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Tips To Enhance The Virtual Onboarding Experience

While we are still getting used to the “new normal,” more and more employees are adopting remote work and streamlined onboarding procedures with the help of robust digital onboarding systems.

A well-designed onboarding process should be an integral element of every team. Because of the asynchronous nature of remote communication, this is especially crucial in distributed organizations. 

In this article, we’ll discuss several tactics to enhance the virtual onboarding experience for new hires and help them hit the ground running as productive team members. Before we move forwards, let us know what virtual onboarding is.

What Is Virtual Onboarding?

Virtual onboarding is an alternative to a traditional in-person orientation that takes place online using means such as video conferencing, online materials, and webinars. These orientations help new hires understand the company’s policies in a relaxed setting. 

Typically, a business will maintain different working conditions for an extended period. But after the pandemic, it has become a norm for many businesses. In the past, new hires relied on long-term employees to fill them in on the company’s inner workings.

Companies have pushed the use of online tools, webinars, and interactive sessions that new hires can access from their laptop anytime during the onboarding process or the corporate journey.

Below are the tips to enhance the virtual onboarding experience.

Send A New Hire A Welcome Kit Containing

A digital welcome package before the onboarding process is the only thing that may make new hires feel more welcome. Sending new hires a welcome kit is a great way to demonstrate that you value them as people and want them to enjoy their time at the company.

Encourage new hires on their first day with “free items” or coupons if possible. A welcome package may include innovative, entertaining materials for the home office, useful reading materials, contact information, and phone numbers.

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Improve Participation And Interpersonal Bonds By

The success of a virtual onboarding program hinges on this step, which may be the most challenging but also the most crucial. Having someone in front of you makes it much simpler to start a conversation.

However, the whole atmosphere may seem cold and odd when discussing virtual encounters. Here’s where it helps to have onboarding procedures all mapped out in advance.

In this context, the social aspects of virtual onboarding can play a significant role. Allow newcomers to the workplace to find online friends among themselves to build friendships and lasting professional ties.

Secondly, the program may include entertaining interactive activities to help the participants remember the positive information. To prevent new hires from becoming burned out, we suggest occasionally hosting online activities like lunch, tea/coffee breaks, and game tournaments. 

Assign Qualified Employees To Serve As Mentors

Appoint personnel with extensive company operations experts who can serve as role models. It would be like having a compatible coworker meet you for coffee every few weeks over the first few months of your new job, ready to answer questions and provide periodic progress reports. The new hire, the mentor, and the business all gain from this improved onboarding process.

Incorporate Mobile Devices

Businesses can use mobile technology to welcome new employees with minimal fuss and inconvenience. The introduction of an onboarding app is beneficial because it cuts down on time spent filling out paperwork and talking to recruiters. The hiring procedure may be further if the onboarding app supports texting or SMS.

Completely Cover All Of Your Bases

Due to the great distance involved, limit the onboarding event to a single phone conversation or video chat today. It can’t be a quick fix, but something that lasts for a while. New employees need the same nurturing environment, considerable care, and rigorous mentorship that a baby does to flourish in their organizational roles.

Virtual onboarding allows you to comprehensively introduce the business and its offerings via a series of live, online meetings (series). It is essential to periodically check in with the new personnel by inviting managers, senior management, CXOs, and business leaders. Indeed, you shouldn’t skimp on any details regarding virtual onboarding programs.

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Personalize The Onboarding Process

Each person’s time spent working from home can be unique. Some will be disadvantaged, and those may benefit from working from home. Consider this if you want your new hires to have a good time throughout the onboarding process.

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With virtual onboarding, you can tailor the process to the unique needs of each new employee. This guarantees that no one is at a disadvantage because of their background. One way to accomplish this is to enable virtual experiences to be shared across several platforms.

During onboarding, your new employees won’t have to stress over meeting equipment requirements. They can go through the steps at their own pace if you give them a choice to do so through asynchronous means.

By providing options, you provide your remote workers with the freedom to learn about your business, its culture, and its people in the most beneficial method.


Virtual new employee orientation must be simple. Remote work means good onboarding. Virtual onboarding can be effective despite its obstacles. When done effectively, these virtual onboarding best practices can eliminate role and corporate doubts.

You can simply set the tone for new employee onboarding thanks to workplace technologies. Digital onboarding is essential. It can boost employee retention, productivity, and company growth.