Tinder Match Statistics

20+ Interesting Tinder Match Statistics in 2024

20+ Interesting Tinder Match Statistics in 2024

Tinder has over 75 million monthly active users (MAUs).

We have researched Tinder match statistics to show its popularity and efficacy in 2024.

Today, Tinder is one of the world’s most popular dating apps among others such as Bumble, Badoo, eHarmony, etc.

Tinder has a 16% share of the dating app market, which is more than the other most used dating apps in the world. 

We will dive into the latest trending Tinder match stats to give you a better understanding of this dating app and its users. 

Can you find a match on Tinder?

It’s likely that you can find a match on Tinder as 40% of its users claim they are dating someone they met on the platform. 

Let’s explore the world of Tinder matches and demographics.

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Key Statistics

  • Roughly 1.6 billion swipes occur on Tinder each day.
  • 95% of people that meet in person do so within 2 to 7 days of matching.
  • In 2022, Tinder’s worldwide revenue came to $76.49 million.
  • 24% of Tinder users are women and 75% are men.
  • The average Tinder user is 26 years old.
  • 95% of Tinder matches were same-gender and 5% were opposite gender.
  • Tinder is available in over 197 countries on the planet.
  • Tinder launched on September 12, 2012
  • 76% of Tinder’s users come from urban areas. 
  • The United Kingdom is one of Tinder’s most profitable markets.

Tinder Match Statistics

Tinder Home

1. Roughly 1.6 Billion Swipes Occur on Tinder Each Day.

This statistic is solid proof of Tinder’s popularity, influence, and global reach.

The 75 million users on the platform combined are swiping 1.6 billion times a day on average.

It also indicates that Tinder offers a dynamic dating landscape that helps people find the matches they want. 

(Gitnux Blog)

2. In 2022, Tinder’s Worldwide Revenue Came to $76.49 Million.

Data revealed that in September 2022, Tinder had achieved revenues of $76.49 million (USD).

This is the global figure, though North America and Latin America contributed the most revenues to the app.

Tinder gets revenues from in-app purchases, subscriptions, and advertising.

Subscriptions account for 70% of Tinder’s revenue. 

(B2, Priori Data)

3. 24% of Tinder Users Are Women and 75% Are Men.

Recent data shows that Tinder is mostly made up of males at 75% of its user database.

Another 24% are female and 1% of its users didn’t specify their gender.

This is the gender-related data available as of now.

Tinder is a male dominated dating app. 

(Demand Sage)

4. The Average Tinder User Is 26 Years Old.

In terms of age demographics, the overall age of Tinder users is 26.

In fact, the age group that dominates the Tinder platform/app is the 18 to 24-year-old group with a 36% share of its user base.

Another 26% of its users fall between 25 and 34 years old and 20% are in the 35 to 44 age demographics.

Moreover, 45% of this dating app’s users are between 25 and 34 years old. Only 8% of Tinder’s users are aged 45 to 54 and 10% are over 55. 

(Demand Sage, Roast dating)

5. 95% of Tinder Matches Were Same-Gender and 5% Were Opposite Gender.

Tinder 819

Between 2014 and 2019, 95% of Tinder matches were for same-gender users.

Only 5% were for opposite gender users.

This data suggests that most of Tinder’s users are likely to get matched in same-gender situations than in those among opposite genders. 

(Gitnux Blog)

6. Globally, 1.6 Billion Swipes Occur on Tinder Daily. 

Tinder is available in several countries all over the world and is used by several.

In fact, an estimated 1.6 billion swipes occur on Tinder from users all over the world.

This figure has a lot to do with the fact that 56% of Tinder’s users are active on the app and 58% use it several times per hour.


7. Tinder Is Available in Over 197 Countries on The Planet.

While Tinder has operations in more than 197 countries across the globe, it’s used mostly in the United States where it has 8 million users.

Countries that aren’t too far behind the United States include the United Kingdom, Mexico, France, and Brazil to name a few.

Also, there are some differences in Tinder matches depending on region and country.


8. Tinder Launched on September 12, 2012, and Is Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Tinder has been around for over a decade now and its main headquarters is in Los Angeles, California, USA, though it does have operations across the globe.

It’s owned by ‘Match Group” where Shar Dubey is the CEO. Tinder’s CED is Renate Nyborg. 


9. 76% of Tinder’s Users Come from Urban Areas. 

Most of Tinder’s users live in urban areas, which means they live in a town or city with a dense population base.

Another 17% are from surburban areas which means they live outside of a town or city where there is a dense population.

In contrast, 7% of Tinder users live in rural areas which means there are fewer than 2,500 residents.

(Demand Sage)

10. The United Kingdom Is One of Tinder’s Most Profitable Markets.

Tinder 820 1

In terms of market shares, the United States contributes 63% of Tinder’s overall revenue with nearly 8 million users.

The United Kingdom is second, just behind the United States with 5 million users.

Moreover, Brazil, Spain, France, Mexico, Argentina, and Germany contribute well to Tinder both in revenue and user base.

(Roast Dating, World Population Review)

11. North and Latin America Tinder Users Make the Most In-App Purchases.

Data from Statista revealed that in 2023, NALA (North and Latin America) is where the most in-app purchases occur on the Tinder app.

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In July 2023, this region accounted for nearly $30 million (USD).

Global revenue accounted for almost $66.9 million (USD) in 2022. 


12. To Date, 20 Billion Tinder Matches Have Been Made on The App.

Is Tinder successful at making matches? The short answer would be yes, but according to data, there have been 20 billion total Tinder matches made since its launch.

This statistic shows how dynamic and effective Tinder can be to its users.

(Gitnux Blog)

13. 70% of Conversations Started via Super Like Resulted in Long-Lasting Relationships.

Not all “matches” on Tinder are romantic. A few are for companionship or friendship.

That said, the statistics say that 70% of Super Like conversations on Tinder result in long-lasting relationships of some kind.

Super Like is a premium paid feature of Tinder.


14. 13% of One Simple Texting Poll Respondents Said They Are on A Committed Relationship that Started on Tinder.

In a poll conducted by Simple Texting, 13% of poll respondents who use Tinder said that are in a committed relationship that started on the dating app.

Moreover, 11% said they have only casual encounters on the app.

This tells us that Tinder has a variety of different outcomes depending on why its users are using it. 


15. Tinder Has the Highest Market Share in The United States Among Dating Apps with 29.17%.

Tinder 822 1

In terms of market shares, 29.17% of the dating app market in the United States is owned by Tinder.

Bumble is second with a 26.04% share and Hinge has an 18.75% share in the United States dating app market.

Plenty of Fish has an 11.46% share and Badoo a 5.21% share.

Other dating apps in the United States market include Grindr (3.13%), OK Cupid (3.13%) and Match (3.13%). 


16. There Are 10 Million Registered Tinder Users in Brazil.

Among women in Brazil, Tinder is quite popular.

Among women in Brazil in the 20s and 30s, they are using Tinder to find a serious partner.

Also, one survey of Brazilian users revealed that they experience one million daily matches, most of which occurred in Rio de Janeiro where the most active Tinder users reside.

(World Population Review)

17. 72% of Women Think Dating Profiles Should Reflect What They Are Looking for In a Relationship.

Data shows that 72% of women on Tinder think dating profiles should mention what they are seeking in a relationship.

Moreover, women look for hobbies and interests the most at 40%.

They also want to know the religious beliefs of a potential match at 32% and occupation at 27%.

Other facts women look at in Tinder user profiles include ethnic/racial background (23%), height (22%), and political affiliation (18%). 

(Demand Sage)

18. 32% of The Time, Men Look at The Hobbies and Interests in A Tinder Profile.

We know what women look for on a Tinder dating profile, but what about the male demographic?

Most of them, at 32%, check out the hobbies and interests of the profile.

After that, they check out the religious beliefs at 18% and occupation at 8%.

Moreover, men say they look at the ethnic/racial background (15%), height (8%), and political affiliation (10%).

These statistics reveal a few differences in what men and women look for in a Tinder profile.

(Demand Sage)

19. 50% of Tinder Users Are Seeking a Serious Relationship.

Data shows that 50% of Tinder users are seeking a serious relationship.

Another 30% say they are just looking for a hook-up, and 20% just want to have a casual meet-up.

This data shows us that every Tinder user has a different reason for being on the app.

(Roast Dating)

20. Tinder Users Spend an Average of 35 Minutes a Day on The App.

Tinder 8202

Recent data reveals that Tinder’s users spend an average of 35 minutes on the dating app, which confirms it popularity.

It also shows a willingness to dedicate themselves to the app while looking for a committed relationship, a meet-up, or a hook-up.

This data should help you understand the effect Tinder has in the online dating realm.

(Gitnux Blog)


What is Tinder?

Tinder is a popular dating app that connects users based on mutual attraction.

The app’s users create a Tinder profile using a bio and photos.

Users can then swipe left for right on profiles to decide if they are interested in matching with them.

If/When two users both swipes right on one another’s profiles, they become a “match” and can chat with each other.

Is Tinder Free to Use?

Tinder is a free-to-use dating app, but some users pay for its premium features like Super Like and Boost.

These are in-app purchases.

The Boost features give your profile higher visibility for a limited time and Super Like allows you to send a notification to someone that you’re interested in them.

What Makes a Good Tinder Profile?

One of the keys to getting good matches is to create a good Tinder profile.

Creating a good Tinder profile involves being genuine and being yourself.

Use high-quality photos of yourself that show no only your looks, but also your personality.

Additionally, write a bio telling others about the real you and what you’re looking for in a match.

How Can You Boost Your Chances of Getting a Match on Tinder?

We found some tips to help you boost your chances of getting a sufficient match on Tinder:

• Swipe wise and be choosy about it. Don’t swipe right on every profile you see. Take time to read the profile before swiping right or left.

• Make use of the app’s premium features. If you’re willing and able to pay, Super Like and Boost are two features that will help you improve your matching chances.

• When sending opening messages, make them thoughtful and meaningful. Once you get a match, take time to think before you write your message telling them you want to get to know them.

Is Tinder Safe?

Tinder is as safe as you make it or as safe as any app online today.

That doesn’t mean that some people using it aren’t looking for a match, but instead looking to get money from you.

That said, we have some tips for you to keep yourself safe:

• Never share personal information with anyone you’ve just met on Tinder or any dating app. Don’t provide your home address (any part of it) or your phone number under any circumstances.

• Choose a public place to meet in person for your first date/meeting.

• Tell a family member or friend where you’re going to meet someone and who you are meeting.

• Trust your gut instinct. If you feel uneasy about someone, it’s okay to leave.


Now we know that Tinder is most used in the United States followed closely by the United Kingdom.

Other countries that have a lot of users and that significantly contribute to Tinder’s revenues include Brazil, France, Mexico, etc. 

We also learned that as of 2022, Tinder’s revenue accounted for $76.49 million (USD), which makes it a solid economic contributor in the world.

Also, the younger crowd uses Tinder more and most Tinder matches occur between same-sex users compared to opposite sex users. 

Do you use Tinder?

If so, you are among its over 75 million monthly active users of the dating app/platform. 

Remember to be careful and to take precautions against getting scammed on the Tinder platform.

There are plenty of matches for you without that issue.

Our hope is that you have learned some things you didn’t know about Tinder from these Tinder match statistics in this article.


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