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Pros and Cons of Hiring MERN Stack Developer You Should Know

People are aware that if they want to make the right web application, they need to make an effort to create the right architecture for it.

Some people use the MERN stack development for a 3-tier architecture. These three tiers are composed of the frontend, the backend, and the database.

Getting to Know the Full Stack MERN Development

You may have heard about the MERN web development framework but you want to understand it in detail.

MERN stands for MongoDB, ExpressJS, ReactJS, and NodeJS. This web development framework can be effective when you are developing a web application.

You may be wondering how each component can help you. These are the details that you have to know:

  • MongoDB – This is document-oriented. This No-SQL database can be used to store data.
  • NodeJS – This is known as the JavaScript runtime environment. You will use this whenever you need to run JavaScript in your gadget instead of trying to run it in your web browser.
  • ExpressJS – This is another type of framework that you can use alongside NodeJS. This is more focused on improving the backend of the web application that you are developing. Take note that this is going to be more effective when you are also trying to develop a website.
  • ReactJS – This is a type of library. People are familiar with this because this is created by Facebook. You can use this to make UI components in web page applications.

People will always have different preferences when it comes to choosing the right web stack.

Some would prefer the use of MERN because they feel that the different components work well with each other.

Full-stack developers may say that this is their preferred web stack. It will depend on you and the type of web application that you are developing.

If you feel that this will work, then you and the developer can go through the process that will be done.

Skillset a Full Stack Developer Should Have

You cannot just hire a random full-stack developer. You need to find someone who will have the needed skills to use MERN or other types of web development frameworks.

This person will be able to work on all the architecture of the web application by himself. A specialist will know how to do the following:

  • UI/UX
  • Frontend
  • Business Logic
  • API
  • Backend
  • Databases

Full-stack developers are hard to find. This explains why they may charge higher as compared to other web developers.

Someone who knows MERN development can be valued even higher.

Pros and Cons of Hiring MERN Stack Developer 

One thing is sure right now, JavaScript is very popular. It is everywhere. The reason why you can read different blogs and articles online is because of JavaScript.

The reason why you can go through your social media accounts is because of this technology.

A MERN stack developer can be very particular about using this type of framework. Some developers will say that this is the best one that they can use.

  • Developing websites and applications can be done faster because there is only one person who is working on it. There is no need to spend any time collaborating with other people to finish the website or the application.
  • The written code in MERN stack development can be transferred to a different framework easily provided that it will be done by a good developer.
  • This is going to be cost-effective. It will be helpful for you when you are trying to save up on money. Startups usually prefer this because they do not need to hire a lot of developers to finish the web application. The tools are also readily available.
  • Real-time product demonstrations can be done easier.
  • This can be very useful for businesses who would like to have a website that is very dynamic.
  • Adding some codes manually can slow down the execution of the web application and affect its overall performance.
  • Some say that this is the only option available when the budget is tight which means that they will not choose this when they have more budget.
  • There are so many developers that are available so choosing can be a bit more overwhelming.


The best thing about using the MERN stack is it can be what you need when you know that you have to do things fast.

This is the best one to use when you have a deadline and you still want to offer something that can be used for a long while.

Hire a full-stack developer now that focuses on the MERN stack so that you can get the opportunities that your business deserves.