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Socedo Review & Alternatives (2022)

Socedo Alternatives

Reviews of Socedo Alternatives

Socedo just recently had to sell their business to Azuqua because they were in violation of Twitter’s terms and conditions. Of course, this now means that you’re working with a different company and different people who don’t necessarily know what your Twitter profile needs.

It also means that there’s no knowing what direction they’ll take the company in – nobody does. This is why it’s good to have some viable Socedo alternatives you can turn to, in case nothing seems to be going right. Let’s take a look at some practical Socedo alternatives to boost your engagement on Twitter.

First Look

1. Best Generally: Twesocial

“Twesocial understands my Twitter growth needs to a T. They know that it takes more than just generic features to help me do well, which is why they connected me to a personal account manager straight away. Twesocial comes with old-school practices that have made it my favorite choice.”

2. Second Best Generally: Tweeteev

“Tweeteev knows just how to keep its prices down while offering high-quality features that you won’t get elsewhere. Ever since starting with Tweeteev, I’ve felt like my Twitter profile has been doing better than ever.”

3. Best For Saving You Money: Jarvee

“I run several social media platforms to get my brand name out there, which means that I usually have to spend a lot on my social media marketing. However, my margins are thin, and there’s usually not that much to go around. Jarvee understands this and can offer me their tried and true features without the eye-watering price tag.”

4. Best for Profile Protection: TweetFull

“I’ve spent many years building up my brand on social media, which means that I’ve got a reputation to uphold. I can’t afford to risk being suspended or banned by Twitter, so I’m fussy about who I use for my engagement growth. TweetFull put me at ease immediately and assured me my accounts would be safe.”

5. Best For a Brand New Company: Tweet Attacks Pro

“I found it hard to trust a brand new company like Tweet Attacks Pro at first. However, it didn’t take them long to prove themselves to be a high quality, effective Twitter growth company that can manage more than one account for me at once.”

Socedo Alternatives (Our Reviews)

1. Best Generally: Twesocial

It’s not difficult to see why Twesocial is such a great option for Twitter users everywhere. Our review showed that they are vehemently against fake engagement and connect you with a personal account manager as soon as you sign up. What’s more, their price points are competitive and hard to find elsewhere. Needless to say, Twesocial ticks all of the boxes, which is why they’re easily the number one spot on our list of Socedo alternatives.

2. Second Best Generally: Tweeteev

If you liked the sound of Twesocial, you’re going to enjoy reading about Tweeteev. Our review revealed that they actually have very similar price points to Twesocial, and their features appear to be pretty similar too. There’s a lot going on with Tweeteev, which is why they come in at a close second. They’ve proven to be popular in the reviews, as well, which is why we think they’re a good option.

3. Best for Saving You Money: Jarvee

If budget is important to you and you don’t have too much wriggle room, then we definitely recommend Jarvee. Jarvee is one of the OGs of the social media marketing industry and can help you with other social media channels as well, not just with Twitter. They even have a dashboard that you can work from on your desktop that is compatible with Windows; however, we suggest you check out some of their video tutorials in case you get a bit stuck at first.

4. Best for Profile Protection: TweetFull

Our review of TweetFull is almost a no-brainer – just like Jarvee, these guys have been around for a long time now, and definitely, know what they’re doing. They know what it takes to have good Twitter engagement, but they want to be fair to their customers and not charge them through the roof. They also want to make sure your profile doesn’t get suspended or shut down by Twitter.

5. Best for a Brand New Company: Tweet Attacks Pro

It’s not often that you hear people raving about a company that just came on the market. It takes time to build trust with customers, but Tweet Attacks Pro seems to be handling it like – well, a pro. If you liked Followinglike for your Instagram engagement, you’d want to try these guys for Twitter.

Our Review Process

When we review these companies, we make sure to be thorough and critical. This is why we make sure to look at 132 Twitter growth companies and 205 customer reviews, so we know that what we’re recommending is genuinely the best of the best. This way, you can be sure that they’re really going to help your Twitter growth and engagement.