Best Proxy Switchers and Chrome Proxy Extensions

10 Best Proxy Switchers & Chrome Proxy Extensions in 2024

10 Best Proxy Switchers & Chrome Proxy Extensions in 2024

Proxies are your secret weapon when it comes to safeguarding your online presence. However, constantly changing proxies can be a tedious and time-consuming task. 

But fear not! We’ve scoured the market to handpick the best of the best, saving you precious time and effort.

Not all proxy extensions are created equal. 

While the Chrome Web Store is filled with options, it’s crucial to choose wisely. Some extensions may have malicious intentions or fall behind on updates, compromising your online security. 

That’s why we’ve done the legwork for you and made a list of the 10 best proxy switchers and Chrome proxy extensions so you can embrace a seamless browsing experience that puts your privacy first.

10 Best Proxy Switchers and Chrome Proxy Extensions in 2024

Here are the top 10 proxy switchers.

1. Oxylabs

Oxylabs Proxy Extension

Oxylabs is an exceptional tool that effortlessly enhances your Chrome browsing experience by managing proxies. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate and use. 

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With Oxylabs, you can conveniently switch between proxies from your toolbar, ensuring anonymity throughout your online journey. 

Say goodbye to complex settings and embrace simplicity with just a few clicks to add or modify your proxies. 

This powerful tool hides your IP address, allowing you to access restricted websites while seamlessly and automatically switching between proxies. 

Unlock password-protected servers with Oxylabs and explore limitless possibilities on the Chrome browser while remaining anonymous at all times.

2. Bright Data

Bright Data Proxy Switchers and Chrome Proxy Extensions

Bright Data is an extraordinary browser extension designed to seamlessly blend into your web browsing experience, leaving no trace of its presence. 

Unbeknownst to you, it discreetly resides in the background, ever-ready to serve your online endeavors immediately. 

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Activation requires a mere couple of clicks, granting you access to its boundless capabilities.

There’s no need to burden your desktop with any downloads. If you prefer a hands-on approach to data collection, you can effortlessly modify your IP address’s whereabouts. 

This manual customization empowers you to traverse the globe, embracing an array of static and shared IP addresses with unparalleled ease. 

And that’s not all! It is Seamlessly integrated within a proxy manager, harmoniously streamlining your data-gathering escapades. 

With complete session control at your fingertips, navigating this sophisticated tool becomes second nature.

3. SmartProxy

SmartProxy Proxy Switchers and Chrome Proxy Extensions

Among various proxies, you can leverage SmartProxy to promptly toggle website proxies as soon as you detect their configuration and pattern.

More than 10,000 individuals have already acquired this software. Download and personalize it to suit your preferences. 

It functions automatically, eliminating the need for manual intervention. 

This software stands out for its impeccable privacy features as it refrains from tracking your activities or displaying advertisements.

Additionally, subscribing to a premium package unlocks access to a proxy API.

An added advantage of this software is its inclusion of advanced settings, such as data restoration and backup options, accompanied by configurable rules.

4. Proxybonanza Proxy Manager

Proxybonanza Proxy Manager

Although Proxybonanza is listed as a proxy provider, We’ll concentrate on its proxy manager in this collection. 

The tool’s most recent version is a few years old, but it is still a noteworthy option for people looking for browser-based proxy management.

Proxybonanza Proxy Manager is excellent at streamlining the process of adding and switching between proxies, which is the primary goal of these tools. 

It permits countless proxy additions, guaranteeing maximum flexibility. Similar to the previously mentioned tools, each proxy has a country flag next to it in the list, making things easier.

You can configure the manager to automatically populate usernames and passwords, giving it features similar to those of a password manager. 

The presence of a built-in proxy tester is the best feature. 

This outstanding feature eliminates manual proxy verification and reveals which proxies are up and running and which need to be changed.

5. FoxyProxy

Recognized as a prominent player in the proxy market, FoxyProxy has gained acclaim through its widely used proxy management system called GeoShift. 

FoxyProxy empowers users to switch between 100 diverse countries effortlessly, enabling web browsing from various cities around the globe. 

This user-friendly tool is freely accessible, although an initial account creation on FoxyProxy is necessary to begin utilizing the Chrome extension for proxy and server swapping. 

Additionally, it boasts exceptional bandwidth and a reliable VPN service. FoxyProxy offers a collection of proxy servers that grant access to restricted online content and websites. 

Notably, its Firefox Add-on enjoys more popularity than the Chrome extension.

6. Proxy SwitchySharp

Proxy SwitchySharp

SwitchySharp is another convenient Chrome extension designed to streamline proxy management and seamless switching between various proxies. 

Gone are the days of manually modifying proxy settings within the “Advanced” section, as this extension simplifies the process for you. 

Moreover, it offers a data export and import feature, enabling seamless integration of your personal proxy list.

Upon setting up Proxy SwitchySharp on your Chrome browser, you’ll find an accessible toolbar button added. 

From there, you can effortlessly switch between different installed proxies, granting you efficient access to the web. 

It’s worth noting that this Chrome Switch Proxy Extension has garnered over 500,000 downloads, making it a popular choice among users.

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7. Proxy SwitchyOmega

Proxy SwitchyOmega

This innovative tool first appeared eight years ago, and it has grown significantly in terms of features and functionalities since then, making it a prevalent choice among users.

SwitchyOmega was created to eliminate the need for manual proxy configuration in computer settings, and it revolutionized the process by providing a user-friendly dashboard. 

Users can easily set up their preferred proxies with a few clicks without digging through system settings. 

SwitchyOmega has continuously improved, incorporating new features to improve its functionality.

Regarding new features, SwitchyOmega provides highly flexible proxy configurations and a performance boost for PAC scripts. 

Furthermore, users can create advanced rules tailored to their specific needs and the websites they intend to visit. 

SwitchyOmega now supports authentication via usernames and passwords, allowing users to choose their preferred authentication method.

SwitchyOmega is essentially a user-friendly tool that simplifies the proxy setup process. 

Once everything is set up, users can rely on its autopilot mode to handle their proxy needs automatically. Alternatively, the intuitive dropdown menu makes it simple to make changes. 

8. BP Proxy Switcher

BP Proxy Switcher

It’s a Chrome extension software provided by Buyproxies, a renowned player in the market of private proxy services

With this extension, customers can easily incorporate premium proxies into their browsing experience. 

The process is simple, allowing users to copy the proxy details from the clipboard or directly input the URL. Once uploaded, the proxies can be effortlessly switched with just a few clicks.

One standout feature of BP Proxy Switcher is its automatic IP address rotation functionality. This enables users to have their IP addresses rotated every 60 seconds, providing an additional layer of anonymity and security. 

Additionally, the software conveniently displays the country associated with each proxy in the list, aiding users in their selection process.

 Moreover, before switching between proxies, the tool even offers the option to delete caches, ensuring a smooth transition.

However, it’s worth noting that the extension does not allow for separate proxy settings on individual tabs.

9. Proxy Switcher and Manager

Proxy Switcher and Manager

The Proxy Switcher and Manager tool fulfill most users’ requirements with its comprehensive range of functions. 

Thanks to its user-friendly interface, setting up multiple proxy profiles is a breeze. 

The tool offers various options, allowing you to navigate websites directly without a proxy, utilize the system proxy, or manually configure one according to your preference.

Additionally, It offers an auto-detect feature, which acts as an autopilot, intelligently selecting the optimal approach. 

The tool provides the PAC script option for advanced users, granting greater control and customization. 

However, it is worth noting that the tool cannot set rules independently, aside from utilizing scripts, meaning manual switching between profiles is necessary.

Although Proxy Switcher and Manager may not be flawless, it is a strong contender. 

Its ease of use and generous selection of features make it a reliable choice for users seeking a proxy management solution.

10. IPRoyal Proxy Manager

IPRoyal Proxy Manager

Our last choice is an exceptional tool for efficiently managing multiple proxies. 

This versatile solution allows users to add and customize numerous profiles beyond IPRoyal proxies. 

The tool boasts a built-in import feature that simplifies incorporating multiple proxies within seconds.

One of the standout advantages of IPRoyal Proxy Manager is its user-friendly approach to switching between proxies. 

Users can seamlessly transition from one proxy to another with just a single click, ensuring convenience and simplicity. 

Moreover, the tool offers the option to create a bypass list, enabling users to directly access specific websites without routing through the proxy, utilizing their regular IP address instead.

Not only does IPRoyal Proxy Manager excel in functionality, but it also showcases a modern and intuitive design. 

Its compatibility with popular browsers like Firefox and Chrome grants users the flexibility to choose their preferred platform.

Main Purposes of Proxy Switchers

Privacy and Anonymity

By switching between different proxy servers, users can hide their IP address and browse the internet anonymously. 

It can help protect their privacy and prevent websites from tracking their online activities.

Geo-Blocking Circumvention

Some websites and online services may restrict access based on the user’s location. 

Using a proxy switcher, users can select a proxy server from a different place to bypass these restrictions and access geo-blocked content.

Performance Optimization

Users may experience slow internet speeds or connection issues when accessing certain websites or services in certain situations.

 By switching to a different proxy server, users can potentially improve their connection speed and overall browsing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Proxy Switchers?

Proxy switchers allow you to change your IP address and route your internet traffic through proxy servers. 

They provide enhanced privacy, access to blocked content, and protection against online threats.

How Does a Proxy Switcher Work?

These extensions modify your browser’s network settings to redirect internet traffic through proxy servers. 

This process masks your IP address and encrypts your connection, providing increased privacy and the ability to bypass geo-restrictions.

Are Proxy Switchers and Chrome Proxy Extensions Safe to Use?

Most reputable proxy switchers and Chrome proxy extensions are safe to use. 

However, choosing extensions from trusted sources and reading user reviews is essential to ensure their reliability and security.


Proxy switchers are valuable tools for enhancing browsing experience, privacy, and unblocking content. You can choose the ideal extension for your needs from various options. 

The 10 best proxy switchers and chrome proxy extensions we discussed in this article offer a variety of features and functionalities, regardless of whether you value security, speed, or the capacity to get around limitations. 

Remember to prioritize your online security and privacy and select a reputable extension from reliable sources.

Written by Colin Tan
Colin Tan is a tech entrepreneur and business leader with extensive experience in the technology industry. He is the Co-Founder of several successful tech startups that provide innovative solutions to businesses. Colin has a passion for creating disruptive technologies that can transform industries and drive growth.