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5 Ways to Use Marketing Slides In Your Business

Marketing slides are a great way to get your message out there. They can be used in email marketing, online marketing, and social media. In this article, we’ll look at five different ways that you can use marketing slides in your business:

Use Slides As A PDF Brochure To Send Via Email

If you have a large audience, it can be easy to get lost in the shuffle of social media posts. You must remember that your audience is looking for something specific when they click through and visit your website or blog.

A marketing slideshow is a great way to draw their attention back to your company by showing them how you’re different than other businesses in their industry.

This makes slideshows ideal for sending via email, especially if you want them as part of an ongoing series of emails that go out over time (like monthly newsletters).

But there’s more! You can also use slideshows as PDF brochures: create one with content from multiple pages so it feels like one big slideshow when viewed online or on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Use Slides In Your Online Marketing Materials

You can use marketing slides in your online marketing materials, too. Here are some ideas:

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Create slides for your website and use them as you would on paper: as part of a landing page or blog post. This will help draw attention to what you have to say and make it easier for people who visit that page to understand what they should do next.

Use slides when promoting social media content—like tweets or Facebook posts—to give readers more information about who they might interact with through those platforms (and why).

For example, someone was interested in learning more about how we work with clients like yours after reading our latest blog post highlighting how we helped one client grow their business by 20%.

In that case, we could include an image from that article and relevant text pointing out the value proposition behind our services (e.,g., “We’ve helped thousands like yours build successful businesses since 1998”).

Publish Slides On Social Media

Social media is a great place to share your marketing slides. You can post them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, along with Instagram and Pinterest. Slideshare also allows publishing presentations and audio files (such as podcasts or radio shows).

Share Slides In Online Groups

  • Find relevant groups. You can find groups related to your business or industry on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media sites.
  • Join the group. If a group exists for your niche, it’s worth checking out!
  • Post your slides as a comment in their conversation thread (this is usually how people share content).
  • Reply to comments and questions from other group members interested in what you’re doing with marketing slides. Make sure you’re following all rules for posting here too!

Create Slides Into A Video For Multiple Uses

Creating a video from slides is a great way to reach more people. Videos are more accessible to watch than reading, so it’s an effective way to communicate with your audience. You can use videos in social media and email marketing, which makes them even more valuable!

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Creating Slides And Using Them For Multiple Purposes Will Save Time And Help You Reach More People With Your Marketing Message.

You can create slides for multiple purposes.

For example, use a slide to show your company’s latest product or service. You could also use this same slide as an educational presentation on using the product or service you sell.

If you sell software that requires users to install it on their computers (such as Adobe Creative Cloud), it would be helpful for them to understand how to do so.

Once they purchase it from someone who has already done it, they will enjoy the advantage.

Instead of purchasing another subscription for them that might no longer be necessary after purchasing their first subscription, they can do it themselves before handing it back over. This saves more money overall.


Marketing slides can help you in so many ways. They are popular and valuable for companies and people who want to create a website or blog. Learn how to use these tools for your business by following the above steps.