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Why Should Students Have LinkedIn?

Being a college student includes all the fun and adventure. However, many forget the value of connecting with others, exceptionally professional individuals.

Building a relationship with others who might assist your career is fundamental. While doing so organically might not be simple, social media has facilitated numerous novel opportunities for everyone. Professional connections are no exception.

LinkedIn is considered to be the hub for developing connections with people worldwide. Talking to someone is made much easier regardless of the business venture, organization, or mission.

However, many students often disregard this tool and are lost as a valuable tool. Hence, this article aims to depict why students should have LinkedIn accounts. If you have not created one for yourself yet, find out why we encourage you to do so!

How To Make LinkedIn Accounts For Students

Have you ever wondered why some individuals stand out on LinkedIn? One secret is that they always display professional photos for others to identify them. They also dedicate time to writing the headline and summaries, not an essay, for goals and experiences.

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Utilize academic essay samples for inspiration and ultimate samples from professional writers. These essay examples will give you a necessary break to fully set up your LinkedIn account.

Generally, it is not encouraged to set it up halfway and return to it later. Many people would have viewed your profile at that point, and you might seem unprofessional.

There are many other aspects you should focus on. That includes any research paper you have written, honors, awards, and all certifications. Listing any internship experiences is also vital.

Utilize any empty space you might have, as the minor details might make all the difference if someone considers you for a job. Engaging with others and creating posts will also establish your presence.

Reasons Students Should Use LinkedIn

Standing out in the job market is a nerve-wracking challenge. Hence, a brilliant idea is to start a LinkedIn profile early in your academic life.

This allows you to build contacts, establish your presence, and interact with many people. However, the list does not stop here. Below are more benefits related to LinkedIn for students.

1. Engage And Share Ideas

Many students dwell upon the career they want to pursue after college. Reading essays might be a student contract for grades, but it will not help you define your future.

On LinkedIn, you can join groups, discussions, and conversations in which you can share your ideas. That can expose you to novel concepts and further your interest in specific areas.

LinkedIn has witnessed a 22% increase in engagement in 2022. This portrays how active individuals are. For students, it is an opportunity to connect to others and discuss diverse viewpoints.

2. Find Out What Graduates Have Been Up To

Let’s assume you want to be a business analyst when you graduate. Well, where do you want to work? You can find your dream company on LinkedIn and search for the people currently occupying your dream job.

Compare your skills, accomplishments, and profile to yours. This gives you a general idea of what steps you might want to take to secure a position in the future. While it is not a spell for good grades and is not a guarantee, it definitely will boost your chances.

3. Get Job Notifications

You can set your preferences to indicate which positions you are interested in. Then, notifications will be sent to you, typically via email.

This increases your exposure to the job market, facilitating better chances. There are numerous other ways to optimize LinkedIn to find jobs.

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4. Conduct Company Research

Almost every company in the world is on LinkedIn. Hence, a typical activity a company would do when considering you are checking your profile.

However, you can do the same thing to them. Conducting research early on about companies allows you to find every detail you need. That includes their employees, potential salaries, and requirements.

5. Personal Branding

Create a brand for yourself. The ultimate place is definitely LinkedIn. By illustrating who you are and your story, employers will know what you stand for, your skills, and what makes you qualified. Hence, aim to sell yourself by highlighting all relevant attributes.


Do not wait too long before establishing your professional presence. Many make the mistake of creating their profiles after graduating. The harms of doing this can vary.

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However, being prepared during college allows you to learn, connect, and engage. Over time, the experience will build a much better outlook on approaching situations.

That being said, LinkedIn is not the hub for recreation and casual socialization. While it is not a typical fun environment, it is where all the recruiters are.

Hence, the intelligent thing would be opening a profile, researching, and targeting desired positions. Getting a head start will not only help you tweak your life, but it will give you an advantage over the competition.