Working on the Visual Content in Instagram: How to Create a Unified Style?

Working on the Visual Content in Instagram: How to Create a Unified Style?

Working on the Visual Content in Instagram: How to Create a Unified Style?

Many people spend a lot of time on social networks, and while most of them prefer only to watch others, some want to use social media to their advantage or at least stand out from the rest. Instagram is one of the top-rated social networks nowadays, so it is not surprising people devote more attention to it.

If you have a brand or want to become an influencer, your account must be appealing and catchy since this platform is about visual content in the first place. It is when the style comes to the fore and helps enhance your brand voice. Nowadays, most users decide whether they want to deal with a company based on their first impression of their account.

Thus, if you want to launch your company being a student, you should devote more attention to the visual side of your content. If you lack time because of assignments, it is worth reading proessaywriting reviews to find a reliable helper that will have your back when necessary.

Success is not the result but the way, and only you decide what it will look like. Here are some tips that will help you achieve the best result possible.

Define the Essence of Your Brand

Your followers shouldn’t open each post to understand who they are dealing with because your profile’s style provides them with a clue. It is one of the reasons why it is so important to define your brand. If you want to stand out in the modern market, you should transmit your brand’s philosophy via your website and social media. You should have a grasp of the following moments.

Target Audience

Target audience

Some people believe that their products or services are universal, so there is no need to define the target audience. However, it is fundamentally wrong, and as they say, “If you chase two rabbits, you will lose them both.” Thus, you should know who you will speak to. Old wealthy ladies and teenagers have different interests.

Key Principles

You should understand your brand’s core values and priorities to create the right style on Instagram since they will affect your topics, color choices, layout, and stuff. It is easier to create an appropriate atmosphere when you know what message you want to deliver to your audience. It is also about your brand’s vibe and whether you want to sound casual or more formal. In other words, it is your visual personality.

Choose the Right Colors


Many people underestimate the importance of the chosen colors. However, if you want to create a unified style, you should seriously treat this moment as one of the crucial ones. Numerous studies have proven that color affects purchasing decisions in 86% of cases and enhances brand awareness by 81%. If you have already chosen brand colors and used them in your website design, it is worth sticking to them.

However, if you have none, you should pick a color family to use in your profile. It should be two or three colors that you will always use in your pics. A uniform color palette is a magic wand that makes your profile look more appealing and brings the required vibe.

Choose colors that will match your brand’s mood. In other words, positiveness and happiness require bright and light colors. Using a single preset all the time is the best way to make your pics look similar.

Pick a Suitable Grid Layout


The main secret of good-looking profiles is an appropriate layout when you use pics that look great next to each other. If it is hard for you to guess what photo to post, it is worth downloading a special app that will help meet this challenge. Thus, you will know how our profile will look beforehand. A grid layout helps adhere to the chosen theme and highlight important moments.

Besides, you will keep a certain plan in mind since each next post will require some special content. If you don’t stick to a specific layout, you should still balance your news feed. In this case, you should utilize colors, backgrounds, or subjects to achieve the desired result. The key trick is to avoid posting too similar pics next to each other since they make the layout look clogged. A unified style requires planning. It is the key to success.

You can find different apps that will help you stick to the same border every time you make a new post. Some people turn a blind eye to its importance, but it provides the required space between your pics and makes your feed more voluminous. It comes in handy for brands that take photos of various things.

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Remember About Stories

It is a mistake to focus only on the news feed, ignoring other no less important Instagram tools. Thus, when you are done with the grid layout style, it is high time to do the same with your Stories. You should adhere to the same principles to maintain your unified style. Nowadays, nobody ignores Stories since they have turned into one of the most effective tools to keep your audience interested.

Besides, bear in mind that it is worth taking care of the icons and colors of your Stories Highlights. They should match the concept and look appealing. If they go out of the atmosphere and style of your profile, all the efforts will be in vain.

Written by Colin Tan
Colin Tan is a tech entrepreneur and business leader with extensive experience in the technology industry. He is the Co-Founder of several successful tech startups that provide innovative solutions to businesses. Colin has a passion for creating disruptive technologies that can transform industries and drive growth.