help you in content writing in your student and professional life!