Stormlikes Review & 5 Alternatives (2021)
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Stormlikes Review

Stormlikes say that they can offer you real and exclusive Instagram likes, and can even give you 50 free likes to get you going.

This is an enticing offer, and you may have even tried out Stormlikes already, but there’s not just one Instagram growth company out there that can do it all.

In fact, we know of quite a few that can also be beneficial to your account. Plus, it’s great to have some up your sleeve in case anything were to happen to Stormlikes.

Instagram has been shutting down a lot of companies lately, so it pays to be prepared.

Let’s take a look at what we’ve got on the list.

First Look

1. Best of the Best: Growthoid

“Growthoid gets my vote for being the type of company that truly cares about their customers. Growthoid claims that they don’t sell fake followers, and I can attest to this. I haven’t had one bit of fake engagement come my way – only real, active Instagram followers that actually interact with my content.”

2. Second Best of the Best: Growthsilo

Growthsilo calls themselves a creative growth agency – and this exactly what they are. They’re the kind of company that can help you expand your brand’s creativity across many different online platforms. They’ve helped me with my Instagram, and they’ve got my next email marketing campaign all ready to go.”

3. Best to Keep Within a Budget: Follow Adder

Follow Adder is one of those companies that makes me feel confident about what they can do for me. I’ve been through quite a few of these companies and was feeling pretty jaded when I decide to try Follow Adder. Thank goodness I did – they have set me right and remained consistent ever since.”

4. Best for the Security of Your Account: Task Ant

“Task Ant is so simple, you could miss just how amazing they are. While they do come across as just another Instagram growth company, they’re anything but. In fact, they’ve even got a growth feature that you’re not going to find with too many other companies, so get in quick.”

5. Best for Being an Old Business: Nitreo

Nitreo likes to help its customers by providing amazing features with affordable price points. Nitreo has helped me through the last few years of Instagram engagement, and they haven’t failed me yet. This is one of those rare businesses that is going to stand the test of time, no matter what Instagram tries to do.”

Stormlikes Alternatives

1. Best of the Best: Growthoid

Our review of Growthoid revealed that they are bringing out a brand new engagement feature that’s going to put you ahead of the pack. You can forget about the days of using things like the follow/unfollow feature – it’s not even that effective anymore, anyway. Instead, try their brand new mass story view tool, that can help you view other people’s stories on a mass scale. This will get people checking out your content in no time.

2. Second Best of the Best: Growthsilo

When we reviewed Growthsilo, we found out why people are saying that they’re so much more than just a growth service. Their feature list is extensive and covers so much more than just Instagram. They can focus on your website, too, and tell you whether they think it needs a bit of work. They can even help you figure out your next email marketing strategy. There’s very little that Growthsilo can’t do.

3. Best to Keep Within a Budget: Follow Adder

Follow Adder not only wants to save you money, but they also want to save you time as well. They know that your schedule can get busy when you’re trying to get a new brand off the ground, and they also know that this doesn’t have to cost you too much, either. They want to take some of the burden from you without you having to blow out your budget. Their features are simple, yet effective, and you can even customize them yourself.

4. Best for the Security of Your Account: Task Ant

Task Ant is the kind of company that has entered the Instagram growth industry with an entrepreneurial spirit. They know that they need something that’s really going to stand out against the hundreds of other growth companies out there. Enter their hashtag search engine. You can look up any hashtag you want and see if it’s going to help your growth or hinder it.

5. Best for Being an Old Business: Nitreo

When we reviewed Nitreo, we knew that we had to put them on the list. This loyal, reputable company has been around since the growth industry first started gaining traction, so they’ve been here for it all. They know that it takes working smarter, not harder to grow your Instagram, and they have the features to make this possible.

Did You Know?

Instagram accounts

Who do you think has the most followers on Instagram?

It may seem obvious, but Instagram itself has an account that has over 305 million followers.

Next in line you’ve got Cristiano Ronaldo, who has an impressive 173 million followers. In third place is Ariana Grande, with 158 million followers.

How many photos that people upload onto Instagram do you think have a filter? Well, believe it or not, 89.5% of photos posted to Instagram actually don’t come with a filter at all. We know – hard to imagine.

Editor’s Confessions

When we go out there and search for the best Instagram growth companies to put on our list that you can use in place of Stormlikes, we make sure to do our due diligence.

This is why we look at 105 Instagram growth companies and review at least 333 customer testimonials that have both good and bad things to say. This is the best way for us to determine who should make the cut, and who shouldn’t. Check out their free trials today to give your Instagram a boost!

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