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SidesMedia Review & Alternatives (2022)

SidesMedia is pretty much everything you need in a growth service. This Instagram growth company can help you get high-quality views, likes, and followers that are all completely real, so there’s absolutely no risk to your account when you use them.
SidesMedia Review and Alternatives

SidesMedia is pretty much everything you need in a growth service. This Instagram growth company can help you get high-quality views, likes, and followers that are all completely real, so there’s absolutely no risk to your account when you use them.

We love that they come with smart technology that can detect when you upload something new to your account, and we love that they promise to be on time, every time.

However, while SidesMedia is definitely one of the best, we still think that it’s good to keep your eyes peeled for other companies that can help as well.

It’s never wise to put all of your eggs in one basket, which is why we have done a bit of our own research to bring you what we think are the best Instagram growth services that you can use in conjunction with SidesMedia. Let’s take a look. 

First Look

Best Out There: Growthoid

“I think what first drew me to Growthoid was the way that they looked after each and every one of their clients. They have been hard at work since I first signed up, and now have all the features I could ever want. I haven’t found another company like them.”

Second Best: Stellation Media

Stellation Media is one of those companies that used to be able to do it all, but since I have been with them, they have been changing things up to keep up with the times, which I really appreciate. I love being able to make the most of Instagram’s latest features.”

Third in Line: Upleap

“It’s not easy finding simple Instagram services that also prioritize things like high quality. When I first found Upleap, I almost passed them up because I thought that they were just another generic bot service. However, I couldn’t have been more wrong.”

Best for Personability: Task Ant

Task Ant is honestly the best company, in my opinion, because they take care of one thing that I just can’t seem to wrap my head around – my hashtags. They have helped me from the beginning to find the right hashtags, and as a result, my Instagram is growing faster.”

Fifth Best: Trusy

“When I first met Trusy, I was a little bit skeptical because they do have some pretty expensive price points. However, I quickly changed my tune when I realized that their services are worth every penny you spend on them, and I’m still using them to this day.”

Best for Protecting You:

“It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been on Instagram for a long time or a short time – you need to protect your reputation. I’ve been on it for a while now, which means that my reputation is incredibly important to me. knows this and does everything they can to protect it.”

Best for Being Old School: Jarvee

“I almost overlooked Jarvee because they are one of the oldest companies in the business – I didn’t think that they could compete with some of the newer crowd. However, I couldn’t have been more wrong and found out that they are still excellent at their job.”

Our Reviews

Best Out There: Growthoid

One of the things that are going to stand out to you the most about Growthoid is the sheer size of their features list. Honestly, they have the biggest range of features that we’ve found so far in this business, which means that they can help you with just about anything.

They can help you direct message more than one person at the same time, and they can help you find the right hashtags. They can also help you schedule content ahead of time. Honestly, we don’t think that there’s anything that Growthoid can’t do for you.

Second Best: Stellation Media

If you used to use Stellation Media and you haven’t been to their website for a while, you may be surprised to find that it looks a little different. This is because they have worked hard to update their features so that they can keep up with what’s going on with Instagram.

Instagram stories have been around for a while now, but it’s only been recently that companies like Stellation Media are using this to their advantage. Try their mass story engager today, and see how quickly it can connect you with other people in your industry. 

Third in Line: Upleap

One of the first things that you’re going to see when you go and check out Upleap is that they offer their service for free initially so that you can check it out against your Instagram profile. We love that this lasts for three days, and you don’t even have to share things like your credit card information to benefit from it.

They also come with a personal account manager, who can take care of everything to do with your account growth. The bottom line is that Upleap is one of the best, and you don’t want to miss out on what they have to offer.

Best for Personability: Task Ant

Everyone wants to stay on top of their hashtag game, but there aren’t too many people who have got it just right to the point that their growth is effective and fast. This is why we need companies like Task Ant.

One of the features that we like more than anything about Task Ant is that they can help their clients not only with their hashtags but with their Instagram growth in general.

This means that you can get everything done with them, without having to go to another company. They are also personable, making them a great option for your reputation as well.

Fifth Best: Trusy

Trusy is one of those companies that is modern, expensive, and thinks that they know it all. Well, this is at least what they look like from the outside, and when you get to know them, you’ll realize that it’s all true – except for the part where they think they know it all.

This is because they do know it all, and are actually one of the best companies to help you with your Instagram growth. Yes, their prices are up there, but honestly, if you’ve got the budget to accommodate them, we think that they’re totally worth it. Check them out and notice the Trusy difference right away. 

Best for Protecting You:

We all want amazing growth for our Instagram pages, but one thing that we need to prioritize above this is safety. None of us want it to the point that we compromise our online reputation, right? This is what companies like are for. is the kind of company that can not only take your Instagram growth to new heights, but it can also help you keep that reputation nice and safe. They promise that their services are completely undetectable, and they use proxies a lot of the time as well, which is going to keep your Instagram page very safe.

Best for Being Old School: Jarvee

We know that the new shiny companies look too good to resist, but sometimes you need to rely on the old tried and true to make it through. Jarvee is one of these old tried and true companies, and miraculously they just seem to continue making amazing moves on behalf of their clients.

They have a dashboard that you can download, and the best aspect of this is that you can change their features if you like to suit your profile. Jarvee can also help you with other social media profiles, and the best part is that their prices remain unchanged. If you need a company that’s competent and in tune with their client’s needs, try Jarvee.

Did You Know?

Did you know that while Instagram is used by a lot of people in America, the majority of its users are still located outside of the U.S.? This means that as many as 89% of Instagram users are outside of the states, which means that if you’ve already got a pretty good following, the chances are that most of them aren’t even within America at all.

This is why it’s always worth keeping track of page analytics and uploading your content at the right time, depending on where most of your community is located. 

Our Review Process

When we take a look at the companies that you see above on our list, we make sure that we do a thorough job of deciding on the best ones. We do this by looking at 272 Instagram growth brands, and reading through as many as 311 customer testimonials, that tell us a lot about whether the company has mostly good things going for them, or bad things.

This way, we can recommend the best in the business, and protect you from being ripped off or scammed. Check out their free trials, and good luck!