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SocialCaptain Shutdown + 7 Incredible Alternatives (2022)

SocialCaptain Alternatives

Looking for an alternative to SocialCaptain?

The time comes when you have to change your Instagram marketing strategy, especially when your marketing efforts aren’t bearing a lot of fruit.

Remember that Instagram needs you to have the best tool to make sure you keep up with the trends as well as keep competition at bay.

SocialCaptain Shutdown?

SocialCaptain has shutdown. There have also been many complaints and bad reviews.

SocialCaptain Alternatives: First Look

Overall Best: Growthoid

“Although the price was slightly more than I wanted to pay, I enjoyed working with the account manager that takes care of everything for me as I sit back and wait for results. Being a busy person, the account management is a real savior for me.”

Best Engagement: Stellation Media

“After I switched to Stellation media, I noticed faster growth of my Instagram account and the warnings I had been receiving previously came to an end.  They know what they are doing, and they do it in a safe way. “

Best Functional: Follow Adder

“I always wanted a tool that could allow me to send Direct Messages effortlessly and I found this with Follow Adder. The personal interaction as a big bonus to my business.”

Best Interface: Jarvee

“It was easy to set up and start using unlike those tools that need you to be in constant contact with the customer care to get directions. I was up and running in less than 5 minutes!”

Best Support: Trusy Social

“Trusy helped us save on time, something that we had been after for a long time. The dedicated account manager made sure that we achieved our goals without having to handle the operation of the tool.”

Fastest Growth: Combin

“Combin gave me the ability to manage 7 Instagram accounts from a single dashboard. This reduced the time I spent switching accounts each day.”

Most Trusted: Upleap

“The followers that I got using Upleap remained as my followers way after my subscription had expired!”

SocialCaptain Alternatives

1. Overall Best: Growthoid

Although one of the most expensive services that you will come across, Growthoid gives you all the automation you need in one package. The growth is non-bot meaning that your account will always remain in the good books of Instagram. The followers start engaging the moment you add them to the account, and will continue engaging long after the agreement in place. The service identifies followers that are interested in your account, making it a source of targeted audience.

2. Best Engagement: Stellation Media

Stellation Media gives you Instagram growth tools that work within the confines that Instagram has put up. They protect your account from getting banned or penalties which means your account is secure always. The company makes use of a set of filters which make sure you only get real followers – not those fake accounts that are there just for a short while. The customer response is great and they have the knowledge to assist you when you get stuck.

3. Best Functional: Follow Adder

Follow Adder gives you the best functions to grow your Instagram account. You can use the search feature to find and explore the photos, users and comments that are related to the niche that you trade in. you then choose what to do with the results, for instance if they are photos you can decide to like or comment on them, which leads to greater interaction and engagement. The list of comments gives you reusable content that you can use on your future posts.

4. Best Interface: Jarvee

Jarvee gives you a simple interface that you can use to handle various operations that relate to scheduling of posts, managing comments, following and unfollowing contacts and many more. The auto-scheduling feature allows you to schedule posts early in the week so that you have time to focus on other things. You can use the feature to schedule many things including stories as well, all from a single dashboard. You choose the right time to post so that you are guaranteed that the post is seen by very many people.

5. Best Support: Trusy Social

This is a new service but surprisingly has one of the best support staff for your needs. They use custom software to place your tasks on autopilot, allowing you to focus more on coming up with quality content. The tool targets Instagram users on your niche and then requests them to follow, like or comment on your content. It is a fully managed service giving you time to handle other tasks. The support staff is responsive and gives you all the assistance you need to grow your Instagram account.

6. Fastest Growth: Combin

Combin gives you the tools to fastrack your Instagram growth without having to do much. You gain real followers, comments and likes without having to do much.

You also get to connect with your audience and influencers easily from the same dashboard. The tool works by using a search feature. From the results, you can choose what to do next depending on what you need – engagement or visibility.

7. Most Trusted: Upleap

Have you ever wished you had a tool that was reliable and has a positive review from most of the users? Upleap is the ideal tool of choice for many people.

This tool takes over your Instagram and interacts with your users on your behalf. The biggest advantage is that the tool uses an account manager to handle your tasks instead of tweaking the Instagram API. Out of all the services that you will come across, Upleap is one of the most trusted and widely used.

Note on Quality Control

When we review the companies on our list, we make sure to do our research, so you only hear about the best of the best.

This is why we look at over 240 Instagram marketing companies and read positive and negative reviews left by over 6200 people. We want you to only have access to the very best, which is why we only talk about those at the top.

Choosing the right SocialCaptain alternative is a product of your needs and preferences. Make sure you know what you need before you go ahead to pick the right tool.

SocialCaptain Not Working?

SocialCaptain was one of the tools that you can use to make your Instagram stay in line with your marketing efforts. However, the tool wasn’t foolproof, and you might find it is not working for you as it should.

Today we look at a few SocialCaptain Alternatives that can give you what you need or more. Additionally, while one of these tools might be ideal for you, it might not work for someone else.

SocialCaptain Review

SocialCaptain is a company for Instagram growth that has been used by many clients in the industry. It claims that it uses powerful automated growth through AI technology to help its clients get ahead and find the right target audience.

There is the risk that it’s a scam.

They have received a lot of negative user reviews recently.

What is SocialCaptain?

SocialCaptain is one of those companies that could be mistaken for a pretty good Instagram tool. If it wasn’t for their review on Trustpilot, we could easily recommend it.

It seems to be offering everything you could want in an Instagram growth tool, from being able to automate your following and unfollowing, commenting and liking, to being able to do so with targeted features. SocialCaptain, like many other companies similar to this in the industry, claims that it is safe to use and won’t get you in trouble with Insta.

What’s interesting about SocialCaptain is that apart from the negative reviews on Trustpilot, it actually does seem to care about the security of its clients. It always makes sure that every aspect of the brand is encrypted, which means that you can safely share your personal information on their website without worrying whether it’s going to get hacked or not.

Of course, you can’t not appreciate this kind of effort, it’s just a shame that they seem to get you in trouble with Insta when you use their features.

Is SocialCaptain Safe? Is It a Scam?

One of the things that irks us the most about SocialCaptain is that they are an Instagram bot. This means that if you know anything about bots, you might already be a bit hesitant to try them, purely based off this. People have been saying that SocialCaptain isn’t really working anymore, and this could be because Instagram has started banning people who are using its features.

This means that while they can protect your personal information on their website, they’re less in control when you start to use their features for your Instagram growth. So, they could just be a scam that’s not going to do your account any favors, but they’ve got their good sides.

SocialCaptain Pricing

SocialCaptain’s pricing is divided based on how long you want to use them for. We kind of like this approach, because it means that you can use them for just a little bit and then quit if you want to – there’s no obligation to hang around.

They start out with just seven days for $15, which is pretty standard of the industry as a whole. Then, you can pay for 30 days for $39, which again is a pretty average price point. Lastly, if you really want to get serious with your Instagram growth, you’re looking at shelling out $99 a month, which is starting to get a bit expensive.

However, if you’ve got the money for it, you won’t find too many other companies that are much better.

SocialCaptain Features

  • Target Specific: it’s always good when companies like this can get your targeting spot on, and SocialCaptain does this through their filters so that they only interact with the right kind of people for you. This way, you can weed out anyone who you know isn’t going to be interested in seeing your content.
  • Filters: this obviously goes hand in hand with being targeting specific. SocialCaptain can help you find the right people through location, age and gender, again getting nice and specific with their interactions so that there’s little room for error.
  • Automation: this is perhaps one of SocialCaptains biggest features. They have everything on autopilot so that you can focus on making more content. Again, this is also the feature that is most likely to get them in trouble with Insta, and probably the reason that they have negative reviews on Trustpilot. It’s not always recommended that you go for Instagram bots, so you definitely have to approach companies like this at your own risk.

Advantages of SocialCaptain

What we do like about SocialCaptain is that you can choose to either use them online without downloading anything or through their app. This choice definitely makes them client-friendly. Additionally, their interface is easy to use and adapt to, unlike a lot of other companies out there that make things pretty complicated. Lastly, they offer consistent reports to keep up to date with their clients, which is a nice level of accountability.

Disadvantages of SocialCaptain

We aren’t so keen on the idea that you can only try out SocialCaptain for free for one day. It would be better if you could try them for three days or a week, and really get a good grip on what they offer.

Their customer support isn’t that great either, and Instagram is starting to red flag people who associate with them.