Ways to Hack Facebook Without a Survey

4 Ways to Hack Facebook Without a Survey in 2024

4 Ways to Hack Facebook Without a Survey in 2024

Adults and teenagers use Facebook for various reasons, from simple communication to targeted advertising.

However, it is not hard to find examples of how the internet can pose real risks, especially to young, impressionable minds. 

While parents may feel safer knowing how much time their kids spend on Facebook, their kids may feel more comfortable keeping themselves out of their virtual lives.

Some people may need to enter someone else’s Facebook account to find personal details about them.

You could use it to catch a cheating spouse, keep tabs on the staff, or watch the kids. 

While techniques such as session hijacking and cookie theft exist, they require much time and skill to implement and are, therefore, not suitable for all users.

This article will discuss various ways to hack Facebook without a survey that can be pretty successful.

Ways to Hack Facebook Without a Survey

1. Use A Hacking Tool – xMobi

xMobi Facebook Hack

Using a third-party app like xMobi is the best way to hack Facebook without a survey.

xMobi is a powerful tool that lets you hack into anyone’s Facebook account without completing a survey.

xMobi is the best phone spying app for hacking Facebook accounts, with a success rate of 99%. 

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Unlike other hacking apps, xMobi requires that the target user be actively logged into Facebook in order to access their account.

Once you have permission, you can see everything they’ve posted, including any responses to their posts. 

Utilizing xMobi , one can secretly monitor Facebook Messages and access the target’s entire Facebook profile.

Differentiating xMobi from the competition is that it does not require installation on the target phone.

You only need to know the username or password of the desired account to use the tool.

xMobi provides a Facebook hacking tool and a monitoring app for all social media, phone records, and messages.

If you want complete control and monitoring capabilities, it’s worth installing this app on the target phone is worth installing.

2. Phishing Websites


There are several ways to break into a Facebook account, one of which is by using a phishing website.

Standard hacking methods like phishing don’t require victims to complete surveys.

Hacking a Facebook account in this way requires specific knowledge and expertise.

Begin your phishing campaign by creating a website like Facebook’s login page.

After this is done, the user must be duped into providing their real Facebook credentials on the bogus website.

Instead of taking the user to Facebook, the phony site will show an error message when they try to log in. 

However, the fake website will indefinitely keep their login information (username and password).

These login details will be stored in your email account and can be retrieved at a later time.

It’s important to know that using this method won’t put your private information at risk in any way.

However, a certain degree of technical expertise is needed for a successful implementation.

Additionally, you must buy a hosting space and a domain name to set up a phishing website.

When used ethically and responsibly, phishing can be an effective tool for breaking into Facebook accounts without requiring users to complete surveys.

Any unauthorized use of this technique poses a risk to the safety and privacy of the general public.

3. Forgot Password Option

Learn the ins and outs of exploiting Facebook’s “Forgot Password” feature to gain unauthorized access to someone else’s account. 

Knowing just a few pieces of information about the user allows you to access their account without requiring them to fill out any surveys.

Use our detailed instructions to complete this hack.

To begin, go to Facebook’s main login page and select the “Forgot Password” link.

Enter the email address of the Facebook user whose account you want to access.

If you don’t have this data, you can try to socially engineer the target into giving it to you.

After that, select “No longer have access to these” and enter an email address associated with the target Facebook account.

To change your password, Facebook will send you a link to the provided email address.

To access the account, you must answer the user’s security questions correctly.

Click “Recover account with the help of friends” if you do not remember the answers.

This option will display the user’s Facebook friends, from whom you may request a verification code.

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With the security code, you can easily log into the target’s Facebook account by changing the password.

Remember, though, this approach does have a significant drawback. 

Facebook will also send a reset link to the user’s email address when they attempt to reset their password.

This hack won’t work if the user opens their inbox before you do.

4. Password Guessing


Guessing a Facebook user’s password and hacking into their account is easier than you might think. 

Passwords should be complex, but most people still use easily guessed versions of their names or other easily recognizable phrases.

Knowing the other person well can be helpful in situations like this.

If you want to get into your spouse’s Facebook, you can use clues like their birthday, your anniversary, your kid’s birthday, and the name of the family pet to figure out their password.

Simple passwords such as “password” or “123456” also improve your chances.

However, it’s still possible for the target to discover that their account is being monitored even if you successfully guess their password.

Attempting to crack someone’s Facebook password requires extreme caution and discretion.

Don’t Use Free Online Tools

Numerous websites claim to provide an online tool for hacking any Facebook account by using an email address or username. 

However, these Facebook hacking software tools found online simply do not function in practice.

Facebook puts a lot of resources into protecting the privacy of its users. 

You can bet that Facebook employs a lot of people and a lot of technical know-how to ensure the security of its users’ data, given the platform’s scale.

Online scammers frequently promise to email victims’ personal information after they submit their email addresses or user names.

Users should know that these sites are fraudulent and will not provide the advertised services. 

In reality, they only care about adding your information to their database.

Users should exercise caution before attempting to hack into another person’s Facebook account, as there may be legal ramifications. 

Instead, it is recommended that users report potentially malicious content or accounts directly to Facebook, where a specialized team investigates and resolves them.

Benefits of Facebook Hacking


Keep Your Kids Safe

You must keep tabs on your children’s digital activities.

Because Facebook can be a haven for cyberbullies and predators, it’s essential to always be in the know. 

You can monitor your kid’s online behavior and spot any red flags by breaking into their Facebook account.

You can prevent harm to your children while they are online if you have this information.

Keep an Eye on Your Staff

Some companies equip workers with mobile devices to facilitate interaction and boost output.

Unfortunately, some employees might abuse this technology for non-work purposes, like having private Facebook conversations. 

Using a Facebook hack tool, you can keep tabs on employees from afar and make sure they’re all working.

Obtain Lost Data

Have you ever lost access to your Facebook account because your phone was stolen or you accidentally deleted an important message? 

Data retrieval is a breeze when you use a hacking app like xMobi.

Recovering deleted Facebook messages and reverting your account to its previous state is a breeze with this robust program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Legal to Gain Knowledge of Facebook Account Hacking?

Whether or not studying Facebook hacking techniques is legal depends on your motivations.

Educating yourself about hacking is not only permissible but also highly recommended, whether for the purpose of personal account security or a career in the cybersecurity industry. 

However, if you aim to gain unauthorized access to someone else’s Facebook account, you will be breaking the law and subject to severe ethical and legal consequences.

Keep in mind that hacking is not something to be trifled with.

Why Would Anyone Want to Hack Into Someone’s Facebook Account?

Although ethical and legal considerations must be made before hacking into someone else’s Facebook account, there are also legitimate reasons to want to do so. 

For example, parents might want to keep tabs on their kids’ computer use to safeguard them from harm.

But illegally accessing someone else’s Facebook account for retribution or personal gain is a red line that should not be crossed.


Many people today resort to hacking Facebook accounts for reasons ranging from protecting their children to verifying the integrity of their employees or business partners.

However, knowing which approach to take can be challenging when there are so many possibilities.

You can get the information you need to keep your family and business safe by learning the ways to hack Facebook without a survey discussed in this article. 

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But your best bet is the app xMobi because passwords are difficult to crack, and guessing is not a guaranteed method of entry.

You can keep tabs on their Facebook and other site activity without them knowing, thanks to the Facebook spy app.

Written by Colin Tan
Colin Tan is a tech entrepreneur and business leader with extensive experience in the technology industry. He is the Co-Founder of several successful tech startups that provide innovative solutions to businesses. Colin has a passion for creating disruptive technologies that can transform industries and drive growth.