Best Supreme Proxies 2021

8 Best Supreme Proxies (2024 Proxy List)

8 Best Supreme Proxies (2024 Proxy List)

If you had tried to purchase limited-edition sneakers before online without the use of a bot, then you probably didn’t get very far.

It’s easy to blame yourself, but the reality is that copping sneakers online without the help of a bot these days is virtually impossible.

The competition is just too high, and the supply of sneakers is too low for it to be possible to do on your own.

What’s more, most people these days make the most of a bot to get the job done for them, which means that if you aren’t doing so, you are easily putting yourself last in line.

With this thought, let’s review what we think are the best Supreme proxies on the market.

First Look

1. Best of the Best: Oxylabs

“When I started to cop my sneakers online, I knew that one of the things I needed most was a Supreme proxy that was fast. I care about security, but I care about speed more. Thank goodness I found Oxylabs.”

2. Second Best: Bright Data

“You might initially be put off by Bright Data because of how expensive they are, as I was, but if you’ve got it in the budget, I can assure you that they’re worth the investment. They have helped me cop all of my sneakers, and there’s never been any concern about security.”

3. Third Best: Proxy-Seller

Proxy-Seller is easily the best Supreme proxy out there because they have been around for a while now and have proven themselves to clients like me. I love all of the features that they offer and feel confident they’re keeping my information safe.”

4. Fourth Best: High Proxies

High Proxies not only have the ability to keep me safe when shopping for Supreme sneakers online, but they also have variety. This means that I can rotate my proxies, and not for a second think that I’m going to get noticed for using a proxy.”

5. Best Backconnect: Blazing SEO Proxy

Blazing SEO Proxy is bold, confident, and has a great reputation among existing clients, like myself. They know that I need to be able to access a lot of Supreme proxies in a short amount of time, and they never veer off course, so I know that the quality is always going to be there.”

6. Best for IP Variety: Shifter

“I’m someone who has copped a lot of sneakers so far, and it’s all thanks to Shifter. This is because they have one of the largest databases of proxies in the industry so that no matter how many times I use them, they offer up a different proxy.”

7. Best for Limited Edition: Iced Out Proxies

Iced Out Proxies have helped me with their buffers even if I come across a website that is blocked. This means that they can get around even some of the most robust firewalls so that I can continue to do my thing.”

8. Best for Choice: Stormproxies

“If you are looking for some of the best rotating Supreme proxies out there, you definitely have to check out Stormproxies. This company knows a lot about what they’re doing and has helped a lot of clients already like me get the job done quickly and safely.”

Best Supreme Proxies

1. Best of the Best: Oxylabs


Oxylabs Supreme proxies are arguably some of the best proxies that you can find online without being worried about getting your account banned.

They offer proxies that are some of the fastest in the market, and they even come with support for location targeting, which makes them great for copping Supreme sneakers, as most of them are location dependent.

They offer multithreaded support, which means that you can cop more with them using the same subscription.

They also offer their clients millions of IP addresses to choose from, and you can choose between residential proxies and mobile compatible ones.

2. Second Best: Bright Data

Bright Data

Bright Data is one of those Supreme proxies that you’ve already heard of because they are pretty much the number one in the industry.

As our reviewer talked about above, the biggest downside to them as their price tag, because they are the most expensive option out there as well.

However, they do have the largest number of residential proxies in their IP database, and as far as we can tell, they are some of the best that we have seen when it comes to Supreme sneaker copping.

The proxies here are completely undetectable by Supreme because they make the most of IP addresses through Internet connections of residential devices within people’s homes.

They have legal permission to use these IP addresses, which means that they are ethical. Again though, you have to be willing to shell out.

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3. Third Best: Proxy-Seller

Proxy Seller

Proxy-Seller is one of the best Supreme proxies that we have come across. As well as offering super-fast speeds for their clients, somewhat surprisingly they have some of the best pricing as well.

You can get started with them for $1.75 cents a month, and this gets you dedicated IP addresses that will land you in multiple cities as well as multiple subnets.

We love that they randomize their IP addresses every month and offer you non-sequential IPs as well. Their features come with unlimited bandwidth, and 100 threads a proxy.

One of the biggest things that stands out to us about this Supreme proxy is that they have tiered their pricing, which means that you can spend as little or as much as you want on their proxy features. It all comes down to what kind of activity you plan on doing.

4. Fourth Best: High Proxies

High Proxies

High Proxies is one of those Supreme proxies that is best known for providing their clients robust American IP addresses.

This is great if the majority of the Supreme sneakers you are trying to hunt down are based in the US, and they say that their proxies are hosted on extremely fast servers with a lot of RAM.

They also promise that their proxies are secure, and configured for reliability, security, and high anonymity. If proxies for your Supreme copping aren’t enough, then they also offer secure VPNs.

Their proxies are dedicated, and they don’t charge for you to get set up with them. They also offer live support around the clock, as well as Virgin IP addresses, which means that you will be the first one to use them.

5. Best Backconnect: Blazing SEO Proxy

Blazing SEO Proxy

Blazing SEO Proxy is another Supreme proxy provider that can offer you a lot of IP addresses in the US, which again is probably where you’re going to find the majority of your Supreme sneakers anyway.

They say that they are the hottest server and proxy provider on the planet, and can help you with super-fast speeds and dedicated servers.

They even offer their clients a scraping robot, so that you can retrieve all of the data you need to get to the front of the queue.

They even offer their clients around the clock live support, so that you receive the best possible experience. They have set up their website to be super simple and easy to use, so that you can get started with them today.

6. Best for IP Variety: Shifter


Shifter offer its clients some of the best backconnected proxies in the industry, making them a great choice when it comes to copping sneakers from Supreme websites out there.

They also have one of the largest networks of proxies, which is helpful when you need to get around anti-spam systems out there.

From what we can see on the website, they offer a database of more than 26 million IP addresses to choose from, as well as unlimited bandwidth, and an unlimited concurrent connection.

We do have to admit that their pricing is a little bit on the expensive side, but if you have it in the budget, we think that they’re well worth your time.

7. Best for Limited Edition: Iced Out Proxies

Iced Out Proxies

Iced Out Proxies is another one of those Supreme proxy providers that have become super popular, and they have a huge database for you to choose from, which gives you a buffer meaning that even if one is blocked, you can easily make the most of another.

Another thing that we really like about this proxy company for Supreme copping is that their subscriptions are some of the cheapest you can get when it comes to residential proxies.

They have over 100,000 IP addresses in their database and an unlimited allowance of concurrent connections. Their pricing begins at just $36 for 10 proxies a month.

8. Best for Choice: Stormproxies


Stormproxies offer their clients Supreme residential proxies that rotate, which optimize for sneaker sites making them some of the best proxies out there for copping your limited-edition Supreme sneakers.

Because they are rotating proxies, this means that they change every five minutes, and they are good at evading detection.

Their proxies are based in Europe and the United States. Once you have registered with them, you’ve got the option of targeting the location you are interested in, and you can also use them for Adidas and Nike as well.

They are on the slightly expensive side of things, costing you $160 a month.

Our Review Process

When considering the list of providers that we have reviewed above, know that we put a lot of time and effort into researching them.

In fact, we look through at least 134 Supreme proxy services and read through upwards of 1800 customer testimonials that tell us both great and not-so-great things about the companies.

This is the best way for us to determine which proxy companies for Supreme we should feature on this list so that you have exclusive access to the very best.

Always make sure to check out any free trials that are available and remember that every proxy company will charge you a different rate, so it all comes down to what your budget looks like, and what you can afford at this point.

Good luck!

Written by Colin Tan
Colin Tan is a tech entrepreneur and business leader with extensive experience in the technology industry. He is the Co-Founder of several successful tech startups that provide innovative solutions to businesses. Colin has a passion for creating disruptive technologies that can transform industries and drive growth.