The Best Traffic Sources For Dating Offers And How To Utilize Them

The Best Traffic Sources For Dating Offers And How To Utilize Them

Dating is one of the easiest ways to earn from arbitrage. Dating, communication, and sex are included in the list of basic human needs, and therefore, almost any source of traffic is suitable for different dating offers. Of course, affiliate programs must allow them. In this article, we will look at the variety of dating traffic sources, both popular and experimental.

Where Does This Traffic Come From?

Getting dating traffic is relatively inexpensive. You can enter a niche with almost any sane budget, but there should be enough funds for the start. 

This traffic is taken from all available sources, such as push notifications, social media, and contextual advertising. There are also quite exotic options like creating sites with ratings of such offers. In general, affiliate programs usually accept most types of traffic, except for completely trashy types of motivated ones.

In some sources, you can earn more (Facebook, Instagram) due to the ability to set the target and highlight the target audience. In push notifications or pops, targeting settings are very limited; however, it is much cheaper to enter this area from this side.

The Existing Sources Of This Traffic

Let us move on to existing sources. All you have to do is prepare the creatives and the technical part and select an offer and geo. Here are the solutions that you can utilize.

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Naturally, this one is the main one for those webs that work in the sphere of dating. The following reasons speak for this:

  • A large and diverse audience;
  • Easily scalable campaign;
  • The possibility of setting up targeting and getting many leads under affordable pricing.

However, keep in mind that this network prohibits dating, so you will have to utilize the cesspool and avoid some difficulties related to the rules of the owners.

Dating Traffic From Instagram

Here, the approach used is to create accounts of beautiful girls and then spam in communities and users. The offer can be seen with the help of a link placed on the profile of the page.

Still, many affiliate networks do not want to cooperate in such a way. Therefore, carefully study the offers and consult with your personal manager before starting to work in this area.

Dating Traffic From Notifications

Push notifications represent an accessible source of traffic. Firstly, they are affordable. Secondly, one can configure and launch them very quickly. Building a campaign from scratch is realistic in several hours. Thirdly, you do not need to care about bans and blocks.

However, there is high competition in this area, so you will require a much larger budget. Another important point is testing. To form a more or less complete picture, you have to allocate part of the budget for tests with different creatives and approaches, with and without pre-landers. Only in this way will it be possible to bring the whole process to a profit.

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Dating Traffic From Tiktok

The still-growing youth social network TikTok can also be utilized as another valuable resource of offers. The time when it was almost impossible to register an advertising account on TikTok has already passed.

Now, this is done in just a couple of days. The main thing here is advertising creatives adapted to the challenges and formats of this social network.

Dating Website Traffic (SEO)

SEO traffic to dating offers is less popular. However, webs that work with traffic from sites still exist. The webmaster concludes an agreement with each of these sites: directly or through an affiliate network. It turns out a kind of smart link when the user gets to the site, chooses from a whole list of resources for dating, and the site owner receives money.

It is quite difficult to grab a piece of SEO traffic for yourself. This requires knowledge about website creation, optimization, and writing articles with multiple keywords. 

Therefore, dating traffic can be taken from almost anywhere. There are simpler sources, for example, push notifications and spam. More complex ones that require technical skills also exist, so you can take your time for learning how to benefit from them. Try different approaches and pay due attention to the preparation of an advertising campaign, tests, and optimization.

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